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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back To Work, New Site And Stripy Clouds

Well, back to work here - just about up to date now with the paperwork. As for the house we've got the builders in replacing the chimney as it turned out to be rotten and causing lots of damp in the front of the house. Once that's done we can think of decorating that room and finally having a guestroom (to invite people come stay and do the rest of the work...)

Wanted to post a couple of links as well. I just did a quick job for the builder doing my chimney - a business site for him. There's a couple of little bits to finish off on it, but if you're looking for a roofer in the Pembrokeshire area - try Jim Williams. Also, Nursey's taken his first step into the world of blogging, creating a production blog for the film he's should be shortly going into production with. The film's called Nocturne, and the production blog is here.

Got some photos to share from the other week, we took a nice walk down on the beach, around the back of the harbour as the tide was right out. Was some lovely clouds and light, the clouds we're running in parallel strips across the bay. it doesn't quite come of in the photos, but the clouds look smashing all the same.

House on Saundersfoot Beach

People and  clouds on Saundersfoot Beach

Saundersfoot harbour wall

Strips of cloud looking towards Coppet Hall

Saundersfoot and Coppet Hall beaches from the Glen Beach

Parked boat on the harbour

Cloud and lamp on harbour

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

First Photos Of 2008

Well, the big tidy up has slowed down in favour of the big and boring paperwork catch up. Finally up to date on 3 months of invoices and receipts, or at least I thought I was when I got a load of VAT related stuff that I have to sort and will cause me another couple of days of paperwork. Plus we got scaffolding up on the outside of the house as we're about to get our chimney rebuilt as it's rotten, oh yes, and I still have to tile the kitchen. It never ends...

So, rather than bore you with more misery, I thought it about time I got some photos up from the last couple of months. This first lot is from around Saundersfoot. A couple of atmospheric shots from the start of January when we got some big hail showers blowing in, accompanied by amazing light. There's also a couple of the Saundersfoot New Years Day Swim, and one of Elis riding his bike on the beach without stabilisers for the first time.

White light and black skies

The Merlewood Hotel, Saundersfoot

Big clouds over Carmarthen Bay

Looking towards Monkstone Point

Saundersfoot New Year's Day Swim 2008

Saundersfoot New Year's Day Swim 2008

Elis biking

Over Christmas we were in the unusual position of being in a hotel in Cardiff (some business related stuff) and we had a picturesque view of the new St David's development building site. Oh, and a friendly seagull who came to stay. So here's a couple of views of my old home city from a very high angle.

Cardiff from on high - the seagull

Cardiff from on high

Cardiff from on high

And that's your lot. I'll try and give you a video tour of the house soon, just got to find to seconds to do it...

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