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Friday, December 24, 2004


Well, Christmas time again. Anyone who's known me for any length of time will know I'm completely anti-religion. Christian, Druid, Muslim, New Age, Buddhist, Jew, Jedi or whatever - all equal misguided and deluded in my opinion. The only true religion should be to have no religion. That don't mean you can't have a sense of right and love for mankind, it just means you do it for yourself, not because some human has made up a set of rituals and rules in response to the things that irk them and brainwashed / threatened / scared / drugged you into believing them.

It always makes Christmas a fun time, and no doubt will lead to some interesting conversations with Elis, and at a time any of the schools he's likely to end up in. Do I feel a gaping spiritual void? Nope. Do I treat others with respect and consideration? I try. Do I think Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus? To be honest, nope and could care anyway.

Everyone knows the origins of this grim mid winter festival of light and happiness, so I won't go into my annual 'damn Christians ruining Christmas with all that Jesus nonsense' rant, as I've done it already. I'm sure. I could rant about how the best of it came from the Pagans, but I won't as they were as deluded as the rest of 'em.

So for me, its time to enjoy being with the people I love. This year I've tried to get away from the commercial rush with gifts of a different kind (no mention just yet.) I see it more as a tradition to enjoy - that's how I always enjoy this time of year. It's great because Elis is getting to enjoy it as well. I've had him today as Mrs Dio is working, we've had a ball already and I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Kick back, cwtch up and have a nice weekend, whether you are celebrating or not. Happy whatever.

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