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Friday, December 29, 2006

Going Forward To 2007 - Plans And Lists

Well, the first 6 months of my business is set to close, and it's looking good. After a few months of getting to grips with things the money is starting to come in and looks good for the future (touch wood).

The coming year I hope to consolidate the stuff I'm doing now that's paying and I'm actually planning on trimming my workload. A lot of my old sites will be wound down and I hope to concentrate on a small clutch of sites, mainly about the stuff that interests me the most. I also want to apply to them what I've learnt through my current work.

I still got lots to sort out, the house is sold, we need to find somewhere new to live and move in the next two months. I also need to sort out an accountant and it's not far off the first tax return for the business. On top of this, the important stuff needs to be kept fed and watered. It's all go.

Apologies to all my web and real life friends for the utter neglect I've shown them the last 6 months. As soon as stuff get sorted out and settled, I'll pop back up for air and try to be at least a little bit sociable!

I thought it would be fun to list some of my favourite posts, plans and sites and things I've done the last year in a frenzy of end of year listmania and future aid memoirs.

Five Of The Best Web Things Of 2006

Site To Lose In 2007

These are the sites I want to lose, sell or wind down during the next year: Chav and Posh Test, My Weird sites (maybe), Cray Frog Fans, Webmasters Love Google, Office Annoyance, Moanr, Lazybloggr, P2P Lawyers

Old Sites To Redevelop In 2007

This is the stuff I want to concentrate on, the last couple of years I've been guilty of building when I should have been developing. I've recently realized my old model of new stuff all the time is flawed and unsustainable. All the more given I now see the potential of older sites with the current ideas and knowledge I have now. I also have a couple of major projects I need to finish!

That'll do for now. If I can get a portion of my planned stuff done, I'll a happy man. Hope 2006 has been good to you, and 2007 rocks - all the best! :)

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Once More It's A Winter Wonderland

Blimey, where has the time gone? Well, pull up a chair and I'll tell you. I've not stopped, it's been one thing after another - I've launched 5 or 6 new websites over the last month for starters. I won't mention their names here as they're a bit dull to be honest.

Three of them were experiments with a technique called arbitrage - a technique that few like, but a select number profit on when they do it right. I have to admit, it was a bit of a dead avenue for me, but I can see the potential and may pick them up again in the near future - it's not an enjoyable way of working for me so I'm concentrating on the area that's working for me at the moment, Bingo.

Which is why I've also launched two more Bingo related sites, both of which replicate some of the things that have been working well recently on the main Bingo site. At the moment that's where the money is I need to concentrate on that for a bit now.

I think I've spent too long planting web seeds and seeing what'll grow, I've learnt so much the last few months that now I can see a way forward with a bit of time and money. It's time for me to kick my massive web sprawl into a more focused mass, feed the winners and pluck the losers for the compost heap.

On top of all this, we've got an offer on the house and will have to be on our way at the end of January. We still don't know where, depending on news in the next day or two, it may be local, it may not. It's all up in the air!

But that's enough boring stuff, you're not here for my prattle, at least not if you're sane. Your here for something nice to look at, and I'm pleased to offer up a selection from our recent trip to the 2006 Winter Wonderland.

The weather's been a bit bizarre, lots of storms, hale, great light and instant changes - but the afternoon at the weekend we went it was a nice crisp, sunny late winter afternoon. We took Elis up on the big wheel which he loved, and I shot some more bits and bobs around the place.

Queuing up to get on the big wheel at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

The big wheel and a lampost... At Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

Lookin up at the big wheel at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

The skaters in shadow as we enjoy the last of the sun on the big wheel

Looking out over town and the little haven of Christmas jollity that is the Winter Wonderland

The dragon on top of the City Hall, viewed from the top of the wheel

Dusk falls and the funfair lights up

The magical carousel and horses in the dusk

The ice gets a slippery top surface polish

And odn't get me going on Christmas. I've been so wrapped up with stuff I haven't done a thing. And to be honest, there are going to be a few disappointed relatives as I don't have any spare cash for stuff like presents, everything is tied up in the business and day-to-day at the minute. More fun and games.

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