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Monday, October 30, 2006

Barry Trip

Ok, post #667, and still here (/Dio touches wood)

A week late, but here's some photos from the weekend before the one just past, a Saturday afternoon trip to Barry Island. It was very breezy, and the weather this Autumn has been strange, a mix of heat, showers, storms and some awesome light. The light on that afternoon was great, crisp and liquid when the sun was out, and there were rainbows and all sorts. I wish I'd had more time to photograph, but here's a few anyway.

Rainbow over Barry Island Railway Station

On the beach at Barry Island

Elis struts his stuff on Barry Island beach

The sea wall on Whitmore Bay, Barry Island

People admiring the view from the promenade

Down Whitmore Bay to Steepholm Island

Promenade arcade building, Barry Island

A big number 2 on the beach...

In other news - this site about an errant robot looks like an interesting piece of link bait and spam, although it was obviously written by an idiot. I wonder who's behind it?

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ok, So I've Officially Sold My Soul - Post #666

Woooo, talk about a strange and coincidental confluence of events - this is my six hundredth and sixty sixth post. 666. Number of the beast. Satan's number. And its fitting I choose it to announce my latest mini project - It's Your Space My Friend, Use It!

Why is it fitting? Well, I've often said that MySpace was the work of Satan, and the site is my small and simple take on one of the many MySpace resource sites out there.

I say MySpace, but it's for a range of services that I see using my quizzes and stuff and building up nice selections of back links and traffic around my sites. That's why the domain isn't called Your MySpace Friend - as it's for a range of sites that allow codes. Nothing to do with legal threats either. /Dio coughs and shuffles uneasily.

I have a cunning plan for the site later down the line that I'm keeping under my hat for the time being - but will involve a link building service for other webmasters at a nice cost. That's some way away yet.

I had the idea to do a couple of MySpace related quizzes a while back, knowing how those crazy kids love adding the results to their profiles. Both came out of my annoyance at the site (which as I mentioned is the work of the devil) and the amount of spam I get from there, and the times it's caused my browser to crash. So, for your entertainment, my two new MySpace inspired quizzes:

28% browser friendly profile!74% of my friends are robots!

Well, it amuses me, if no one else. Things are all go here, we've had an offer on the house, but everything feels very much up in the air at the moment - we need to sell it quick and find somewhere new to live. It's all fun.

So, there it goes, post #666 - I think I may have worried about nothing, and should have made a point 50 posts ago as according to some, 616 is the beast's number. No ill effects so far, other than the strange smell of sulphur and teen spirit in my nostrils. MySpace awaits.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Bingo Caller Of The Year

Every year there's a competition to find the best Bingo caller in the land. Every year I try looking for information on it in the search engines and get loads of old news stories and not very up-to-date stuff.

To my amazement no one had registered Bingo Caller Of The Year .co.uk (or com) so I felt obliged to help out. Quick and cheerful - it's amazing how much the Bingo world is ignoring online opportunities.

As for me, I'm busy, things are going well - to busy to drop by any of my usual haunts too much. We've had some people come look at the house today - touch wood one will bite - I need a change.

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