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Monday, June 07, 2010

Green Man Festival 2009

One of the highlights from last summer was the three of us hitting the Green Man Festival at Glanusk Park in the Brecon Beacons. It was my first festival experience since my two visits to the Reading Festival in 1990 and 91. There were a few reasons the Green Man seemed so attractive. Firstly was the great line-up, which gave me a chance to see a couple of bands I was really fond of (Animal Collective and British Sea Power) and one of my all time heroes, Roky Erikson. Secondly, the festival was renowned as child friendly, which meant it was ideal to take Elis (and it was, in spades.) Finally, the location, deep in the heart of the Black Moutains.
I'm normally a grumpy sod when it comes to these sort of things, but I really loved this event - there was loads to see and do, and when there wasn't you could just sit and admire the scenery. There was great food and loads of stages, things happening. Elis could have moved into the kids field permanently, he loved it and took part in loads of stuff - crafts, inflatables, Morris dancing and watching the various live entertainments around the field.
Seriously, if you fancy a great festival this summer, and can't get tickets for the big faceless ones, then don't worry - grab a Green Man ticket whilst they're going. We're toying with going again, but it may be a bit much with little Emi it tow to, this year at least.
I'm not as fussed on the lineup for this event either. Me and the Flaming Lips parted company back in the late 90s, but Mrs Dio would like to see them and I wouldn't say no. Tindersticks are about the only other band I'd be bothered about seeing too. That said, there were bands I saw last year that I hadn't heard before and really enjoyed, some I'm sure there's other things to be had in this lineup.
That said, I still wouldn't mind going even if the lineup wasn't that enticing. It was a really nice atmosphere, and a nice break and change from the norm. I would thoroughly recommend it to any one. Last year I didn't take a big camera with me, but here's a few snaps from my iPhone.
Green Man Festival 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
Posted by Dio Bach at 12:48


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that 'wee boy' of yours has really shot up. What a handsome young lad he is now. Great photos. RR

1:11 pm  
Blogger Dio Bach said...

Cheers RR, he's even bigger now!

1:25 pm  

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