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Monday, May 31, 2004

It's That Time Again

New monthly galleries are up, and looking at it, its been a very quiet month. Only two galleries to speak off. Here's a couple to tempt you over.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Pinhole Giant

Some nice photographs, some taken with a pinhole camera. The old Cardiff Giant surfaced again out the blue, doing a google image search. Nice site, well worth a look through. Cardiff Giant, photograph by david carlson

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dai Good Cheese?

Interesting, how to cope with the shortage of names in Wales. The interview is worth a listen for those of you who are still confused with my name. Dai Oh. Not Day-oh... BBC - South East Wales Family history - Dai who?

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Woo Hoo

A smattering of excitement today - I entered a 2000 word film proposal to a competition recently and its made the initial short-list.

Now it just has to get onto the short-list of the short-list for me to get a chance to go to London and pitch it to the people who could actually get it made. I'm excited. Even if it comes to nothing I at least tried. Yeah!

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Lucky, Lucky Boy

Suddenly everything switches to slow motion. You see it coming before it happens, but you have to much distance to cover - bang! It happens in front of you a for a few moments you are helpless and trapped.

Elis and Hopper. Elis playful, Hopper snapful. Elis crawled straight into Hopper's space and Hopper snapped. A claw to the eye. When Hopper snaps you know about it. Often the claws stick in the flesh. It was no different for the little one, only this time they were in his face. To be more precise, the region of his eye. My world died suddenly as time froze and I pictured myself fighting to save Elis' eye.

It gets hazy from there. Maybe two seconds passed, maybe more, hopper still had Elis by the eye. I don't know if I pulled him off or Hopper let go. I looked at Elis, blood all around his eye. Mrs Dio and I almost cried. Seconds passed and I tried to get a now balling Elis to open his eye so we could see the damage.

We located two punctures where the bleeding was coming from. One was on the fleshy bit on the outside of the tear duct, the other at the other side of the eye. Both were one or two millimetres away from his eyeball. Thank the gods of good luck. Millimetres away from a punctured eyeball.

I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can't imagine what I'd have done if he had lost an eye. I've been upset all night, as has Mrs Dio. I should have acted quicker. We all learnt a lesson tonight. Sometimes being lucky has nothing to do with winning money or being favoured. Sometimes good luck is most important when something like this happens and you don't come off as bad as you potentially could have been. Elis had luck on his side tonight. I'm still seeing it. Lucky boy.

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Luca, Photocall

Ah, now this is sweet. The Infinite Cat Project. If I could just get Luca to sit still for a minute I will get him involved. Nabbed from B3ta.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Blogger's New Features

The new look Blogger is growing on me. I'm especially fond of the new Blogger's profile page and how you can browse blogs by the keywords you enter in your profile. My profile page is here.

I was browsing through the Cardiff blogs when I spotted this guy, Toby Philpott. A quick browse around his site and it turns out he's a puppeteer, and was, *how cool is this*, Jabba the Hutt's tongue, left hand, head and body in Return of the Jedi.

I'm not going anywhere near the infamous Carrie Fisher, gold cossie and slimy tongue bit which is every-young-boy-in-the-80s-fantasy. (Any male readers about my age will be nodding in appreciation at this point - the Friends episode aside.) Hat's off - he's a damn fine blogger too!

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The Best 404

Nice 404 error page, it made me smile after miss typing a URL, was worth the effort alone. 404 [DEAD SITE]

And on a side note, new paintings below now up for the flogging on Ebay.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A Year Later...

Ok, finally finished the first of the new paintings I've been working on (very intermittently) the last month or so. It’s a pair of paintings to be exact, on canvas (each sized A4.) Funnily enough, I know it’s a year because I remember completing my last painting on the night of Eurovision (I painted whilst Mrs Dio watched...)

A complete reversion to the ideals of my older experimental works, the pair of paintings are mixed media. The concentration is on surface textures, rhythm, obfuscation and composition.

A lot simpler and abstract, I'm hoping to tap a market for cookie-cutter 'Changing Rooms' type art pieces (yuck!), whilst satisfying the experimental urges I enjoy and hopefully bringing some integrity to the mix. It looks like people are buying lots of naff art from Ebay to decorate their walls, after watching these home makeover shows. I'm happy to exploit that market but there has to be something of interest there in the making for me to do it. I will get them up on Ebay tonight.

As for materials, the photographic elements are inkjet prints transferred with Dylon Image Maker. The other materials are acrylic, PVA, graphite, charcoal and varnish. Here are the pair side by side, followed by larger versions of each.

I have two larger pieces on the go at the moments, with flower prints, hopefully I can pull them together over the next couple of weeks.

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Armageddon Out Of Here

Thanks to Nursey for spotting this marvellous site you get too if you accidentally miss type my URL. http://diobach.blogpot.com/

I wonder if they targeted my URL due to my rampant attacks on human stupidity, belief in dogma and the tyranny of religion - LOL!

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Monday, May 17, 2004


Woo, somebody's had a face lift. Cleaner, crisper and a lot fresher looking (once you get used to the new layout) BBC Home.

Just don't call it BBCi anymore.

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Roath Park, Sun Hot...

