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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunny Penarth Saturday Stroll

Well, we're all miserable here. Elis has a cold and a cough. I merely have a cough. we went out yesterday afternoon to get some fresh air to Penarth, so I took a few snaps.

It looks like they're giving the much in need of attention pier building a touch up. It's clad in scaffolding. It amazes me they can't find a use for the building - given all the money in that area now - it seems a waste. Maybe the touch up is the start of something new.

Nice day for the beach - people in red tees on Penarth Beach

Penarth Pier shows off its legs in the sun

People on Penarth Pier, a cloud looks on

The towers of Penarth Pier with scaffolding and cloud

People on the pier

Children playing on Penarth Beach

Elis has a sit down on the pier

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

25 Silly Web Site Names At The Next Big Web Thing

Further delaying the march of my new business site, I went and gave The Next Big Web Thing a bit of a CSS makeover and change of focus.

It's now more of a personal opinions on the internet, new sites and technology sort of thing. Gone is the monthly polls and nominations model, in comes a new quiz and a couple of new sections. The hall of fame is where the sites I like will go, like they did on the blog previously, but I'm particularly proud of the Hall of Shame.

I've put a couple of articles in there that I've waited months to do. The 25 Most Stupidly Named Web 2.0 Sites Of 2006 took a lot of work to do but made me smile lots, as did the Annoying Web 2.0 Conventions page. I'm sure it will be a lot easier to fill the hall of shame with stuff, being the grumpy old sod I am.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Weird Nations - The UK Branch

Well, another quick new site to report, and another delay to the big personal business site I need to finish. Due to the timing of things in the web world it's more financially productive if I can get new sites up, supported and part of the fabric of the web than one big site. So I'll keep kicking out these little things - I have a load of them in my head I want to do and then just leave them to take on their own life.

The latest one is one a domain I've owned for a while, but had parked. The weird sites I've set up were part of a plan to do a big site for each nation in Britain. Whilst Weird Wales and Weird England are up and fine, they were really big jobs. I own the domains for Weird Ireland and Weird Scotland, but just can't commit to doing them just yet.

However, with the Weird Nations Forum being up and running with sections devoted to the 4 nations, I thought I'd get the UK version of Weird Nations off the parked domain service and stick up some stuff there that both aggregated the various content streams I have from the nations, and is a new site with material for the bigger Weird Nations forum.

So, in less than 2 days, Weird Nations - The UK Branch is up and ready. The site is quite basic on my typical CSS templates that I'm hammering recently. But, on top of the site I've also set up a competition and sent my first ever Newsletter - all little things that help build the community and are new things for me.

I'm especially pleased with the separate region pages which in the case of a couple of them are pulling content in from 3 separate sites. The Weird England page is a good example of what it's doing. The content on the pages depends a lot on the user generated content at the feeder sites.

It's all go. And today we put our house on the market. Busy? Don't you believe it...

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back To The Haunted Castle

Nursey and I began work on our mini docu-feature yesterday. We're making a film about the 40 Days And Nights event at Craig Y Nos Castle. Rather than go into detail here, I thought I'd point you towards the pictures and story I've already put together. Take a look at Weird Nations @ Craig Y Nos.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot

We took a quick little trip over the weekend, up to Saundersfoot in West Wales. We stayed on Coppet Hall at the hotel which is practically on the beach. It's a place we've walked past many times in the past but never been in - it was nice to stay there for once. It's fair to say it's one of my favourite places on the planet thanks to a lot of time spent there on holidays.

We went up Friday afternoon after Elis had been to Nursery. We had a stroll on the beach and a wander, but not much time to do anything as we were all shattered. Elis has been getting us up early and not sleeping well so we've had a few tired days the last week as he gets used to his new routine of daily nursery.

The reason for the visit was we wanted to go up an look at areas around there that we can move to. We're have to get our house on the market the next week, and we can start planning where we're going. We'll have to rent for a bit, which will give us a bit of flexibility and time.

