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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maddox On Podcasts and Blogs

If these words were people, I would embrace their genocide.. I love Maddox, this is one of the funniest pieces I've read in a while.

"Podcast: Someone had the revolutionary idea of taking a compressed audio file and putting it online. Yeah, doesn't sound so sexy when I describe it for what it is, does it you morons? It would have been a great idea if streaming audio wasn't already around for over a decade before the word "podcast" entered the lexicon. Man, I can't stand the word "lexicon." Talking about all these shitty words has made me start using shitty words. I'm so pissed, I just slammed the door shut on some kid's nuts."

Hahaha. Dio looks around the page. Narrow Columns? Checks. Lots of links? Check. /Me goes and hides.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

Thanks to Nursey for this, obviously he has too much time on his hands... :D

Still can't wait to see the film. Soon... So Soon...

Land Of The Dio Bach Dead - By Chris Nurse

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Iggy Pop In Cincinatti

Iconic image of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, live in Cincinnati in 1970Its not very often I wish myself older, but one thing I would have loved to have been around for and seen was The Stooges live. I've never caught this footage of Iggy from 1970 until now, downloadable from here: Iggy Pop Video.

This is the clip from which the Iconic image left was taken. I saw him live in 1991, and it was still pretty electric. Iggy Pop remains one of the best live performers I've ever seen. The clip is definitely from another age. Top stuff.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cardiff Bay

Flying photodump here today -not much to talk about so have some stuff to look at instead. We went to Cardiff Bay for a trip this afternoon. I took a few snaps which you can enjoy below. Some around the oval basin, some inside the Millennium Mausoleum (The big wood louse thing) and some around the water tower sculpture thing, including one rather large and hastily compiled Photomontage.

Briefly in other news - I've been busy the last week throwing a site together for a friend who will remain nameless. Its called Crazy Frog Fans, and despite not being one myself, I've pleased myself with several simple things I've done with the site. This includes installing and customising my first forum, using lots of includes in a clever (for me) way as well as some form and PHP hacking. I've impressed myself with some of the techie things I've done on it, despite their simplicity and the apparent site simplicity. Anyhow, enough of that stuff, let's get on with the picture show.

Oval basin towards the Millennium Centre

Fun fair ride and light stand

Inside the Millennium Centre

Live music inside the Millennium Centre

Inside the Millennium Centre

Fun and games around the base of the big water tower sculpture in the oval basin of Cardiff Bay

Fun and games around the base of the big water tower sculpture in the oval basin of Cardiff Bay

Fun and games around the base of the big water tower sculpture in the oval basin of Cardiff Bay

And the big one...

Photomontage of Elis at the base of the big water tower

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

St Fagans

Ok, lot has happened since I last wrote. Too much to say to even start but I just can't stop to think about all the crap going on in the world at the moment - life's too short. I'm sticking my head in the sand (or up me arse) and marching on. Here are some photos from today instead.

Another blistering day, this summer is a scorcher and dragging me into constant inaction. Got out for an hour with the family this afternoon and took a few snaps around the gardens of St Fagans Castle. My camera batteries choked on me at the moment of taking possibly the best photo ever, a twisty image of a startled nun behind an ornate gate with the spire of the church in the background. Boy did I feel cheated there. Damn batteries. So instead, here's some algae, some flora, some insects, some steps and the Mother Teresa Fan Club looking unstartled. (Don't forget to hover over the images for tiny descriptions in the alt tags)

Wall and wanderers in the gardens of St Fagans

Giant thistle type of thing

Algae filled duck pond at St Fagans

The Mother Teresa Fan Club annual picnic outing

Colourful reflections and flora in the only bit of clear water on the pond.

Unknown family half way up the steps

Looking down the garden terrace of St Fagons castle steps

Looking down the garden terrace of St Fagans castle steps

Castle turret - been behind scaffold for years - nice to finally see it...

Pond skaters and reflections

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Chilling Out On The Gower

Been quiet again haven't I? Well, good reason, been away for a few days back down to The Gower for a nice little break in a Chalet at Caswell Bay. Last time we was there was back in September 2003. Not a lot has changed since then accept Elis is now old enough to not want to be dragged off the beach.

I must admit I had a lovely time and was as hard to get off the beach as he was, despite the blistering sun and heat. I can't remember the last time I paddled in the sea and walked barefoot on the sand - I did lots of it the last week. And of course, there's lots of photos. Mainly of Elis, I took some of the beach, but I find it very hard to do anything worthwhile with beaches on a photographic level. So lets have a few of the little man.

In amongst the rockpools on Caswell Bay, The Gower, Wales

In amongst the rockpools on Caswell Bay, The Gower, Wales

Paddling in the sea at Caswell Bay, The Gower, Wales

Got the beach all to meself!

Look out! The tides a coming in...

I dig Caswell Bay

Honest dad! I built this...

Despite the beach being really clean, Elis did manage to find the large shard of broken beer bottle, I didn't notice as I was well pleased with framing and use of fill in flash in the daylight. Luckily Mrs Dio jumped in before the holiday curse was able to strike again.

Why you should keep your shit and litter off the beach

Some more general beach scenes - note the clear water and the relative peace and quiet of going on a weekday during school term.

Shoreline - the tide's coming in

Big old empty beach

Ripples in the sand and clear sea water

Lady of the waves...

After a morning at the beach, we took Elis to Singleton Boating lake only to have missed the times for the boats. He wasn't pleased, but daddy took some snaps all the same...

Where are they taking them boats? Not fair, I wanted a go.

Goose, swans and dragon...

Spot the odd bird out

Going home in a strop...

The weather was sunny and hot most of the time, which drove me under my beach towel as everyone else around me roasted in the sun and looked at me like I was mad. Then as forecast, Tuesday afternoon, the rain came followed closely by some tremendous thunder and lightening.

It stopped long enough to have a game of Crazy Golf in Mumbles, before having tea in Verdi's before another storm hit, and showed that their roof is in need of some repair work. When the rain hit, water came cascading down the columns holding up the roof and flooded a large part of the one side of the restaurant. Still, we had a great view of Swansea Bay - it could have been spectacular, but the lightening was of the sheet variety rather than the streaky stuff.

And that's where we leave our holiday, with a final few photos - Crazy Golf, then the view towards the industrial horror show on the coast which goes by the name of Port Talbot and Swansea docks. It ruins a great area but doesn't really show up in these photos. I'm really starting to love Mumbles and The Gower, particularly as its less than an hours drive away - it feels like another world after weeks of heavy duty web work and stuff. Here's to the next holiday there.

Crazy Golf on The Gower

More Crazy Golf, between thunderstorms

Thunderstorms in the air, view across Swansea Bay

Feels like a storm's a coming, looking across Swansea Bay to Port Talbot

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