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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some Photos From The Last Few Weeks

Well, been a hectic few weeks since finishing, the race to get the house shipshape to sell goes on, and is taking up much of my time. Scurrying around I found a couple of photos I've yet to share. First up, a last shot of my old work desk and the circle I've worn in the carpet on my chair.

My old desk and the circle I left...

A reminder for me that I've been stuck in one place for too long, and incentive to get the next chapter of my life in gear. I have to get the house done, more on that later. Otherwise, the weather is roasting still. I'm a northern soul, I like dark, cold and damp. This weather is killing me. A while back we went for a walk around Sophia Gardens with Elis, which is where these two images come.

Elis crossing the Taff bridge in Sophia Gardens

View up the River Taff to the Millennium Stadium

I think I can break the back of the decorating this week, which should give me some time to try and develop my business a bit. It's still going on, but it's very slow at the moment. Fun times...

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