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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nice Sunset And Bits Of Web Fun

There was a lovely sunset over Tenby last night, a nice Wintery sun one with jets streams involved. There's a couple of snaps below. As for the house in Saundersfoot, we're now only a day or two from exchange of contracts and hope to complete on the 13th. Then it will be all guns blazing and full steam ahead to get it ready for us to move in before Christmas. I can't wait. Anyway here's some nice photos first - taken from my front door.

Sunset over Jubilee Park, Tenby

Sunset over Jubilee Park, Tenby

As for bits of web fun, I thought I'd share some off my old BBC colleagues' web sites, mainly so they can get a bit of indexing link love. First up, is Gareth's sites based on the BANS system. You might remember I did a piece on using the eBuy script a while back and it piqued his interest enough to make his own niche site about vintage Swiss watches. He's also made one about digital story telling, which features a section to purchase the video and software equipment for digital storytelling

Another colleague I haven't worked with for a long while has launched her own company selling exclusive Welsh gift and craft wares. Good luck to both of them. Come on in, the water's lovely!

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