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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keep Chopping

Yeah, I know, you're getting as bored by these posts as I am sorting this stuff out, but hell, I'm getting there. A lot more stuff gone today, shredded, composted, recycled etc. I'm working my way through all the old paperwork now, and I'm feeling a lot lighter. I have to make space, as now I'm running a business, I need to keep all the paperwork for it for at least 6 years, and this new place isn't massive enough to store it all.

What else has gone:

I'm getting there slowly. With all this stuff done I can concentrate on work for this year. I've got a hit list up on my wall - I'm trying to avoid adding anything new to it, as it's pretty massive as it is, not to mention all the existing sites I need to keep busy. It's never ending, if it carries on I'm going to have to employ some one to do it for me whilst I catch up. And to top it all, I have to stop working again so as I can tile and finish decorating the kitchen. Sigh.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Cull Continues...

More stuff going to the dump or recycle today. I bottled the videos I mentioned yesterday and pulled them out the rubbish pile. I've set up my TBC unit and VHS player in the living room, where I can run a copy through the DVD recorder. Takes up a lot less space at least.

Quite a blast from the past today - going through all my old photos. So far I've managed to turn 4 small shoe boxes of photos into 1. I had a lot of sort of reference photos or near duplicate shots, so as much as possible is going into the bin. I wish I could do the same with all my old sketchbooks and that, but it's proving difficult.

I was going through photos of the work I did in my degree, and most of it is pretty abysmal. The more I think about it, the more I realise I didn't like doing it back then either. It's tat. I let them talk me out of doing the sort of stuff I enjoyed and taint me with a notion of what fine art should be. Large canvases, expressive oils, abstraction, blah, blah, blah.

I should have just spent my time working on small drawings and paintings of things that interested me. Instead I tried to fulfil the notions of my tutors whilst trying to include the stuff that interested me. In the end it the work was weak and uninspired. It's no wonder my final degree show went in the bin as soon as it came off the walls. There's a lot of stuff in the sketchbooks though that I can't bare to part with. Given the space they take up, I wish I could get over it.

In the bin today we have:

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shredding The Past

As we continue to settle into our new home, I have boxes of junk that have been following me for years. Hiding in cupboards, lurking under beds, etc. They've got a nasty habit of building up - no matter how hard I try to declutter.

A lot of stuff has come out of boxes already, now that my office is set up. I've also eBayed a load of stuff already the last couple of years, and now I've started on some old boxes of things I got from negatives to videos to minidiscs to toys and on. I', doing a big box of documents, receipts and stuff now, and there's some interesting stuff in there that I'm shredding just to make up the space.

Most of it's old receipts and bank statements, but there are a few things that I thought I'd make a note off as aide memoires in the future. I doubt much of it will mean much outside my life, but I want to mark a passing for them for all the same. This stuff all dates from around 1990 to 1998. So, here for your entertainment (or to put you to sleep) is some of the stuff I've shredded.

Other stuff went in the bin. There was a lot of VHS - some of it can be bought on DVD now, others can't but I don't have the time or inclination to watch it again. And of course, there's a few things I just can't bare to shred.

That'll do for now, but there's plenty more to come soon. I wish I had a lot of time to go through this stuff, but it feels good to be getting rid of it. :)

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Cardiff Tenby Saundersfoot Blog...

Ok, first up, Happy 2008 to anyone out there catching up at the old web fun. I'll give you a quick peep show into the last two months since my last post to give you an idea as to why things have been so neglected around these parts. First up, we completed on the new house in Saundersfoot on the 13th of November. That led to a month of outright hard work renovating the new house before we moved in. Every room was stripped of wallpaper, carpets, etc. The house needed a complete overhaul, so I took a lot of time from the business to give it a crack, along with help from Mrs Dio and other family members.

Alongside doing the new house, we had to pack up the Tenby residence and get that cleaned up, we moved to Saundersfoot on the 18th of December with the new house in what can only be described as a mess... The day after we moved I got news that my gramp had died. I'd taken time out as well to go back and see him in hospital, where he went from a case of depression and chest infection to full blown lung cancer in the space of a few weeks. I had hoped he'd hold out to Christmas to give me the chance to see him one more time, but it wasn't to be. It's been a real blow to lose him, he'd have loved to visit the new house as like most of my family he loved this area.

In fact, the last time I saw him before he got ill was in Tenby, we're we spent a superb hour sat on one of the benches by the five arches just enjoying the sun and having a great chat about life. His death has cast a real cloud over the whole family, and marks the end of an era for us.

As you can imagine, this has thrown things into a very strange light for the time of year and given our uprooted and unsettled situation. With a visit to Cardiff for the funeral and Christmas, things have been hectic. Elis is off school as well so we've put future house improvements on hold until he returns to school next week. Everything's in boxes, and to top all the doom and gloom, since New Year's Eve I've had a nice winter cold as well.

So, things have slipped for which I apologise to all - if I've not been in touch, the email address hasn't changed or anything, sorry I've not had a chance to catch up with you. There's no best of 2007 music review on the near horizon, despite being a vintage year. No photos to share and lots of other stuff that should have happened hasn't. Still, we're settled now for the time being in the west Wales village of Saundersfoot. The population here is one hundredth the size of the population back in my old home town Cardiff, and so far I'm loving it despite the fact that I've not really had a chance to enjoy our new home due to workload. Anyway, I'll try not to be so lack in future. In the meantime - Happy New Year, may it be a safe and successful one for you all.

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