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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Annoying Ringtones Are Me

Well, I've been redoing old stuff for a while, it's nice to have something new to show off for a change. The redoing of my older sites has seen them doing a lot better for my earnings than previously. Last week I did an update on Crazy Frog Fans, so it now has a CSS'd layout and much reduced code underneath.

Taking the Ringtone thing one step further, I've been expanding the range of quiz sites I've set up, and thought that annoying ringtones would be a good, if slightly unoriginal place to start.

With that in mind, I've done a quick and dirty quiz site where you can see how annoying your ringtone is - you can give the test a go at Mobile Cell Phone Ringtones. My earlier quiz sites remain where most of my traffic comes from, so it's s style of site that I will do more with. Basically, once it gets going, it builds it's own traffic thanks to the "add a badge to your site" methodology. I have a few ideas for a few more of these little things - but the project I'm doing alongside it needs to be finished, as well as getting my business site fixed up. It's all go.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trips Of The Past Few Weeks

On the work front, I've been going through the motions of setting up the business side of my work. I'm now officially self-employed and have got a chance to sort out a lot of that side as well as continuing my own work projects.

It's a nice change for Elis as well, having me around, even though I'm actually working at home. Although I've been out on a few work related trips, Thursday past I was able to use the best line ever with Elis about what I'd done that day. Basically I found myself saying 'I've been to see a man about a ghost, at the haunted castle near the dinosaur park...' and it was all true.

Me and Nursey went out to Craig Y Nos Castle (near Dan Yr Ogof and it's dinosaurs) to meet Steve Graham and get a look around the building with a view to doing some filming there. It's an amazing place, decaying hospital wards a-top a posh hotel, deep in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. We should be back there before long if all goes well. Unfortuantely, I forgot my camera, so I've nothing to share - next time though.

Well, as well as the work I've been doing, we've been out a few times with Elis. I snapped a few and thought I'd better get caught up and post some stuff. First up we had a nice trip to Roath Park, the weather wasn't great, but here's a few all the same.

The clock tower and clouds

Elis feeds the ducks

Winding the Scott Memorial on Roath Park Lake

Nursey also joined us for a trip to Penarth, to take his dog Mab out for a walk, and boys being boys, it wasn't long before we were throwing stones into the sea.

Boys and their rocks

Elis, Chris and Mab at Penarth

And yesterday we went to Cardiff Castle to see the medieval folk. We were expecting pitched battles with armies of re-enactment types. Instead we got a few tents and an archery display. It was nice either way. Weather wad grey, didn't shoot to many.

Tents and the keep of Cardiff Castle

View from the top of the keep at Cardiff Castle, towards City Hall

Ye Olde Wenches make stew

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Keeping It Weird

Flying visit just to show off me latest site relaunch. Following on from the work I did at Weird Wales, I've finally got my hands on the Weird England UK domain to replace the .com I was using and make the Google local search love the site.

So, now Weird England has some swanky new CSS layout and updated features. I made a few changes from the Wales site's templates, but went back and updated the Wales templates as well with these new changes.

The big difference is I set the site to a fixed width. The layout was fluid, but that was causing me problems thanks to some IE bugs which made things go a bit askew when you resized the browser above a certain size. Life's to short to try and fix them, so the fixed width was the best solution I could find.

Still haven't fixed the broken images on this site, but will have to sort that out soon. In the meantime, nose back to the grindstone.

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