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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Where's You Been Hidin'?

Ok, I've been very quiet recently. Mainly because I have been real busy both in work and at home. I've let this slide a fair bit. A lot of news as well, so I will just splurge.

I've had a lot to do in work with reports I needed to write up and not enough hours in the day to do it all. I've avoided IRC, my favourite forums and any other time drains to get all my work finished off in time for now. Now I can relax as I have a fortnight off to chill and enjoy being at home, even if a large portion is going to be spent looking after Elis and worrying about keeping him occupied.

I can't remember if I mentioned my earlier film pitch which made a high ranking short-list, failed to make the final very short list. Not to worry, I may redress it and try to push it as a TV Series or something. And if not, I don't feel that attached as its something I quickly threw together in response to the request. I do think it has potential though with a bit more research and work.

However, not long after that there was an open call for to submit some new programme ideas, open to all staff, not just the TV people. I submitted a couple and they liked them. I got to meet the commissioners and pitch the ideas to them in a bit more detail. They got back to me the beginning of the week to say they 'kind of' wanted to do both of them, which is really great. I've had a few sort of joint successes in the past, but these are the first real solo ones. Time will tell how they turn out. The one is a TV programme with a heavy New Media element, which is where I would probably be involved in the production side of it. Fine by me. Stick to what I know.

The other idea they liked the subject matter, but didn't like the format. I think they may use the idea that has stemmed from my initial idea so that's a result as well.

Away from the slog at work, I've done a few personal things as well. I threw together a new site for the folks at [DEAD SITE] CM's Hall of Horror where I kicked off a B3ta style photomash competition with a horror theme. You can see the members entries here at the Crazy Mazey's Photomash Challenge Site. I've kicked of a new competition so as soon as I get a chance I will do my own one.

Phew - its all blurting out here? Loads I've left out as well. Haven't taken many photos as I haven't got out much of a lunchtime due to my workload. Got old galleries to sort out as well. Oh yes, and off course, as its my Holiday, I have a very bad back at the moment. Typical.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

One For The Amazon Wishlist

Plunder new levels of idiocy with the great new Bushisms DVD. Painful viewing no doubt.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Quiet News Day

Don't ever say nothing happens in Wales - The proof is out there...

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

And Then The Dead Started Rising

Is it just me, or does this financial and technological disaster sound like the start of a Zombie movie in the making?

If strange things start happening around you, and glazed looks greet you from grey fleshed, blood spattered fellow humans then run like the wind. Failing that, fore-warned is fore-armed.

And if it is the start of the end of the world for the living, enjoy the hilarious Shaun Of The Dead before the greying dead fleshites are banging on your window waiting to take a chunk out of you.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Stunning Stuff

If Bosch and Breugel had photoshop, I'm sure they'd have made amazing pictures like these. The Land Of The Moth.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Every Parent's Nightmare

I wasn't expecting a good ending on the Beslan school siege, but its been a harrowing day of senseless violence and wasted life. And what for? Nothing more than the seeds of future violence. Hearts will harden and more indiscriminate acts of violence will be the result, on both sides.

As a parent, your heart sinks, and if there was a god, I'd be praying to him to stop any parent having to go through that ever.

These are sick days we live in when people can happily kill children en-masse over such things as outdated believes and land rights. Stick a fork in and turn us over, we are done.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Walking Wounded

I feel shit. This should be relabelled the hypocondriac's blog, it feels like all I do recently is moan about us being ill or pissed off. The weather's coming back strong and I've got various ongoing niggles.

Let's start at the bottom, of my feet - Eczema on a couple of toes flared back up and been raw for, oh a few weeks now. Walking is a joy. Carrying on the eczema theme, the back of my ring finger is raw with a never-ending outbreak. Worst though, my neck is hurt, again.

I get this quite a lot, I put it down to having big shoulders, so my neck often gets cricked in the night as it has a long way to go to the bed. Its a constant tightness and pain in the neck, which annoyingly also affects the throat as the muscles are tightend up.

On that token I've been avoiding going out a lot. But, I did get out for a bit and took a few photos around the cathedral. The sun was in and out and straining into photographing position became a pain so I didn't take to many. Some close up and different views of Llandaff Cathedral for you.

Just one day feeling nice, no niggles, that would just be a godsend.

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