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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Disappearing Dio

Ok, been a long break between posts. Let me fill you in on the general state of play. Three things have kept me from posting. Firstly - I've been flat out at work and. Secondly, I've been flat out at home. Finally - I've been flaming ill for the best part of two weeks with a stubborn and persistent cold - which stems from the one Elis had over Xmas, and Mrs Dio had a few weeks ago. For the best part of a week and a bit I had a niggling sore throat, when that finally wore me down and gave me the full on cold and cough and achy joints in the middle of this week. I still feel like shit and now feel like I'm also developing a cough. Gah.

So, as for work, I've been flat out covering both my normal work and colleague's work, who's on extended holiday in New Zealand. This has meant I've been sorting out lots of stuff to do with the scheduling and promos on the new look BBC Wales homepage. Its had a (long overdue) overhaul and switched to a whole new method of production that I'm still in the process of getting to grips with - so that's kept me busy in work.

On the home front, I've been busying my pants off on my new site Cheesy-Movies.com - a site dedicated to some ancient VHS films not yet available on DVD, with a high quota of 80s horror in there. I'm slowly working my way through the ones in my collection I've digitised and writing reviews of them. Expect some links to those reviews shortly.

Time has flown. I feel like shit. Not much else to say really. Hopefully back on form shortly.

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