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Friday, April 30, 2004

Leading By Example

In case you haven't already seen them. I remember seeing similar photos coming out at the time of Iraq2, with GIs posing with Iraqi POWs with guns to their heads and smiling.

Of course, if you are going to grossly abuse the rights of other humans, it is essential you don't leave a trail of incriminating evidence. Thanks America!

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Monday, April 26, 2004

Arcimboldo Would Be Proud

Provided he wasn't too prudish. I think I would have strung though, had I used it as a teaching example to a bunch of teens. Hilarious, rude and very clever Pretty Creatures.

Pinched from Holy Moly

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Summery Snaps

We took a drive down to Ogmore-By-Sea this afternoon. It's been a hot weekend. It's normally cold and grey when we go there so you can imagine my surprise to see how heaving it was. Hundreds of cars crammed all over the place, making getting anywhere on the car park hazardous. How I never scraped the car I don't know.

Now I know why we never go there when its a hot weekend, but now Elis is here I'm sure we will have to grin and bare it a lot more often. Speaking of whome, Elis loved it. He had his first paddle in the sea and I took some snaps (what a surprise.) featuring the man himself. Bright and washed-out the order of the day, but the little fella makes a good picture.

And a few general shots of stuff on the beach.

He got as sandy as anything but I think he had a ball. It was nice to get out, but I really do hate the sun. An early taste of the new summer season soon to be on top of us. Where does the time go?

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Sun, Shadows And Slippery Sky Trails

Got out yesterday lunchtime to take some shots. Nice bit of sun, lovely blue sky and loads of jet trails to keep me looking skywards...

And some more nice shots from around Llandaff Green and the Old Cross.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

More Flowers

After my earlier flowery post the Painting Flowers site has gone live. My involvement wasn't major other than tweaking the huge (180mb TIFFs) needed to make the Zoom feature so interesting. Choose a painting, click detail then click on the picture to zoom in once, click the zoomed image to zoom again. You can get some nice details, like this one.

It wouldn't have been such a mammoth task for me if my PC had been up to actually dealing with 180mb image files.

And I can get all imaged up over the weekend as I've received a nice 500ml tub of Image Maker from Fun2Do Who turned out the cheapest (and very good with their customer service.) I think I'm going to add some text to the pictures I'm working on (maybe I'll select random lines from my Searches Page) over the weekend as well as adding some nice transfers to the nice new big box canvas I bought Monday. I'm very good at starting these paintings, but so far I'm shit at finishing them.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


No doubt they will shortly unearth the bones of a 9th century giant blood-sucking leech scumbag-fuckhead nearby as well. BBC NEWS | Wales | First 'royal' corgi bones found

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Granma God

Thanks to [DEAD SITE] Another Sarah for wasting 10 minutes of my precious Sunday night... It made me smile and I surprised myself in the bargain. Its a good job it wasn't testing spelling....

You are a MASTER of the English language!

While your English is not exactly perfect,
you are still more grammatically correct than
just about every American. Still, there is
always room for improvement.

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

See, I said that skoolin' paid off.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Fade To Grey

We took a trip out to Porthkerry Park, just down the coast from Cold Knap and Barry Island. I haven't been there for a good few years - its another of those places I should get out to more often. We thought it would be a bit more fun for Elis as he could sit on the pebble beach and play with the stones.

Things started out sunny, but by the time we arrived it was beginning to cloud over and rain. Like all the beaches between here and there, it’s a dismal brown and grey affair. Elis had a ball, trying to pick up the large pebbles and roll them down the steep beach and pretend walking. He's getting a strong walker now, despite not yet being ready to go solo…

The sun did pop it's head out for a few minutes, I got a few sunnier shots, but overall, grey is the theme.

The keener eyed amongst you may notice the new look photo-branding. I was getting fed of the old one obscuring to much of the image so I have plumpped for an off-centred smaller version.

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Pointless, But I Want One

Potential collectors item of the future or a piece of tripe? [DEAD LINK] mogwai : official information : shop - Mogwai tune chime.

Thanks to Laurence for the link.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Flowered Up, Hacked Off

Well this post was intended for last night. We ended up having to rush Elis to the emergency Doctors last night, as he had a temperature of 103. I've had to miss work today to look after him (at a busy time) and we were up most of the night with him. He was sick everywhere at lunchtime, slept most of the afternoon and woke up blistering hot again. I've had next to no sleep as well and Mrs Dio had to go in to work else she be sacked.

