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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wales Grand Slam 2008

Well, we did it. To be honest I wasn't expecting anything from Wales this season, in fact during the first half of the first match against England, I turned the match off expecting another dreadful defeat. Luckily I tuned back in after half time with a thought of 'just give them one more chance' and boy did they live up to it! As you know, it's not very often you'll here me mention sport, but being the fair weather Welsh rugby fan that I am, I had to mark the event. Well done Wales, let's keep the standard up and not return to our sorry ways of recent.

So what was I doing when everyone else in the country was either drunk, or on their way to being drunk? Well, I had the house to myself as Missus Dio and Elis went down to Cardiff on a family visit. So, I spent the weekend decorating. I stopped for an hour to watch the match, then got back to the decorating. I find it hard to get excited about the whole thing, but if someone had offered me a ticket I'd have been there like a shot.

So, this morning, when the rest of the country was nursing a collective hang-over, I was merely light headed from the paint fumes. Then it came to me, and in a flash, the curse of affiliate marketing struck me and I did a couple of checks. As a result, I grabbed Wales Grand Slam 2008 for my own. Ok, there's not much there at the minute, but I should be able to quickly put together a little BANS store to capitalise on our great win.

And with that, there's another project to work on, alongside the many still on going and the others merely waiting to be given life. I'm seriously considering taking on an apprentice at this rate, I've got to look into all the aspects of employing someone along with all the other stuff I have to do. It's never ending...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend Glen Beach And Saundersfoot Strolls

We did a couple of nice trips out from the house over the weekend. Saturday we went down to the village for tea, and then on Sunday we walked through the woods down to Glen Beach, then took the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path for about a mile down toward Monkstone Point.

I took the camera on both days, the light was nice - it was prior to the storms we've been having since Sunday night. So here's some photos from the trip. There was some nice moments of a rainbow coming out of the sea, but it didn't quite work out on the camera. There are some nice clouds and atmospherics though.

Sun goes down on Saudersfoot Beach

The tides coming in as the night comes down over Saundersfoot Harbour

Twisty cloud and water on Glen Beach

Big clouds over Carmarthen Bay

Digging for Razorfish on Glen Beach

Looking towards Monkstone Point

Twisty tree on the cliff above Glen Beach

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A Post About Hammers

Bit of a strange post, but I had the urge to do it so what the hey? Anyway, as part of the ongoing DIY, we had the wall finished (that featured in the video I've now taken down for other reasons) and decided to fix the floor as well. We had some work done on the floors before we moved in, but there was still more to do and having seen what the carpenters did, I thought I would give it a go myself.

Basically, I needed to lift the floorboards covering about a third of the room, reset and pack the joists, put down new floorboards, make a hearth for the fireplace and replace the skirting board. No small task, it feels like the biggest sort of DIY job I've taken on. It's almost all done (just the skirting and hearth to do) but there was a casualty along the way.

My old hammer bought it, pulling a particularly embedded nail out of a joist. The wooden handle splintered and split with one over enthusiastic tug and the hammer was no more. I've had the hammer for over 15 years - it was my Gramp's, and I had it for art college. He'd obviously had it for many years before that, as the metal part was rusted. That said, it was a solid tool and has been well used ever since.

I had a few of his tools after his death, all with the same patina of age. I remember the technicians on my degree course laughing at the tools, calling them antique, but they did the job well. It's always felt good using the hammer, as silly as it sounds the age of it added to the charm of using it.

So, I was saddened to see it go. It's felt like it was coming, the wood end of the hammer was getting looser and the wood looked like it was starting to split some. I thought rather than throw it out, I'd leave it under the floor as a memento for someone to find at a later date. So to give it some context I wrote a little message on the handle in case someone other than me finds it.

The message reads, "This hammer served me well for nearly 20 years. It was my grandfather's before mine. This floor beat it." Hopefully it will give whoever finds it a smile. They'll need it as they will have just undone my handiwork along with the rest of the floor.

So, for no other reason than I thought it would be fun to do, here are some photos first of the job, then of the hammer and it's burial position.

Floorboards up in the guest room

Floorboards up in the guest room 2

Broken Hammer

Hammer laid to rest

I thought I'd make a post about hammers, I thought I'd feature another of my favourite hammers - The hammer of hope from the God Speed You Black Emperor tour poster / screen print I picked up on eBay a few years ago. Last of all, is the new replacement hammer I got. I thought I'd treat myself to a good one to save any future embarrassment - it's a solid piece of work and cost a few quid. My last few tools have been from the pound shop, so it's nice to have a solid one that feels like it will last long enough to pass it on to my grandchildren.

The hammer of hope


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