We took a trip to Roath Park yesterday, it was very,very, very hot so being the sun-hater I am I insisted we spent as much time as possible sat in the shade - Elis is fair like me and no doubt liable to burning despite being creamed-up to the hilt. His standing is coming on a treat, now he only needs the brim of his Dad's cap to balance on - when he isn't standing on his own!

It was all to much and not very long before Mr Sleepy head struck, much to the bemusement of some of elderly women on a park bench, as he was lolling forward falling asleep...

Didn't take too many photos, it was too hot and once again full of kids (I've detailed my dislike for pointing a camera at children in public places else where,) which is a shame as it would have been a good day for snapping. Anyway, a couple of the nicer shots I did manage to take...

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Turn Your Back And A Week Passes By

Blimey, I've not posted for a whole week, over a week in fact. What's going on? I don't know is the answer, I think I've just been focusing my energies elsewhere. What with all the depressing and distressing news from Iraq, the two faced slime shuffles over here and a few sleepless nights with the little man, my energy has been zapped. It's also been real claggy all week - I'm not sure if claggy is a word, but it describes the atmosphere perfectly, close, heavy and muggy. I found my head hurting a lot of the time. We've had a couple of thunderstorms during the day, which always makes my head hurt. It's hot now as well, the sun is shinning and it looks like summer has arrived - I just want my bed though.

Been a funny old weekend as well, had a corker of a night out Friday with Nursey. We ended up at Barfly, swinging our pants like the sad middle aged blokes we used to laugh at when we were the age of everyone else there in the club. Plenty of old favourites were played and we had a ball. That left me very hung over yesterday - and needing to off load the junk in the house up to the council wagon up the hill, there for its twice annual skip day. I'm a bit stiff today, and in all the wrong places - what with the dancing and the lugging.

Elis has been up and down. Sick yesterday, a cold earlier in the week and he's developed the annoying habit of waking up an hour and a half earlier than he should. It's tiring work alright. The cats are learning to run very quickly, his new favourite pastime is chasing them at any given opportunity. Hopper and his flying claw of pissed-off has had Elis on more than one occasion, the boy has to learn though.

Took some photos Friday, not much going on really, but I did like these tree photos - they are at the side of the cathedral. They top one looks like it auditioned to be on of the Ents in the Two Towers. The side view below it also allows you to place a couple of faces in the random impressions.

Everything's sprouting forth with a vengeance. Already in places the stones are starting to disappear and everything looks overly fertile.

And a few more general scenes just to round things off…

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Friday, May 07, 2004

New Best Friend

Lucky Luca, he has found himself a brand new friend. Elis began feeding Luca some of Mrs Dio's tea earlier. He was dead sweet. Once Luca had taken the morsel being offered, Elis began to cry for more food to give Luca. As soon as he had another piece of bacon he perked right up and offered it straight to Luca. By the end he was just grabbing food to give to Luca. Unfortunately it included some tomatoes, which meant seconds after I got the snap, Luca had shot off, no doubt with a full belly.

I had a nice stroll out at lunch time. There was some strong light, but just I was finishing up, the skies opened and I was caught in a nice hail storm. Took shelter under some trees, praying there was no lightening (it often comes with hail) and I had to leave my protection to get a pelting in the hail. Fortunately it didn't. Here are some of better snaps. Different areas of interest.

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Speccy Heaven

Lovely nostalgia trip with very high production values. I can feel the tear of a wasted childhood welling up in my eye... Hey Hey 16k - Animation by Rob Manuel - Song by MJ Hibbett

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's The Money

Ok, you may have noticed some Google ads starting to pop up here and on the [DEAD LINK] supporting site. I've been trying to get on the Google scheme for a while now but they've kept rejecting my sites. Apparently they pay well, and I like the way they theme the adverts relevant to the site and location. So I'm trialling them across my sites to see how they do. It’s a little intrusive, but hell, I'm so skint I need them money.

Also, I have seen them featured in the gaffs section of NTK, for pulling up inappropriate ads to the content of the page. Lets keep an eye on it to see if we get anything to smile about.

On a making money theme, last week saw the launch of me new side line - transferring VHS home movies to DVD [DEAD SITE]. I'm concentrating on UK based people and PAL format - I have done me first couple and have a fair bit of interest. I need to push it a bit more an make some improvements to the site. Its nice because I can just line the tapes up and let them run - leaving me time to work on me other (hopefully) money spinning activity. The odd bit of painting - But more on them when they are done (I'm getting there). Recent purchases have left me with the need to earn a nice bit of extra dosh - I enjoy the chase.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

And Lo

There was much fear and dread amongst his flock as the demons tumbled from the skies on chariots of rotting flesh. The ground tore asunder and up raised the legions of dead, looking for the nearest shopping mall, some walked, some ran. The slow ones were the favoured.

Well, maybe a few centuries ago, but I'm sure it will be way to cloudy to see this tonight, unfortunately. BBC NEWS | UK | Total eclipse to paint moon red

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Monday, May 03, 2004

New Galleries

Well, that's another one under the bridge. April's gone, May is upon us which means it can only get warmer here on in, and I can only get more cranky.

I've got my photos from April up at my [DEAD GALLERY] Digital Galleries site now, as well as a couple of older galleries which have been hanging around my PC and I'm to lazy to go backwards and insert them in their correct timeslot. As ever, a couple of unseen ones to entice the weary traveller.

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