We did big circular trip through Saundersfoot, Pembroke, Narberth and Whitland, looking at places along the route, we got a few ideas about where we'll go now. Anyway, Saturday morning Elis was up early in the hotel so I took him out for a walk on the beach to give everyone else a lie-in.

It was very windy on the beach and the tide was right up, so we took a long walk down Coppet Hall Beach, up onto the cliff around towards Wiseman's Bridge - an old coal railway route, then back again. The waves were whipping up a strange froth like a head of beer. Some nice photos were taken, here's some for you.

Frothy waves, drfitwood and early morning storm light - Coppet Hall Beach, Saundersfoot

Wave like beer froth - Coppet Hall Beach, Saundersfoot

Weird waves - Coppet Hall Beach, Saundersfoot

Coppet Hall Beach looking towards Saundersfoot and Monkstone Point

Looking Towards Wiseman's Bridge From Coppet Hall Beach, Saundersfoot

Large piece of driftwood on Coppet Hall Beach, Saundersfoot

Sunlight breaks through, Coppet Hall Beach looking towards Saundersfoot

Elis in the tunnel between Coppet Hall Beach and Wiseman' Bridge

Big waves roll in, Elis watches

Big waves roll in, old railway track path Saundersfoot

Stormy waves along the walk towards Wiseman's Bridge

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bye-Bye Ice Rink, Hello Vale Of Glamorgan

Just taking a minute to clear-out the old digital camera. I had a heart attack the other day as I thought it had broken down. The lens cover was jamming and wouldn't open fully. I fiddled and resorted to my old favourite camera repair technique - the firm shake. It was as good as ever and seems to have fixed the problem.

So, here's some stuff from the last couple of weeks. We went into town the other weekend to get a bike for Elis. We drove around the ice rink, to get the car park. From the outside, everything looked as normal. Then as we got around the back - my jaw dropped as I had no idea what was happening. It's in the process of being demolished. A real shame to see it go, I had some fun times there as a youngster.

I haven't been for years, but, you know, it's always good just knowing it's there. I've since learnt it's relocating to the bay. Like everything else in Cardiff. I took a few snaps of the demolition - the first shows an ugly mix of styles - something Cardiff's becoming notorious for. The city's rapidly filling up with stupid big buildings and once beautiful facades which are increasingly being rendered daft looking by the contrast of the crud being put behind them.

Cardiff's Ice Rink Being Demolished

Cardiff's Ice Rink Being Demolished - The Ice House Gone

And we've had a couple of trips out into the Vale of Glamorgan. One to the Amelia Trust Farm, which I'd heartily recommend as a place to visit with kids. It's free, you can walk amongst the animals and they do a mean line in fresh free range eggs.

And last week, Nursey and I took Elis to Lavernock. I've not been there since I was in primary school. It's amazing. Quiet, big and great views of the islands in the channel. I'd have taken more photos, but Elis has taken to using my camera and had run the batteries out, so I'd barely started and had the old dead battery problem.

It was bizarre. On arriving I got out of the car and was struck by a view that I'd dreamed many times. I know I'd been there once before, but I could remember much about it. The second I saw the view from the tiny car park though, it was boomph - that strange dreamt this feeling! Weird stuff. Oh yea, pictures. Nothing special, but the seldom are these days.

Big clouds over the Amelia Trust Farm

Elis and Mab on Lavernock beach

Elis looking out to Steepholme form Lavernock

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ladies! This Site Is Not For You...

Not this site of course - I'm referring to my latest project that I set up over the last few days. After reading this story about men pretending to be women and visiting this online game site, it dawned on me there was a massive gap in the market. There was also a great domain that hadn't been snapped up and should have been, and the idea was born. I introduce you to Bingo 4 Him.

It's really tongue-in-cheek and hopefully not too many ladies will be offended by a few of the more barbed comments. The humour's more end-of-the-pier, mother-in-law-jokes than anything. It should at least bait a few links, touch wood.

I've been really heads down at the moment, but got lots to chat about. The works going well, but I keep taking these quick diversions from the main plan at the moment, which is getting my business site up and running. Ho-Hum, will get there soon.

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