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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tenby Paella Festival

I've been feeling really in a continued holiday mood this week. My parents, grand parents and aunty, partner and grandson have been down since Sunday. They're staying in a caravan at Kiln Park and we've been doing a fair bit together. My parents and grand parents went back today, but my aunty's lot remains. As Elis and their grandson are roughly the same age, they've been having a ball together. Elis stayed at the caravan with them the last two nights, having fun with Ieuan - my aunty's grandson.

Anyway, Sunday night saw Tenby's Paella Festival. We went along to sample the food and the atmosphere. It was a wonderful Summer evening, life music, beer, warmth and sun. The boys had a blast, and it really felt nice given the rotten weather of the past two months.

To be honest, the paella was a tad disappointing. It was a bit on the bland side, and could have done with a ton more seafood in it. I ended up with a big pile of the stuff as others in the group weren't impressed either. It was very filling though - I'll give it that. Anyway, the paella wasn't the highpoint, the event itself was. Needless to say I took a few photographs around and about - some of the event and some of the lovely buildings around the harbour.

Tenby Paella Festival 2007

People watching the band at the Tenby Paella Festival

Mum and Dad give the paella a go

Sunlit buildings around Tenby harbour

Casting long shadows at Tenby's Paella Festival 2007

Seagull keeping an eye out for some dropped paella

As Elis is now missing his friend, I'm probably going to take him out again tomorrow (we've had a couple of days on the beach already) and have a return trip to Caldey Island. Let's hope the weather holds up a bit.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Tenby Before The Storm

Prior to disappearing to England for our holiday, the weather here had been a bit strange during the early parts of July. Warm but cloudy and threatening has often been the order of the day. We had one nice afternoon on the beach one weekend, but things got threatening pretty quick. Wonderfully dramatic skies heralded an oncoming rain storm, and I got some nice shots. Wonderful dark sun rays licking in underneath lowering rain clouds. Yummy.

Clouds hanging heavy in the distance

The bouncy castle dragon tries to make a break from it

Big clouds over the sea

Elis plays on, oblivious

The dog sense it long before the humans do

It's coming from all angles now...

Despite the clouds, there's always time for ice cream...

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Been Down Torquay Way A Holidaying

Ok, if anyone's been wondering where I's been at, I had a quick last minute holiday last week which took us down to Torquay. With the weather having been so grim the last couple of months, it was decided we'd go somewhere that the beach wouldn't be the main attraction. Mrs Dio suggested Torquay, and despite my lack of interest in the place, I decided it would be a good escape for Elis with lots of things we could do given the likelihood of bad weather.

Despite my apathy for Torquay, I got nice and chilled and enjoyed being completely unplugged and spending some time with Elis doing fun things like swimming and playing table tennis. We stayed in an apartment in the Manor House Apartments, a very nice Gothic styled ex-hotel with sweeping views across Torbay. You can see our apartment here if you're interested (look at the next picture link above the picture).

So, apologies if I didn't get back to anyone, or have seemed rather unobtainable the last 10 days. As well as the holiday, I've had to catch up with the deluge of email and little bits awaiting my return.

As for snaps, the light was pretty bad most of the week, so I didn't really take many snaps - we did a few nice things - zoos, animal sanctuaries, nice walks and late night promenades. Here's a selection of the very few shots I took.

First up is the Queens Hotel. The architecture around Torquay is pretty dull. There's loads of bland high rises and concrete yucks in the area. The one building I really like is the badly kept, Art-Deco like Queens Hotel on the harbour. It's falling apart and in need of some TLC. It really stands out like a sore thumb amongst the classically dull buildings of the rest of area. Here's a detail of the rotting sign on the front.

Queens Hotel - Torquay

We went to the Living Coasts on the sea front at Torquay. We tried to go there last year when we had a day trip, but it was closed. We also did Paignton Zoo later in the week. It poured down and I didn't take many snaps and none worth showing here. It was very wet and the animals all looked sad. Living Coasts though was a lot cheerier - but Elis was determined to just rush through.

Penguins at Living Coasts - Torquay

Living Coasts = Torquay - Sky netting to stop the penguins flying away

Another view of the netting

Baby seal and mum at Living Coasts

Underwater window at Living Coasts

Elis had one night when we allowed him to stay up late (10.30pm!) to see the promenade lights at Torquay. It gave me a chance to indulge my love of electric lights against dark skies - and needless to say, Elis had a ball being up into the wee small hours of the night...

Dusk lights along Torquay's promenade

Dusk lights along Torquay's promenade

Dusk lights along Torquay's promenade

Torre Abbey Beach in the dark

And that was it. Back to Tenby via Cardiff, and we now have most of my side of the family staying down the road for their summer holiday, so the fun goes on.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Kingdom City And More Tenby Shots

Its been a funny few weeks, the weather's been wet to say the least, then there's been all the floods and the attempted bombings to depress me. It all feels very distant here, but with an imminent trip to London, it's one more thing to worry about. Then again, in the 90s going to London I was always worried about the IRA bombs going off, so it won't be to much of a change in paranoia levels on visiting the one city I'm happier to pass on. It's just good they used National Health Service supplies to make the bombs. That says it all really.

As for me, I've had my head down and been mainly working on the stuff that's paying the money. On the plus side - I got one personal project done, I finally managed to get a fan site out that I've been working on since April. New Kingdom and the members related projects are some of my favourite bands of the 90s.

Their old official site died a couple of years ago, and I was able to snap up the domain which was put up for sale. I've made a new site so there's finally a permanent site for one of great unappreciated bands of the last decade. I had to keep putting it off to work on more money sites, but thanks to the help of my good friend Nursey, I was able to polish it off and get it live.

As for photos - the constant bad weather and grey skies have kept me away from snapping. The few times the clouds have broken to reveal some light, I got a few snaps. Here's some of the better ones.

Enjoying the sun on the Esplanade gardens in Tenby

Volleyball courts on South Beach



Nice architecture and clouds around Tenby harbour

Nice architecture and clouds around Tenby harbour

Nice architecture and light around Tenby harbour

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