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Monday, July 24, 2006

Road Trip - Aberystwyth, Aberaeron And Borth

One of the reasons I need to get the house finished is we desperately want to move out of Cardiff down west. It's complicated, as well as sorting my own side business I need to get a new job.

Thursday I had an interview at the National Library Of Wales for a position in the National Screen And Sound Archive in Aberystwyth.

We drove up Thursday morning, I had the interview, then we had a little explore on the way back on Friday. I've never been to Aberystwyth before now, so it was as much a chance to see if the area was what we'd like as well as too interview for what sounded like a great job, helping to restore films for the archive. I don't think I got the post, as I would have heard Friday and didn't, unless I get a call today which I think is unlikely.

No worries though, if it wasn't to be, it wasn't to be. Whilst we were up that way, we did a whole tour of the coast from Aberystwyth to Borth, then down to Aberaeron. It was a whole stretch I've never seen before, and I have to say I was well impressed with the area.

Firstly Borth was quite strange, a long street with hotels and shops, the whole village seems to be laid out straight. Some lovely views and at low tide you get to see a petrified forest. Here's a few snaps, we didn't really explore far at all.

Borth seafront, opposite the tourist information office

Borth seafront, looking south

Borth seafront, looking north

Borth sea front, entrance to the beach

From there we visited Tal-Y-Bont and Bow Street, both nice little villages. Maybe just a bit to far north for my liking though. So, we circled back to Aberystwyth then went down the Cardigan Bay coast and stopped at Aberaeron, a place I've seen on TV many times but never visited. It was nice - just the sort of place I'd like to end up but could never afford. A few snaps from the harbour and town here for you.

Aberaeron harbour, looking towards the town

Aberaeron harbour, looking out to Cardigan Bay

Chapel in Aberaeron

I didn't actually take a lot of pictures in Aberystwyth, by the time the camera came out it was grey and overcast. I took a few on the promenade, this one of the Jazz Swingtet (sniggers) in full flow was my favourite.

Jazz Swingtet perform on the Bandstand on Aberystwyth promenade

Posted by Dio Bach at 15:06


Blogger Elise Tomlinson said...

Eh Dio! The sailboat photos are excellent!

Looks like you have a fun trip...

10:37 pm  
Anonymous Aberaeron Hotels said...

So..the flow deserves to be seen.

3:15 pm  

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