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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Time Lapsed Skies And Lizard's Eyes

Ah, in the middle of that wonderful mid-October burst of energy. I had a few nice photo sessions today and yesterday. We are into that magical two weeks before the clocks go back when I get to walk home in the golden hour. Tonight there were wonderfully greased skies which almost looked like time-lapse but without the camera trickery. Used a bunch of nicely placed road-signs and fill in flash to get some nice shots.

And yesterday lunch I went back to get some more architectural detail shots of a well lit cathedral - I was especially fond of their new lights which look like lizards eyes. Somehow it seems apt. I got around and took some shots in the quickly rotting overgrown section as well.

And you know what, if the weather stays this good, I think I'll be out again tomorrow.

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