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Sunday, December 05, 2004

One Fell Swoop

Cripes, been a long old week and no updates. I think the major essay size of the last post took it out of me for a wee while. Been a hectic week, Elis has been unwell, full up with cold and a chesty cough - so we've had a nasty old week of not sleeping and been tired and craggy. On top of that I've put my head down working on a major upheaval of my various sites to optimize them for web searches and to try and make one big network of referring sites to shoot me up the rankings (with the aim of earning more advertising revenues.)

So far I've finally put a nicer front page to Diobach.com and added some feedback capability. Also, I got myself Diobach.co.uk and added a similar front page there (note - now forwarded). I've completely gutted and rebuilt my sub-domain at [DEAD SITE]Blog @ Diobach.com where I store lots of old reviews and pieces of writing. There's not much there at the moment, but I plan on adding a lot more as the old site did some quite good business. As there are now lots of broken pages in Google, I also finally got around to making some custom error pages for the people who followed dead links. It'll take a month or two for Google to re-index everything and sort itself out, but when it kicks back in there should be some good stuff going on.

We had planned a break to Cheltenham this weekend, but ended up cancelling because of Elis' illness and our fatigue. Elis was due to spend a couple of nights with his granma and granddad, but in the end he is up there tonight and we have taken the opportunity to some stuff before he gets back tomorrow. The added bonus is I'm now enjoying my first drink for almost a month.

And in one fell swoop, I've practically cleaned up the Xmas shopping. This morning I had two presents, now, I have only a few odds and sods to pick-up. One quite afternoon in town, lots of carrier bags and a good stint online and its practically sown up. Result.

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