So, yesterday lunch I managed to get out for a lunch break stroll. It was feeling very spring-like yesterday. Something must be in the air because I got of my arse to finally throw some prints onto canvas via Dylon image maker. I've been planning it for a long while and never gotten around to it. I need to make some dosh urgently though, so with the long weekend I thought I had to give it a go.

No idea how it will turn out or if it will sell, I've wanted to experiment like I did in college before it was sucked out of me. Its not my normal painting, but it is as well. And what with commercial implications at the fore, I've decided to use some nice saleable source material. Flowers, to be precise. Yes, you read that right. Flowers.

Blame it on work, I've been working on some Tiffs of classical paintings for an upcoming site called Painting Flowers, tarting up and processing images of flowers from artists over the years. I suppose it must have rubbed off on me. Commercial? Flowers? Call me art tart.

As I'm using actual photographic material in the paintings, I've been out collecting some source material. Loads to see at the moment. Blossom everywhere. Around the one side of Llandaff Cathedral was a good source for the fancy flowers and wreaths as well as having a couple of nicely photographically pleasing Tulip (Blossom?) Trees. I love those trees at this time of year. The flowers are normally very pale pink, however, I spotted a nice flushed strain outside the Cathedral. Here we go...

Already the natural daffodils are looking haggard and on their last legs. I'm starting to think the daffodil is pretty pointless, it gets a few weeks in winter when nothing else is there to compliment it and then dies back to horrid green stalks just as everything else is coming out. Thank god for monuments and fresh cut flowers…

And there be some lovely wild flowers over in the overgrown half of the graveyard.

As well as a large flower canvas I'm working on a pair which are photos of the Cathedral towers. I think if they work out I want to use the gravestones and gargoyles as well. Another one down to time will tell.

The transfer process is fairly straightforward, but on treated canvas it leaves lots of blemishes and mistakes. Fine by me. I like the washed-out distressed look it leaves. I purposefully tore the original inkjet prints as well, for a bit of contrast. I have ideas to maybe try brushstrokes of transfer fluid on an image rather than cover the whole image.

Its quick a quick and easy way of covering the canvas. The rest will be very geometric and rhythmical like the mixed media works I was doing back in 1994. Lots of layers and textures, diffusion, obstruction and formal surface interest will be the order. Inspired more by artists like Robert Rauschenberg or Tom Phillips than me usual figurative favourites.

At least that's the plan.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

For Fuckery's Sake

I remember this being mentioned a long while back - I didn't think people would actually be so fucking stupid and ignorant that they would need to buy it for themselves. BBC NEWS | Business | Coming soon: The smut-free DVD

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Filthy Searchers

Funny search terms to confuse the horny mothers draining gallons of porn from the P2P networks, very amusing. Ubersite - Exploiting Peer-to-Peer Networking: I have lost all faith in humanity.

Also, some recent highs from my search term page.

pictures of peoples open wet arse holes
incriminate flash fun game
rocket power "super squid" game
How Big is a Wales Anus
where can i see images of woman's big arse
someone is trapped in my belly
most interesting thing to happen in wales ever

The answer to the final one is, well, nothing worth mentioning... My list shows up plenty of my bad spellings and a growing number of searches for Bach's Auto Pitcairn and Mclusky. Interesting.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Born In Cardiff, Raised By Wolves

Lucky old me, for the last fortnight I've been in possession of an advance copy of the new McLusky album, 'The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire. Early signs are, that it is, well, fuckin' superb. Blowing 'Do Dallas' (my review) out of the water, it eschews their last album's pop leanings and sees the band doing what they do best, dark, heavy and intense music.

The sheen has gone, this album chugs through some of Andy Falkous' dirtiest riffing and best lyrics to date. This is officially the most coherent McLusky record ever. Everything just sits together perfect, last the right length, creates the best tensions and explodes in all the right places. Good work lads, hat's off. The best thing to come out of Cardiff since Brain's Dark.

Oustanding tracks include 'You should be ashamed, Shamus' which contains one of the nicest main riffs I've heard in a while, and the line which started off this post. It's the musical equivalent of chewing a toffee whilst being high on permanent maker fumes.

'She will only bring you happiness' is about the poppiest track on the album, bringing to mind whimsical Pavement it would no doubt be the band's best chance of chart fame where it not for the beautifully harmonic and rolling cry of 'our old singer is, a sex criminal...'

Support Systems ends the album with some intense grinding noise vs whispery quiet bits, and at seven plus minutes, fails to outstay its welcome and leaves you gagging for more.

Song title of the album goes to 'Forget about him, I'm mint', and hats off again for some great lines and fuck me, some ska like horns. Strangely un-Mclusky but very Mclusky at the same time. John Chapple has a greatly pained voice and every word sounds drenched in schizophrenic yearning.

