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Friday, November 03, 2006

Margam Park Trip

We spent yesterday at Margam Park - taking Elis out for a nice day trip whilst he's on his half-term week. I've not been for a good few years, and had forgotten lots of bits and bobs around the place. It's a great place to visit, lots to see, some stunning views and wonderful air - if the winds blowing the fumes from Port Talbot and the M4 in the opposite direction!

We has some nice light to start, but then it was hit and miss as clouds moved in. For your visual entertainment, some shots around the place.

Walking up towards the big house at Margam Park

The house across the little boating pond

Inside the big central tower of the Margam house

The Deluge statue in the Orangery at Margam Park

Exterior of the Orangery at Margam Park

Looking up from the ruins by the Abbey to the main house at Margam Park

Margam Abbey exterior

The derelict greenhouse at Margam Park, Wales

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