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Thursday, January 26, 2006

MeMe'd 4 Things

Oh well, its time for my quarterly jaunt into Meme land with as I've been tagged by Mark Boulton and this is another fun one all about me, me, ME!

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Barrow Boy
  2. Bingo Caller
  3. Shelf Stacker
  4. Laundry Worker
Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
  1. Day Of The Dead
  2. Wings Of Desire
  3. Blade Runner (Original version preferably)
  4. Local Hero
Four Places I’ve Lived
  1. Falmouth, Cornwall, England
  2. Bangor, Wales
  3. Cardiff, Wales
  4. The edge of sanity
Four TV Shows I Love
  1. "Antiques Roadshow"
  2. "The Apprentice"
  3. "Dragon's Den"
  4. "Balamoray"
Four Places I’ve Vacationed
  1. Cape Cod, US
  2. Lake Garda, Italy
  3. The Gower, Wales
  4. The Tirol, Austria
Four of My Favorite Dishes
  1. Meat, steamed carrots and mash
  2. Mackerel and salad
  3. Clarks pie, chips and gravy
  4. Raw carrots and cauliflower
Four Sites I Visit Daily
  1. Digital Point Forum
  2. Bloglines
  3. Easy News
  4. Ebay
Four Places I Would Rather Be Now
  1. On my home PC.
  2. Skiing.
  3. My sofa watching Zombie films.
  4. On one of the many beaches in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
  1. Shazza Bates
  2. Gregory Hopkins Humes
  3. Elise Tomlinson
  4. RR
I would have asked Holly also, but she's no fan of memes and so busy it makes me feel positively lazy. :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Introducing... The Next Big Web Thing

Almost done now on my latest personal project, The Next Big Web Thing. Ok, firstly that's not what I think the site is, rather, it's what the site's about. It's also a bit of a new turn for me, as I've followed the collaborative model of many more famous sites. Several colleagues and friends are lined up to take a stake in the entries and add their own posts - in return for a share of any potential earnings from the site.

The idea is simple, we look for stuff that we think is original and new to the web and mention it. At the end of each month the ten best go into a monthly poll to see who wins the distinction of The Next Big Web Thing for that month. Its a very simple layout and site - hopefully the content will do the talking. I have some big plans for marketing it and building traffic to the site - this time next year I'm hoping it can be making all the contributors a nice little side income. We'll see though, I need to get a lot of interest in it first. It should be fun. :)

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Penarth Pier And Promenade

We went out Saturday afternoon for a stroll on the pier and beach at Penarth, caught a few nice snaps on the pier which is looking more worse for wear every time we visit. Why someone's not snapped it up and turned it into a club or something is beyond me. Given the money in the area now it's going begging for some use or other. Just caught the sunset as well, so some nice candy floss fairground colours in a few of the snaps.

The front of the pier building in Penarth

Twisty view of the front of Penarth Pier

The grand windows and weathered paintwork of Penarth Pier

Candyfloss clouds above Penarth Pier, Wales

Up the Severn towards the bridges, Penarth Pier

No Fishing! Sign and sunset on Penarth Pier

Roof and fluffy pink cloud, Penarth Pier, near Cardiff, Wales

View of the Pier from the beach, dusk sets in

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Zombie Space Dust... Graaagh

Well, I've had a rotten week, been ill a whole seven days with cold and flu and now what feels like a chest infection and sore throat. I've also been busy getting my latest project off the ground, but more on that when its done.

Now, if like me you're an avid Zombie and horror film fan, you'll know why this story of space dust is resonating the old warning tinklers with alarming alacrity. Space satellites returning with unknown space bugs are the staple plot device in many a classy (and some less so) film, from The Andromeda Strain to Night Of The Living Dead. I just spotted the following picture on the wires, and felt compelled.

Credit: NASA - Space Dust capsule opened on earthControl Room Log: 18.01.06:
It all started well. We were jubilant at first. We watched in awe on our monitors and webcam as the team opened the pod and began surveying the space dust. Steve was so excited his project had worked he was uncontainable.

We had take all efforts to avoid contamination of our team. The atmosphere was clean, they wore breathing apparatus and chemical suits. What we didn't know was the space dust had alien bacteria. It started when Steve rubbed a celebratory tear from his eye. Damn it! Why didn't we put goggles on them!?

The transformation took seconds. He turned green then took a bite out of Roger. Blood spat over the table and the team recoiled in horror. Then Roger turned and bit Jodie. Before we knew it the room was awash with limbs and entrails. Those who didn't turn were eaten.

