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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Whatever

Being an atheist and staunch anti-religion/superstition type, I get cross at Xmas time when these religious types try to bring religion into Xmas. Let's face it, the origins of this mid-winter celebration was around before most of the religions which exist today and especially prevalent in people in the colder regions of the world (like us Celts.)

The imagery and symbolism around today has its roots in these darker times and modern religions have plundered and robbed it whole-heartedly, only cleaning it up and making it 'moral.' I realise I am generalising here, but like a lot of rich Celtic/Pagan tradition and thought, the best stuff went out when Xmas was Christianised. In came angels and out went all the fertility, altered states and hallucinogenics (apparently the flying reindeer myth has it roots in Nordic tripping.)

My point is, you don't need to be religious to celebrate Xmas - despite all the commercial bullshit, the setting aside of a time to celebrate our families, friends and to brighten the darkest month of the year is one that anyone can get on with. Whatever your ilk, creed race or religion - have a good one! Maybe even try doing it without the religion for once, better still, leave behind the prejudices and moralising these religions tow with them and just share, love and celebrate those close (and not so) to you and lighten these dark cold winter days. Believe me, it can be very rewarding.

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Friday, December 19, 2003


Brain dump. Loads of work, last day before holiday, busier than ever. Bingo, won twice, hurrah! Hangovers, beer, cold, hmmm. Elis bad cold, Mrs Dio the same. Me due one. Can't go on. Need a break. One more day! Have to work at home though.

Have some nice images from today and yesterday. Light, long shadows, winter, blurgh. Need sleep

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Pot? Kettle?

George, George, Georgie boy. Good to see your Christian values shining through once more:

US President George W Bush has said that the captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein should pay the "ultimate penalty" for his crimes.

"This is a disgusting tyrant who deserves... the ultimate justice," he said in a US television interview.

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush calls for Saddam execution

So rather than make the man serve out the remainder of his days contemplating what he has done we should just take his life? Why not concentrate on making his life a living misery in some way other than making him a martyr? I find I tend to think more about stuff when I'm alive.

But hell, why not drag ourselves down to his level?

Don't get me wrong, I want to see the sick pig suffer for his crimes. It's a sad reflection on us if the best punishment we can meet out is to kill another person.

Why not employ him at the Whitehouse to serve the coffee or stamp tickets on the tour - how humiliating would that be?

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Blood And Guts

Really flying in the stress stakes at the moment. I have a fortnight off from this weekend, but I have to do two weeks worth of work in advance to cover myself...

Cursed my poor finger. Twatted it with a hammer last night putting together an IKEA unit then stabbed it with a box cutter this morning, requiring butterfly stitches and a trip to the work nurse. Nice.

A few more pictures from December. The quality isn't marvellous but they are nice images and of interest enough for me to post. The first three are nice December light and shadows captures, the last one a photo of the dell by night (yes I know it's shaky - didn't have a tripod...)

And now I really must sleep.

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Friday, December 12, 2003

Season Of Good Hangovers

Just like Cardiff Bus, you wait for ages then 3 come along at once. What am I blathering about? Drunken piss-ups off course. Its been 6 months since I've been out on the razzle, since Elis got here in fact. I'm making up for it now though!

Wednesday was the departmental Xmas do, apparently I spent a large portion of the night entertaining my colleagues with tales of my days as a bingo caller. I also walked half the way home bending the ear of a colleague. About what I don't remember, but the poor bloke must have endured a lot of it.

In fact there's a lot of the night I don't remember. I must be a nightmare when I'm pissed because I just don't shut up. I talk and talk. Non stop. Half the time I don't even know what I'm saying. I even try to shut up but it seems to fail. I suppose I stay quiet for so long it all comes out in a big splurge (yeah right - quiet, moi?) Apologies to anyone on the receiving end of it.

Yesterday, being the day after was a complete nightmare. I had the hangover from hell. Woke up, chucked up, struggled to work half an hour late for an important meeting thingy, stinking of beer and half asleep. Could barely keep me eyes open all day until I threw up again mid afternoon and was finally able to attempt my work (which I managed to mess-up.) Must learn lesson, must not mix German beer, Welsh bitter and French wine again. Stick to what I know - Welsh bitter. Mild Welsh bitter at that. I'm out of practice.

Tomorrow, or tonight now in fact, is Nursey's Nancy's birthday so I'm joining them for a trip to town. Next Wednesday I have organized a bingo trip to the Canton Castle for the department, most of whom have never played (hence the bingo tales.) Once again I will try not to rant to much. We'll see though.

Anyway, I sorted out some pictures earlier in the week which I haven't got around to posting. I haven't used the camera much this week due to hangovers and shocking weather. I also spotted I have already damaged my camera and put a noticeable dent in the metal casing from dropping my bag and it sharing a pocket with a pocket knife. D'oh. Fortunately it's only cosmetic.

Anyway, pictures.

The little man's doing some of that growing and rolling stuff.

Building details and winter shadows.

I'm feeling very uninspired at the moment. I want to get into town and do some nice 'lectric lights and grey skies, but I can't see a chance between now and whenever.

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Java Antics

Like there weren't enough distractions on the web, NTK included a link to a web based classic arcade machine emulator: Norbert's Emulators


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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Photos Of The Year

Some awsome shots, worth a quick gander despite the lack of information on where and when they were taken. [DEAD LINK} bestphotos. I wonder if any of them have been potato chopped?

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Friday, December 05, 2003

Top 10

This should raise a smile, it did for me. As ever, the Redwood doing the Welsh anthem remains a favourite. The Prescott retake is also very good.BBC NEWS | Programmes | Politics Show | Ten most embarrassing political moments

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Thursday, December 04, 2003


Fishy lips Leslie Ash has been moaning about people taking the mick out of her 'Trout Pout' and then likens it to Mr. Macca's Heather's leg, saying people don't mock her for that (she obviously never been to B3ta then.)

Call it a wild one, but my guess is that Heather didn't chop her leg off on purpose in an attempt to maintain some misplaced notion of vanity. Call me picky if you want. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Showbiz | Ash speaks out over lip surgery.

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Blast From The Past

Tripped over this site quite by accident. I loved this series as a kid, had to watch it sneakily as it was well out of my age range. Have wanted to see it again ever since. Its one of those programmes that pops into your head from time to time and was defining as a child. One Summer TV series (1983)

Man that makes me feel old.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Says it all really - top result for the Google search of Miserable Failure. Google Search: miserable failure *EDIT: Used to point to a biography of George Bush - but no longer.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The New Pantsman

We get all the best news stories here in Wales. BBC NEWS | Wales | MP 'sorry' over underpants photo

It's been a while since we've had any pants-centric news here on the site. Swing your pants man has lost his crown.

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