Now I will have to try and see them as they are at the Ifor Bach at the end of April. I haven't seen them live for probably about at least 18 months. They are storming live and Andy is always good for a chat. Top marks to one of the most approachable axe heroes in the world. And thanks for the greet via Hannah. Nice one.

Buy this. Now.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Dry Hump The Sofa

Despite being a viral thingy for health hazard Burger King, this Subservient Chicken is very good fun.

So far he's dry humped the sofa and given me a kiss - but has failed to invite two female chickens over for a threesome.

What a surprise.

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There's Gold In Them There Walking Dead...

As the Dawn of the Dead balls-up, sorry, remake hits town, everything has gone Zombies. Searches for Bach's Arco Pitcairn are bringing in people on semi regular basis, which makes me wonder if it reappeared in the remake as a cameo (as I understand Tom Savini does).

And despite the new Dawn no doubt being a fun-packed, roller coaster popcorn spectacular (oops, already missed the point there then), the one I'm really looking forward to is Shaun of the Dead, being billed as a romantic comedy, with Zombies. The trailer is hilariously dead pan and pulls in signature sound effects and stills from a plethora of Zombie spectaculars. Take a look and smile - to access the trailer, go to the right and click on the TV on the wall. It’s a nicely cheesy looking site.

Now, what's the odds on me persuading Mrs Dio that we make time to go and see it?

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

March Galleries Now Up

With added sunshine. A mass of photos from March - which to my mind came in like a lamb and left like a lamb.It would be rude of me not to post some of the others I haven't posted yet, so here goes.

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Top Career Move

You must have had your head under a rock this week to escape the 10th anniversary of the career defining death of rock's most over-rated martyr. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Nirvana fans mark Cobain's death

Don't get me wrong, I liked Nirvana, Bleach was fun if very uneven and Sliver was a great single. Live they were fab as well, but, after the initial releases it was pretty much down hill all the way. Nevermind never inspired other than the (derivative) singles and off the back of that In Utero never even inspired me to pick it up.

The real travesty of Cobain is if he hadn't have taken his life, I don't think anyone would have given a fuck about Nirvana today. At the time those of us who were in to our grunge and indie thought Nirvana second-rate, more precisely, a second-rate Mudhoney. Well, me and Nursey, to be honest, but that's enough for me to know we were right.

He was truly the first of the deluded rockers of the modern age - without whom we wouldn't have those loveable hordes of deluded teenagers you see everywhere in their look-alike alternative uniforms. You know the ones, roam in big gangs in the shopping centre, listening to their corporate nu-metal CDs on iPods, waiting for mummy to pick them up from town in the new people carrier - all of them unique tortured flowers.

The signs were there mind, the pretentious and expensive videos, the MTV specials, the advertising campaigns and the catwalk adoption of the style. All the time, the masses were being sucked in to see Kurt's cribbing of styles, riffs and postures from a number of more talented artists around him as new and original.

Sheesh... Downhill all the way from here, who am I to fly in the face of such adoration. Quick, pass me that Superfuzzbigmuff album, I want some truly good grunge before I hear any more on how much of a god Mr C is.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

The Camera Never Lies

Yeah, right. Fascinating insight into the way news photos are getting sanitised and PhotoShopped for our sensitive sensibilities. Newsdesigner.com takes a look and compares front pages from around the world - the insights are fascinating, but if you are easily offended, well, blame our media for keeping the grisly truth of death and destruction from your sensitive eyes.

Thanks to Stuart Hughes for posting that link, its a fascinating site.

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If Goya Had Learned Java

Interesting Meme from pinched NTK . If Goya had learned Javascript: Javascript Rollover demonstration.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

True Colours

The old Tory fears and inbred prejudices reared their ugly head today, yet again... BBC NEWS | Wales | Tory walks out in gay row

To be honest, like the large majority of sickly Tory blokes, he always came across as a definite closet case - obviously there is some strong denial going on somewhere.

I remember standing next to the guy at a traffic lights, and found myself biting my tongue to not go 'WANG-er' in a loud voice. It was right outside work after all.

I know new Labour beggar belief at times, but these self-serving Tory toerags just can't ever be allowed into a position of power ever again ever ever ever.

I suspect people have short memories though, so let's not forget that Michael Howard was one of the architects of the dreadfully prudish and moralistic Clause 28, and is now actively chomping at the bit to be as inclusive as possible and get the pink vote. Talk about two faced desperation.

Hopefully this childish and moralising outburst will serve to show the real feeling in the ranks.

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