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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tenby Promenade Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old

I'm taking the night off. Todays photos are brought to you courtesy of Elis. Only just turned 4 and he's been snapping like a mad thing. He's been taking photos for about a year now, and he took a corker of his folks and grandparents a while back - it's up on the wall at their house. I think after watching me, he's picked up a bit of my point and snap mentality.

So, the camera I won finally showed up. It's not bad - a 10 mega pixel Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2. I'm torn between it and the Canon I bought not long ago. The Canon feels sturdy and handles well - but the Sony is pretty quick too and sharp with the quality. Which ever camera loses out goes to Mrs Dio.

So, here's the first big shoot with the new one, and in the end, Elis did more than me. His photos have fascinated me since he started taking them, mainly because it gives a whole new perspective on his world. It's easy to forget his lowered view point. It's nice to think I've passed skills on to him beyond burping and farting... Here they are - all Elis' work.








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Monday, August 06, 2007

Tenby's Retained Fireman's Carnival 2007

Carrying on the holiday fun, Wednesday we went along to see the annual Fireman's Carnival. Talking to the neighbours it's quite a highpoint in the local social calender. After working at the Swansea and Cardiff Carnival's in the past, this one was on a much smaller scale, and a lot more fun.

Basically, the idea is everyone gets wet. The fire engines and floats spray water everywhere, and the spectators spray and chuck water back. We weren't prepared, only bystanders. All around were youngsters armed to the hilt with water pistols and water bombs, clad in wetsuits and swim wear. We feared the worst, but in the end it wasn't too bad. We got a bit wet, but not as bad as some of the people. And of course, Elis loved it.

Before the carnival kicked off, the South Parade in Tenby along the castle wall was lined on both sides with people waiting for the carnival to pass. It was really funny. The kids with the pistols were soaking anyone who drove down the road and had their windows open. Their was a gasp as the expensive looking lady in the expensive looking BMW drove past with her hood down. I don't think she new what was going on. As soon as she hit the bulk of the water pistol holders outside the fire station, they let rip. She must have got soaked. Needless to say I was laughing hard at her bad timing.

It struck me with a real sense of how someone landing up in the middle of the carnival crowd with out knowing what was going on would have seemed a tad Wicker Man. Thronged streets firing at your car and flags a fluttering, it would be very disorientating and surreal. I think a few people were lost about what was going on as they drove past. I saw the odd car screech to a halt after running the gauntlet, but they must have twigged as no one jumped out of their car.

As you can guess, I took plenty of pictures. As the index here is a bit image heavy at the moment, I stuck the pictures over in the gallery section, so if you'd like to see my snaps from the event, take a look at the Tenby Fireman's Carnival 2007 Gallery page

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