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Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Painting - Get Back Up Off The Floor

Finished the first of many, this piece hints at the new direction I'm planning on following for the foreseeable future. Its called Shadowmen Bully The Small, based on a small sketch I did two years ago before I detoured on my arty abstract experimental pieces.

Any thoughts appreciated. I'm hoping to get another underway before the end of the weekend - similar sort figurative and loose work.

New painting by David Lloyd - Shadowmen Bully The Small - 2005

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Friday, May 27, 2005

I Pen And Ink

Huzzah, I'm off the not-painting bandwagon again - started work on a new piece last night and pretty much broke the back of it. Hopefully will be finished by the end of the weekend and have more on the go.

I've gone back to the early days of my art education, in part inspired by the Land Of The Dead pictures me and Nursey bought, and partly to find a way of working I'm happy with. Part of my driver to get back to it was Nursey saying it reminded him of some of my early work. And you know what, it reminded me how much I enjoyed art before all the bullshit crept in and made me feel I had to conform to certain 'notions and conventions' to be a worthwhile artist.

Well fuck it, that's not me, I know the kind of stuff I like, I'm sick of sticking to methods I don't like so I've gone back to using sticks, inks and acrylic. I've dropped the colour as I've never comfortable or competent with using it. I've stopped trying to be picture perfect.

I'm concentrating on my strengths, on my love of atmosphere, composition, tone and image. And so far it feels great. I hope I can share some of this new stuff with you before long. Just need an hour or so tonight to finish me first piece, tentatively called 'Shadowmen Bully The Small'. I feel completely invigorated!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Eyes Have It

Old musical mucker Matthew 'Scozzers' Scott, veteran guitarist and song writer of me old band Charlie Brown has some nice new tunes up for free listens on his new site - under the name of The Eyes - but beware, yesterday he was The Hungry Ghost so maybe the name could change again.

Its a bit different to the old Grungy Guitar of yesteryear - lots of good bleeps and loops and trademark Scozzer's guitar. Wasp is my favourite of the bunch - have a listen, its free.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Cleanliness Technician's Latest Podcast

[Rant] Ok, at the risk of once again losing many of my iPple loving friends, can I please just ask one thing. It's a simple thing - I don't know why I get worked up over it every time I see it (everywhere) but I do. Yes life's to short, yes it's not worth the stress, but please, please, please can we stop it with Podcasting.

Maybe I'm a luddite and I don't understand the technical nuances of it all, but to be frank, long before there was iPods and Podcasting, you could actually download MP3s of people talking and shows and stuff.

Now, I realise that Podcasting also involves software that chooses your *MP3 DOWNLOADS* and downloads them to your desktop and synchs with your *MP3 PLAYER*. So maybe its not fair to call them *MP3 DOWNLOADS* as they are actually *MP3 DOWNLOADS WITH DOWNLOAD MANAGING SOFTWARE*

Seriously, can we please stop giving it a pointless technological name when a perfectly good one exists. You can call them MP3 Downloads or even downloadable MP3s, basically because that's what they are and they're what us mere mortals understand. It's perfectly good.

Just because some geeky types got bored and discovered you can use the line in on the sound card to record rambling monologues (pot and kettle there I realise) doesn't mean we need to give it a new name just to make it sound hip and cool. Just stop it, its worse than flaming flashmobs. [/RANT]

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Totally Addicted To Space

Well, webspace at least. I had been planning to cull some of me old dead sites, but then though about quickly relaunching them in their own web space. So last night I updated the templates, purchased the domain Fantasy-Meeting-League.com and threw out the old site onto the web to live again.

It needs a few tweaks, and some tidying up of the copy, but for a nights work I've got another domain and a site that hopefully will help the other sites through SEO practices (Search Engine Optimization) that I will tweak over the weekend.

I had vowed not to take on any new projects but to finish the ones I have. In a way, this is just that. Really. Now back to the other sites. Oh yes! Just added an RSS Feed To Cheesy-Movies.com as well - that site will be my focus for the near future.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stuff To Stick On The Walls

Hellingly Asylum IV Photograph - Limited Signed PrintNursey introduced me to this guy's work - after he won a painted record of his own. I've been really digging the work - I've already bought a photographic print (left: Hellingly Asylum IV), and I've just added my own painted record to the collection (below: Television Intelligence).

