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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Photo Catch Up

So yeah, still on holiday and still with no time to swing a cat through the eye of a needle. We had some nice trips out and about last week, and I did intend to post the photos as they happened. Instead you can have a potted recount and a dial-up busting wodge of pictures to enjoy/endure.

Thursday we decided to go out for lunch to the nice Beefeater out by Ogmore-By-Sea (The Watermill?) However, the Beefeater wasn't having us, it was shut up for a major refurbishment. It was late in the afternoon, around 2.15. And we spent the next hour trying to find somewhere in the Vale of Glamorgan that would feed us. Several out-of-food-hours-pubs and shut cafés later, we were very hungry and pissed off with the inability to get food anywhere…

In the end we ended up stopping at the Ewenny and Corntwown Village Shop getting chips and bits cooked up for us on order. We waited outside where I took the first few snaps, merely because I like the shop. We'd passed it many times over the years and only stopped there recently. I like the out-of-the-way feel of the place, and there are some nice views towards the Swansea end of the Brecon Beacons and some old signage. Not great photos, but I like 'em enough to include them.

Then onto Ogmore-By-Sea, which was lovely and quiet. It was cold and windy as well, but that's by the by. Elis officially loves the beach, it’s a pain to get him off without a massive outburst of tears and stinky looks. So here are a few of the man being an ace model for me, along with Mrs Dio, yet again. Lovely long shadows as well. Its that time of year that when you get the sun, you get great photos.

And this one is just the best thing I've shot in ages, the light, the composition - almost perfect. I just wish the flaming batteries hadn't run out after that shot as I might have got something even better with the way they are sat.

And of course I took quite a few general landscape type of shots, here are a selection.

So that was Thursday. I think it’s the only day in the last week it hasn't rained and we've seen the sun. Friday we went to a very wet St Fagan's, braving the torrential rain for a quick trip outside. I only managed one lot of photos, waiting for Elis and Mrs Dio who had snuck inside Ye Olde Red House. Despite finding myself very wet, I also found myself interested in the composition of the rocky wall, the wet trails and the windows.

So that was Friday. Saturday was one of those days when not much happens and you wonder where the day's gone. Had to look for a semi-decent present for my mum's 50th Birthday. Then today we went out to St Brides Major for a surprise party for her. Food was very nice. Weather stank. Now having the first decent beer for weeks as Elis is over his grandma's. Old Speckled Hen, then Brain's Bitter, now San Miguel which should leave me drunk enough not to care that I have only a couple of ropey John Smiths and an hour of the finest music left.

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