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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Get It Off Your Chest. Be A Moanr

Continuing the current trend of fire and forget websites. I was flushed from the quick and easy success of LazyBloggr and thinking my new project a much more motivational niche for both myself and perspective contributors. Let me introduce Moanr.com - the place to get it off your chest.

Not bad considering I only registered the domain at tea time yesterday. Feel free to have a whine. ;)

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Stroll - Penarth Beach

Well, on the eve of me 34th year on the planet, I got away from the never ending kitchen job for an afternoon out at the beach with wife and child. It was crisp and very sunny, with one of those winds that just chills through you. Took a few snaps, nothing too exciting. Since its been a while since I posted anything recently, I thought I'd share.

Elis on Penarth Beach

Elis on Penarth Beach - a solitary wanderer

Penarth Pier in all its dishevelled glory

Penarth Pier public lavatories

Setting sail from Penarth Beach

Sail boats all in a row

I'd have forgotten if it was my birthday if everyone else hadn't reminded me.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Latest Project - LazyBloggr.com

Well, you see how infrequently I keep this blog these days, because I'm never having time to make posts or do fun stuff here. This and my quest to get lots of free user generated content gave me the idea last week for my latest quick site.

With my new site LazyBloggr.com I no longer need to worry about the lack of exciting stuff to post about with my life or the like of time to compose posts, I let anyone who's interested make it up for me!

Yes its not that original an idea, and yes its fairly simply made - but hell, it seemed like a good idea at the time and an obvious thing to try. I've got one more quick site that should have been finished weeks ago to finish now, then its back to my old projects. No more new sites (unless they really are quick and easy) for the foreseeable future after that one. But then, I've been telling myself that for a long time...

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Catching Up

Oh my, what a couple of weeks. I haven't stopped is the truth of the matter. I just haven't had time to look at this blog. I've left a couple of posts on other blogs such as this money making idea on one new site and a Google Twat on another new site. Both are sites I found whilst doing The Next Big Web Thing. I've just got too much on the go at the moment. Two new unfinished sites which should be quick jobs but are currently left unattended, lots of updates to do etc.

The main cause of my pain is my kitchen. I took last week of to gut it, get out all the old 70s tongue and groove, the grotty units, this disgusting sink, the minging floor, etc. At the end of the week None of the rebuilding had be done other than patching up the ceiling and plastering one wall.

We've got boxes everywhere, an unreliable brother who's left us in the lurch, a family falling out and different people doing different jobs in a brave attempt to help us get it done. The joys of DIY. I've not cooked for almost 2 weeks, have had endless takeaways and feel in need of some decent food like you'd never believe!

So, until its sorted I'm kind of stuck in the position of being unable to do anything much. Hopefully we can break the back of it this weekend, but then we'll still have the dining room to do as well... Ho hum. :(

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