Its really nice work - the new pieces the artist is selling have some lovely red splashes in the sky so now I want one of them. The artist has also started doing these nice little Triptychs - and now I wan one of them as well. The only real bugger is I have nowhere to hang art now in the house. It also reminds me that I have a canvas still sitting on the wall of me shed, waiting for some attention. I thinks its been there a year now.

The artist says of the 'Land Of The Dead' series "This is the place you have gone to when you are having a dream that doesn't make sense and everyone looks very ill and emaciated." That says it all really.

Hellingly Asylum IV Photograph - Limited Signed Print

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Accepting The Musical Baton

It's not too often I do a 'em, but this is a nice little viral meme that I'm being passed by Mark Boulton and passing it on again when it's done...

Total music files residing on my computer: 60.5GB (10,472 tracks)

Last CD I bought: Put $30 dollars in an envelope and sent 'em to Canada to buy two of the latest releases on the Constellation label only yesterday, by HangedUp and Hrsta.

Song playing right now: 'Ring Them Bells (Freedom Has Come And Gone)', A Silver Mt. Zion

Five songs I listen to a lot / mean a lot to me:

Five People I’m Passing The Baton To:
But don't feel obliged folks, that took ages! Copy the source code maybe - now why didn't I think of that?

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Take The Chav And Posh Test!

And the weeks almost over, and I'm knackered and have a dicky back for the umpteenth time this year. Shagged in fact. Elis was up early and I've spent the week having late nights furthering my megalomaniacal plan of web domination figuring how to get Shazza Bates' excel Chav and Posh Tests online. I finally got there after lots of fiddling with the output of the simple but useful PHPQuest quiz generator.

So, ask yourself. Is you a Chav or is one Posh?. My results are below...

One is 13% Posh!
Posh Test Take The Posh Test

I's 63% Chav!
Chav Test Take The Chavs Test

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Busy Beaver

Well, been heads down all this week when I broke form the current work plan to get a new site (based on an old and much duplicated idea) up and running - based around interesting and email-able web auctions.

I actually started a site that I never finished a couple of years ago, then put it to one side and never went back as other stuff popped up. Wanting to try playing with a MySQL and PHP driven site I dived in and gave it a go. It's a fairly standard template with a few modifications - but its nice and easy to update as I can do it from any web browser. I've had to get my head around a lot of new things doing it - but its been a good experience and I'm pleased with the end result. Oh yes. And you can see it here: Viral Auctions - Coming to an inbox near you!

The haunted Welsh coin...The image is from one of a recent favourites, the haunted coin with the ghost of a Welsh witch - which Nursey sent us a few weeks back. There's only a few stories on there at the moment, but I will be adding more as time goes on, and I have a few old ones I want to add, floating around on various PCs.

As a wider web plan, and to remind myself as to what I'm doing over coming months, I will be making some major changes to some of my more popular sites.

Meltwater.co.uk will be killed off in its current form as an over-arching guide to my art and stuff. It seems pointless to keep my art there as the Meltwater brand was mainly music based, and as its now well and truly dead the site seems out dated. I will leave a little page there about my music and move stuff to David-Lloyd.co.uk which seems the more natural place to have a swanky looking new art site.

Probably my most popular site at the moment in terms of visitors is the (currently being ignored) [DEAD SITE] Digital Gallery site. The navigation makes little sense to me, and I want to trim it down into themed galleries and nice new templates and navigation. So I will get a new domain name for it at some point and redo that site.

All this and I also must get Cheesy Movies Com updated and finished, hopefully with a forum added at some point. Total this all up and it means general busyness for the foreseeable future and beyond. Still, it keeps me out of mischief. :)

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Gruesome Discoveries

This sounds like a plot of a cheap schlock shocker, but is a disturbing and sad story, I'm sure we won't have heard the end of. I wonder if there's more to be found - it has all the hall-markings of a serial crime. Babies' remains found in attic. Dreadful stuff.

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