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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Back, And 63% Chav...

OK, no real catch up here, I'll do that over the weekend. I did want to point out that I just discovered that I'm 63% Chav after taking Chav Mum's hilarious Chav Or Posh tests. However I was relived to discover I was only 14% posh.

As such Chav Mum's Shazza invited me to enter her ring, which I did with much pleasure as you'll see in my ring stack at the bottom of the page (if it's working).

About this page - it seems some outside providers are having issues and stopping it from loading, so my next big job is a big overhaul off this blog - clean it up, move to the improved blogger features etc, so bear with us - normal service will be resumed shortly.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Outlook? Busy

Things are going to be a bit quiet around these parts for the next few weeks. I have a lot of decorating and stuff to sort out so will be neglecting this a bit most likely. Need to crack on getting Cheesy Movies up and running, as well as finishing of this latest (completely commercially minded) enterprise as well - Dio's latest - Chav Mum. The blog bits finished but the rest needs to get ticking along and earning its keep.

As if that wasn't enough - I finally sorted out my www.meltwater.co.uk site's hosting and need to make a lot of changes there to reflect the fact its now being hosted under its own domain...

Nice colours walking home tonight, so here's some snaps to leave you thinking of me.

St Fagan's Road aglow in the sunset, Fairwater, Cardiff

Oakway aglow in the sunset, Fairwater, Cardiff

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Priceless Photograph(s)

Pinching directly from the ever hilarious Holy Moly Newsletter - this photo just made me smile no end. The copy from the newsletter says it perfectly:

This will, rest assured, be all the rage in clubs up and down the country. Ladies and gentlemen, we give to you 'Mosh Girl'. Note please the sheer look of fright and horror on every male in the room, desperately trying to rid themselves of their beer goggles.
Haha! Great stuff.

As promised yesterday, and specifically posted to annoy Badly Dubbed Boy, who missed this photo opportunity due to being ill. This is the photo taken that I'm posing for below - The TARDIS doesn't look very big in the photo, but its actually huge inside. *groan*

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Doctor Who? Doctor Dio!

Had a chance to get my photo taken with the Tardis from the new Doctor Who series, which is due on TV in a couple of weeks. It's been more than a year since my miniscule involvement with the interactive element, back in Feb last year. It's been interesting seeing it grow, the frictions, the glimpses of stuff around the place - I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing it. So much so that I will be avoiding the BitTorrent of it that leaked on the net and I know a lot have people have seen. I'll wait and go for the TV experience - Saturday 26th March, 7.00pm. Anyway, here's a photo of me having my photo taken with it. I haven't had the photo I'm posing for back yet, but will no doubt bore you with it when it arrives.

On the way home I took a trip over the dell. It's been ages since I came back that way, must be about 6 months. Not to spectacular a sunset, but there were some nice big clouds and a few nice shots to be had.

Firstly some nice reflections and textural bits around the pond at the top of the dell.

Then on top of the dell with the big trees, some shots around there of the clouds and trees.

And back down the other side to get a final bit of candyfloss cloud in the dirty stream

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Flying Visit

Non stop at the moment - found time to quickly throw up a review of a nice advance I got of Sleater-Kinney's new album on Sub Pop - The Woods. Rip roaring guitar foolery. Get the review here Sleater-Kinney Review And now I'm off to bed before I fall over. Grrrr.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

This Has Had Me Smiling All Day

Its just a shame he doesn't ship to the UK. I can't figure if it's good 'bad art' or bad 'good art'. Either way don't miss [Dead Auction x 3]

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

St David's Day

Thought I'd say a rudimentary happy St David's Day given how pretty meaningless it is. Since they stopped giving us half-day off its lost relevance for most people as anything more than a day to wheel out the old red dragons and stoke up the patriotic engine with fuel made-up of warn out clichés and tired nationalistic symbols.

Its not like we have a big piss-up like the Irish do for their patron saint's day - and you have to admire the irony that the whole of Wales gets excited about a sixth century monk who was both a prude, a tee-totaller and a vegetarian. Although we don't really celebrate the day with a piss-up, its only because we are normally still hung-over from another Six-Nations weekend.

Looking forward to the future, I'm dreading the day Elis turns up with the letter from his no doubt unimaginative school asking to dress him in their male version (suspiciously like a miner) of a female only national costume and smother him in leeks, daffodils and coal dust. Utterly pointless for your average person living in modern Wales, but somehow the view of us held by many non-Welsh Welsh living abroad and full of hiraeth…

Had an interesting morning taking photographs during a live Radio Wales broadcast which was nerve racking to say the least - trying not to trip and make any noise when on air. Got some nice 'in action' shots for a future work site, but will need to rearrange to do some more formal shots.

On a work related theme - I took these snaps yesterday with a mind to maybe using them as homepage shots, but to be honest the quality wasn't there by a long shot - I ended up going with some unimaginative daffodils, saved by the hackneyed once more.

Welsh flags flying for St David's Day above The Hayes, Cardiff

Welsh flags flapping for St David's Day above The Hayes, Cardiff

Oh, and thanks George Bush for your congratulations, all the more remarkable given your previous comments on Wales. Them advisers don't half come in handy don't they? What you need is the all new Eggsy's Guide to Wales.

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