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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Firstly, hooray - Wales beat England for the first time in years in the Six Nations, shame the match was so flaming boring I ended up not really giving a shit and will spend no more time mentioning it as I know we will not see the end of it for the next decade (how many times have we seen the winning Scott Gibbs try from the last victory since?)

I do love match days though, ten minutes before kick-off the streets empty and a calm quiet descends on the streets of Wales. I had to get some stuff so I took the opportunity to snap the sunset as I rushed to the shop to get back in time for the match. Some nice colours to see, but little else really.

Fairwater, Cardiff, Wales sunset by Oakway Stores

Fairwater, Cardiff, Wales sunset over Hillview

Fairwater, Cardiff, Wales sunset St Fagans Road

And last weekend we took a trip to Aberdare in the search for a new house and lifestyle (we failed to find it) - didn't have time to take any photos but got back to Cardiff and took these delightful ripples above Tewkesbury Street in Cathays.

I love the streets in Cathays, so much so this very street inspired the Barrow Boy short story. They are long and very much on top of each other the streets - I should get more snaps down there sometime.

Cathays, Cardiff, Wales sunset over Tewkesbury Street

Oh yes, and did I mention we beat England in the rugby?

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