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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pub Lunch

I thought I'd share a quick snap from last week that I ain't had a chance to post due to my illness (mercifully improving) and being engaged elsewhere. I met Mr. Chicky for lunch last Tuesday and we ended up in the Black Lion in Llandaff - obviously Brains' web peeps are spending to long on the wonderful Brains Dark - that there image of the pub is 586k! Send me a case of Dark and I'll teach you how to save-for-web ;)

I've never been there before, nice pub and top grub - can't comment on the beer as I refuse to drink during the day unless I know its going to take me through to the night.

Anyhow, come the end of lunch the place was empty and a lovely shaft of light lit the air, highlighting the wafts of stale smoke floating around the place. It looked lovely, but never came out on the snaps, this was the best of them. If you are looking for a good portion at a reasonable price, then give the Black Lion a go.

Sunshine through the window of The Black Lion pub, Llandaff, Cardiff

So, what else is going on? Not a lot, spent last night filling in scratching my head as I filled in some American tax forms as required for the advertising on Cheesy-Movies.com and finished the night with another review, this time for the wonderfully cheesy Sorceress [1982] and tonight its been housework till now, and if I can get me arse in gear I'll do another one. However, the relief of not having to fill in anymore complicated forms may just see me veg for an hour. My American friends have my sympathies.

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