Then things got worse. They broke out and reaped a trail of death through the base. We just had time to barricade the doors. They're banging now, I hear their finger nails scratching on the door and a fainting dripping noise. We have no guns...

Fanciful and unscientific I know - but hey, as unlikely as it is, you just don't know. But why are they not wearing goggles!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dio On Your Radio

I wrestled had the opportunity to go on Radio Wales earlier to talk on the Nicola Heywood Thomas Show about blogging. It was fun, a touch nerve-racking being on a live national show (Don't swear! Don't swear!)

The content was very light and unrevealing though. I'd been preparing stuff about political blogs, fortunes earned blogging, technologies, empowerment etc. We didn't really go into anything beyond my fellow contributor complaining about people having opinions on blogs, whilst on a show that asks people to phone up and share opinions. Ho-hum.

You can hear my croaky voice here - fast forward to about 1:20.00 on the player *EDIT* Off the player now. It might have been a good idea to mention the URL at some point, but then I realised I'd have to spell it and then it gets convoluted. For those of you who listened to the show, the address you want is http://diobach.com. Oh.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Things Looking Strange - CTRL And F5

I've been tinkering with some errors I made in the CSS of the blog, fixing them right, as should be. If things look different to normal, press CTRL + F5 together to make the page refresh direct from the server so you get the new style sheet and stuff - you might have the old one still cached on your machine.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Last Of 2005, The First Of 2006

Happy New Year all! 2006 should be fun. Out of work by July, but dead excited about it. Hopefully a lot of things can come together with that event - I'll be working flat out as ever and adding the odd snap here and there.

Yesterday we went to the Calennig celebrations at Cardiff City Hall, alongside the Winter Wonderland. Elis had a ball and a ride on several of the funfair rides. I got some new snaps. Hover for details.

Ice, shadows and lights on the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink

The typical shot of the Winter Wonderland in Cardiff

Stilt walking knight, lights and the Sun Wheel in Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

Gaudy lights for fast food at the Calennig celebration on New Year's Eve 2005 - Cardiff

Cuddly toys grow in great abundance from the roof of the 21 Game trailer - just don't try to win one...

Ticket seller on the 21 Game

Spooky people flit by the ghost train...


As the clock turned midnight last night, a barrage of fireworks went up around Cardiff, and a few thoughts of New Year's Eves past sprang to mind. I'll bore you with some memories whilst I still have them.

As a child I spent many of them at my Nan and Gramps in Cathays, and at the turn of midnight we used to go out into the street and everyone would be on the doorsteps waving. You used to hear the fog horns bellowing out from the Bristol Channel. I used to love going out and listening to the sound of the them echoing faintly down the long terraced streets.

You don't hear fog horns any more - at least I haven't for ages - they should carry as far as Fairwater, we can see the Severn from here so we should hear them. MAybe they've been replaced by GPS or something less glamorous. I really miss that sound. I don't think people go out on the streets anymore either. My Nan's street is now 95% student accommodation, so none of them are about this time of year. That makes parking a treat though.

Another fond memory I have is for the New Year I spent in Austria - I think it was the turn of 1990. Unfortunately, what was a wild celebration with fireworks in the street was marred by the fact I had injured my knee that afternoon and would not be skiing anymore - and was starting the earliest stages of scarlet fever. It was magical though. Shortly after I'd bust my knee up, we came down the mountain on New Year's Eve afternoon for the last time. I had to grit my teeth, I was in a lot of pain.

As we came down the mountain we had a commanding view of the massive lake (Zell Am Zee I think - the whole holiday is a blur) miles below us. Suddenly fireworks started flowering above it as a big display began. It was amazing - I wish I could remember it better and had stopped for photos, but it was truly lovely.

Fond memories. I'm not immune to reminiscing about the past come this time of year. But onwards and upwards. today we went to Penarth for a walk. We went up on to the top end where I've never been before. There were some lovely views across the Severn (but no fog horns.) It was just turning dusk, and the air was clear enough to see to the Severn Bridge on one side, and across to Minehead and on across the Holmes. Beautiful - the batteries only had a few shots in them and the viewpoints were limited, but here's some of what I got.

Murky sunset over Flat Holme and Steepholme from the Cliff walk at Penarth

Looking down on Penarth Beach and across the Bristol Channel and Flatholme

Looking up the Severn towards Bristol and the Severn Bridges

Anyways - happy 2006 all - hope its a good one for the planet. Not hopeful though.

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