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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A True Hero...

Well, bedsit and bedrooms around the country will no doubt be that bit gloomier today with the sad news of the passing of John Peel. Usually I couldn't give a stuff when a celebrity dies, but seeing Peely part has left a lump of nostalgia and regret in my throat all afternoon.

One of the true greats in the history of music in the UK, his show turned me on to so much during the late 80s and early 90s that I really do owe him a debt of thanks.

Few DJs have stayed relevant, John Peel did it for 40 years. I leave the final quote to James Dean Bradford. "It was because of him I got to hear some of the most obscure but influential music I ever heard." Same here.

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Land Of Delusion

New website alert. Weird Wales has gone live in time for halloween, pulling together all the *cough* strange events and tales we have around our Wales sites. No real involement in it from me (other than checking some links) but its a fun site for the time of year and the Llancaiach Fawr Ghostcam proves to be an ever-popular worldwide attraction.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Time Lapsed Skies And Lizard's Eyes

Ah, in the middle of that wonderful mid-October burst of energy. I had a few nice photo sessions today and yesterday. We are into that magical two weeks before the clocks go back when I get to walk home in the golden hour. Tonight there were wonderfully greased skies which almost looked like time-lapse but without the camera trickery. Used a bunch of nicely placed road-signs and fill in flash to get some nice shots.

And yesterday lunch I went back to get some more architectural detail shots of a well lit cathedral - I was especially fond of their new lights which look like lizards eyes. Somehow it seems apt. I got around and took some shots in the quickly rotting overgrown section as well.

And you know what, if the weather stays this good, I think I'll be out again tomorrow.

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Friday, October 15, 2004


Must be Friday afternoon. Wonderful, slightly surreal animation taken from the b3ta newsletter. Gary Busey and George Bush

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Would You Buy A Used Car Off This Man?

Well, at least he's brutally honest about it. Its just a shame no one put a bid on it [DEAD EBAY AUCTION]. The questions are worth checking out at the bottom of the descripiton.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

If I Disappear

Then this could be why! Nice, made me smile anyway, wishful thinking for some I dare say.

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Robo Head

Finally did an entry for the Crazy Mazey's Photomash, the theme is horror icons and their Halloween costumes.

You can see the rest of the entries here at my Photomash site. It's a tricky challenge this one, but there has been some impressive entries along the way.

I've had a productive day, I managed to finally put some prints onto canvas (it was about 2 months ago I bought the canvases to do this.) I also almost finished off the other big multimedia piece I've been working on for what feels like forever. Once these are finished I'm going back to figurative work like me earlier pinhead pictures. I have a big (for me) canvas which I'm itching to get cracking on, but at the present rate that may be done by mid 2006.

I also cracked through the pile of ironing which has been haunting me for two weeks. That means I can enjoy what's left of my weekend before I get back to work on Monday, no doubt feeling like I haven't had a holiday.

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Friday, October 08, 2004


Hopefully this wonderful little web delight, The Zoom Quilt Project will continue to be added to, like the now dead but once wondrous Mr Wong's Soup'partments

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Sun Returned, Ever So Briefly

And when it did it was that lovely mid autumn light that I love so. It's been a hectic old week already and I don't feel at all like I've had any holiday what-so-ever. Spent most of Monday and Tuesday rebuilding my main PC - I took it out of its cheap and nasty case and installed it into a nice spanking new Antec Sonata case.

I've been hankering after one of these for a while. I like the idea of a quiet PC. I have added features to the old sub £15 case I had, but I've never been able to run a case fan as it just doubled the noise. This beauty has a nice big 120mm fan to exhale the heat, and coupled with a very quiet PSU and a Zalman flower cooler on the CPU then its at present as quiet as the old PC, but unlike the old PC its 10-15ºc cooler, and not sat on an improvised acoustic vibration suppressor (an old fluffy towel). If I can get a silent cooler for the graphics card then I think it will be even quieter by half again.

Its also got a nice new 160gig HDD. My 50gig music partition had filled up with only about 700mb left. That's about 9000 tracks. All my CDs, all the stuff I've bought off All Of MP3.com to replace my old vinyl and tapes, and a load over other stuff accumulated over the years. I now have a 100gigs of storage for my music, which means I shouldn't fill it to soon given its taken me about 15 years to get the bulk of the stuff in the 50 gig drive.

Anyway, all this madness has kept me away from the PC and other things. I spent today ironing Elis' clothes and have about 2 and a half hours of ironing my clothes to do. I have the little man tomorrow as Mrs Dio is back in work. I'm taking him to town to get his (and my) hair cut - I've never taken him out for the day on my own so it will be a nice challenge. I will be that person with the pram I always hated.

In between PC building and housework, we got out to St Fagans on Monday. Against all the odds and weather predictions the sun was out, lovely light and shadows. I found some interesting walls to juxtapose with the lovely blue and fluffy sky. Here are the better ones.

Oh yes, and we went down to the farm.

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Photo Catch Up

So yeah, still on holiday and still with no time to swing a cat through the eye of a needle. We had some nice trips out and about last week, and I did intend to post the photos as they happened. Instead you can have a potted recount and a dial-up busting wodge of pictures to enjoy/endure.

Thursday we decided to go out for lunch to the nice Beefeater out by Ogmore-By-Sea (The Watermill?) However, the Beefeater wasn't having us, it was shut up for a major refurbishment. It was late in the afternoon, around 2.15. And we spent the next hour trying to find somewhere in the Vale of Glamorgan that would feed us. Several out-of-food-hours-pubs and shut cafés later, we were very hungry and pissed off with the inability to get food anywhere…

In the end we ended up stopping at the Ewenny and Corntwown Village Shop getting chips and bits cooked up for us on order. We waited outside where I took the first few snaps, merely because I like the shop. We'd passed it many times over the years and only stopped there recently. I like the out-of-the-way feel of the place, and there are some nice views towards the Swansea end of the Brecon Beacons and some old signage. Not great photos, but I like 'em enough to include them.

Then onto Ogmore-By-Sea, which was lovely and quiet. It was cold and windy as well, but that's by the by. Elis officially loves the beach, it’s a pain to get him off without a massive outburst of tears and stinky looks. So here are a few of the man being an ace model for me, along with Mrs Dio, yet again. Lovely long shadows as well. Its that time of year that when you get the sun, you get great photos.

And this one is just the best thing I've shot in ages, the light, the composition - almost perfect. I just wish the flaming batteries hadn't run out after that shot as I might have got something even better with the way they are sat.

And of course I took quite a few general landscape type of shots, here are a selection.

So that was Thursday. I think it’s the only day in the last week it hasn't rained and we've seen the sun. Friday we went to a very wet St Fagan's, braving the torrential rain for a quick trip outside. I only managed one lot of photos, waiting for Elis and Mrs Dio who had snuck inside Ye Olde Red House. Despite finding myself very wet, I also found myself interested in the composition of the rocky wall, the wet trails and the windows.

So that was Friday. Saturday was one of those days when not much happens and you wonder where the day's gone. Had to look for a semi-decent present for my mum's 50th Birthday. Then today we went out to St Brides Major for a surprise party for her. Food was very nice. Weather stank. Now having the first decent beer for weeks as Elis is over his grandma's. Old Speckled Hen, then Brain's Bitter, now San Miguel which should leave me drunk enough not to care that I have only a couple of ropey John Smiths and an hour of the finest music left.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Save Money On Afterdeath Manicures

Damn it, this is one I've told people matter-of-factly on several occasions when talking about how the recently dead could be mistaken for vampires in less illuminated times. Your hair and nails do not grow after death, its merely your skin shrinking that gives the appearance of them growing.

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