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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Want Him Bad

Dr Tongue, the infamous Zombie from the opening of Day Of The DeadBut know not where I would fit him, or indeed if I could even get him within a mile of the house. Not only that, I'm sure Elis would have nightmares. Plus I could never afford to blow that much money on such a decoration. The more alert amongst you will have spotted its Dr Tongue, the infamous Zombie from the opening of Day Of The Dead.

Ho Hum, not long now before the eagerly anticipated Land Of The Dead comes out. I'm not sure when its going to be available here in the UK, but needless to say I will be there, as moist as Dr. Tongue...

Anyway, I liked this auction so much I added it to Viral Auctions (icky image alert), as well as another great auction for a vintage American amusement park. It makes me think of another all time favourite, Carnival Of Souls in its desolate disrepair.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's Been A While

I think the old summer malaise has hit me. The temperature goes above 16ºc and I slow down and lose the will to live. That and I've been busy the last couple of weeks with the latest work project and beavering away at my own stuff (still) and on top of it all it was Elis' birthday at the weekend so a lot of effort and planning went in to having a small party for him.

So here's a quick history of recent days, highs, lows and thoughts… Sold painting - very happy, as I'm currently looking down the barrel of potential redundancy at work, I want as many ways of making money for myself as possible - hence the blind concentration on self sustaining revenue streams.

Some of the web stuff is getting a life of its own so it's winning out over the art stuff. The equation is : do the web stuff, it may provide sustained money in the future or do the art for some money now. I have a painting two thirds done in the shed, and prep work for 7 or 8 more - however, I've not been in the mood to get out there and do 'em (its been getting hot and I hate heat).

In work there's been lots of stuff to do with Cardiff Singer Of The World 2005, from which the below photos come as the only time me camera has been out recently was to shoot some banners for illustrating the site and other promos. The ones below are pictures that IMO didn't make the cut. I've been doing lots of video stuff this week, cutting clips for the site. It has reinforced me sheer dislike for the sterile and cold world of Classical music. It really bores the pants off me - so I must be a a right old Philistine.

Then I found out Monday I had been quoted from a message board on our supposedly secure work intranet site in Wales' premiere "News" paper - The Western Mail. It must have really been a slow news day as it’s a page of story from nothing, peppered with glaring inaccuracies. I find I'm quoted 3 or 4 times, out of context and as different people. Shoddy work indeed - but I won't tell you which were mine. There is a web page of it here.

Anyway, there's nothing much else of note, really. If there was then I've forgotten or can't muster the arse to mention it. I will strive to get my current painting finished and some new ones started - as I'm bursting with ideas that are actually exciting me. Its just the execution that's lacking. If I'm not around much, that may be why. Until the next time, here's them Cardiff Singer photos I mentioned above.

Cardiff Singer Of The World banners outside David Morgans

The tallest building in Wales and banner

another view of the tallest building in Wales and banner

Banner looking towards Cardiff's New Theatre

Entrance to Cardiff's New Theatre

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Flying Visit And Link Dump

Ok, Shadowmen Bully The Small is now up for sale on the old Ebay. I've also got the second painting underway, I may have a crack at it tonight - tentatively called 'Shadowmen Taunt The Moon For Its Poor Performance At Twister'. You may remember a thumbnail sketch of it I showed you years back.

The webstuff also continues, another day, another new domain for an old site. I set up a new Photomash Challenge at the [DEAD SITE] CM's House Of Horror forum - and moved the site from a subdirectory to its own domain at photomash.com. Plenty more busy to come as well. If these paintings go down well, I'll be back at it before you know.

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