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Friday, October 22, 2010

Flickr Groups Away

6 years ago, back in 2004, I set up a number of Flickr Groups which are still running strong to this day. I created them as at the time there weren't groups on the subjects, and I had lots of photos relevant to add to them. I don't really use Flickr a lot, so I've decided to move on and let someone else take these groups.
Frustratingly, of all my web projects, in terms of members and discussion these are some of my most successful creations (frustrating as I don't own the pages and can't monetise them).
I've decided that it's time to move on, and just wanted to mark their passing and record what I managed at the groups in the time I run them. So, here we go, 3 of my biggest and most successful Flickr groups, the number of users and photos.
Graves, Tombs And Cemeteries - 26,509 members - 176,686 photos posted - Page Rank 5.
Gargoyles, Grotesques And Angels - 4,675 members - 25,143 photos posted - Page Rank 4.
Cardiff - 1,342 members - 25,330 photos posted - Page Rank 4.
For a long time they proved worth keeping hold of for their strong link juice. But then Google brought all their nofollow nonsense in, and Flickr added it to the site making that a moot point. Then I hung on because I was to busy to do anything with them, but now I've thought about the time I could save daily not checking RSS feeds so what the heck. I'm feeling the need to declutter my web presence (I'm in the process of selling my old band domain) so it's time to go.
Posted by Dio Bach at 19:47

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