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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Plunged Into Darkness

Gah - I'm just so busy at the moment I can't even stop to scratch me arse. Had the house double glazed over the weekend (finally) and I'm doing 2 peoples jobs for the next 2 weeks due to a colleague being away from work (get well soon Sharon if you are reading - its all under control.)

So much to say, so little time. Ian Duncan Smith (haha!) - The Turner Prize (yawn) and other stuff I'm too busy to even remember. All will have to go too the great room 101 of hold that is the 'one day' section of my mind.

And the clocks went back at the weekend also... So my brief photographic forays on The Dell in magic hour have come to an end. Damn it was nice while it lasted. Its torch and rain time again. Here are a couple more photos from the final nights.

Oh for five minutes to spend on IDS...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

No Shit Sherlock?

Racist police? No, really? Racism tends to go hand in hand with ignorance which is why the disturbing documentary last night didn't really hold any surprises other than showing up the extreme levels of double standards, blinkered attitudes and downright stupidity amongst the latest bunch of police to come under the spotlight for corruption and thuggery. BBC NEWS | Wales | Second North Wales Pc suspended

"I'm a copper yet I happily admit to beating up an Asian bloke just for the sake of it. I will go out and uphold acceptable standards of civilized behaviour." Dear, dearie me.

There should be a simple question to weed these thugs out at the start. Like, "Do you want to be a copper?"


"Sorry, you failed..."

I certainly don't deny the need for Police, and indeed feel safer with them about and have called on them many times. But the level of hatred and corruption shown last night on the programme just makes you want to move to the North Pole.

Hats off to the reporter, I'm sure his life will become one harassed hell from now. Interesting to see he now faces criminal charges - god help him if they get him down the local nick.

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Golden Hours

Been a nice couple of Autumnal days this week. Got out a couple of times sketching and photographing. I've also had the joy off walking home in the golden hour, which at this time of year always seems richer and more zesty than any other.

Last night was one of the most incredible skys I've seen for ages. The clouds were minimal but what there were were whispy and contrasted nicely with the bulging plumes of drifting vapour trails. I could see the airplanes hanging in the air, strongly lit higher in the full sunlight. The clouds gave it a depth and scale which really made me feel in a vast space.

Walking across the playing field in Fairwater, I almost felt like I was tripping. Everything was hyper real - three vapour trails bowed above my head as though fingers, whilst I walked in the palm , surrounded by the small hills of Fairwater. The kids playing football nearby chirped and sounded happy and my worries were gone for a short time. Magnificent. The landscape around here feels like Sim City 2000!

Obviously it had an effect on me (after that stream off consious ramble!) The photos do it no justice what so ever, but it was truly magnificent. One of those rare days when it feels good just to be.

I only found out last week that the one hill I walk across is called The Dell - fitting really! But all the more surreal given the city setting and surrounding views.

And down at Llandaff Cathedral... Long shadows and strong light, even in mid afternoon.

If only life was always that sweet! Unfortunately these brief moments are the only respite from a punishing workload and a busy family life. I grab 'em when I can!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I Wanna Paint!

I'm bursting with new ideas, I've been out on a couple of lunches just to get away from the PC and made some small ideas thumbnails in my sketchbook and I like what's been coming out.

I'm still playing with the shadow men idea I sort of adopted and I've been playing with things they do, their universe and moving away from straight narrative to dreamy, absurd ideas and a more dynamic / distorted / graphic method of composition. I have enjoyed creating my own internal narratives for the pictures and loose physics, history, personae, etc.

Even at this very early, crude and unrefined stage I can see the potential and more importantly, they are making me smile. That's part of the driving force. Doing work I find fun. A simple premise I've denied myself for years, and boy does it feel good to rediscover it.

I'm still being true to the ideas and themes in my work which drive me - childhood memories, barely seen jeopardy, monumental landscapes, unreality bought to live and theatrical / dramatic lighting. I can see these painting being done in a style reminiscent of my last night shadows painting, loose with lots of colour and drama.

Anyway - I wanted to share some of the images. Please remember these are the first mad scrawlings, not in anyway meant to be good, they are me quickly jotting out my ideas - they come so much more easily when I enjoy doing them!

The writing in each of the following ones comes from the starting point of: "Shadow Men..."

"...taunt the moon for its poor performance at Twister™."

"...bully the small"

"...enjoy climbing the peach clouds at sunset."

"...chase each other through the long grass on Wiseman's Bridge."

"...walk the dog in the cubist cemetery."

"...like being scary shadows."

And this one I worked up a bit more, shortly after the arrival of Elis and its obviously had an inspirational effect on me... Shadow Man and Son...

Bizarrely, I was turfing out my old comics the other week for sale on Ebay, and I chanced in one called Revolver - and found a one page story by a Shaky Kane called Pinhead Nation - I wonder if that had buried it self deep in my subconscious to inform the work I started with Pinhead the Shadowman? I will post it one day so you can decide. I know I had completely forgotten about it - as it has been in a cupboard for 13 years.

There is little original to be done in the world these days!

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Gathering The Jewels

This is going to keep me busy. Saw a news report on this on Wales Today (last night.) Casglu'r Tlysau :: Gathering the Jewels :: CulturenetCymru

It's an online archive of over 20,000 interesting things from the archives of Libraries and Museums of Wales. A few favourites from a quick browse include: 3 Albino Moles, a mutton bone Guillotine, cursing pot and a dog for turning a Kebab spit. Sounds like a Saturday night out in Rhyl.

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Friday, October 10, 2003

The Horror

No - it's not an accident, Elis is now on solids and loves his carrots. If not a little too much!

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Circumvent the latest Hi-Tech copyright CD protection by... Holding down the shift key. The Register - Oh, and you could go to jail for it.

From NTK

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Anniversary (ish)

Just spotted the Rugby World Cup has started (ask me if I am in the slightest bit arsed - Wales will get stuffed.) That means I have been working here in Llandaff for 4 years (a record in one place for me). I started on the first day of the '99 World Cup here in Cardiff. Although I think that one was on the beginning of the month so this one is a bit later and I've been here 4 years and a bit.

And what a 4 years - house, car, baby, new career, old career, new passions. Not bad considering it was only a temporary job I applied for and didn't get. But that's another story I won't bore you with.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

How Did You Get Here?

You lot continue to make me smile with your thoroughly inappropriate web searches which continue to land you here on my site. A new favourite has reared its head today:

larvae growing in boob

Which puts me in at #2 on Google.

Some of my recent favourites include:

"see my homepage" naked
"how many 0 in a trillion"
how does swansea (wales) girls look like
gay daddy flogging
free 3D images people eating thinking hungry

This one sounds like a Godspeed You Black Emperor! album title:

dead grass of christina's world

And theses are just plain wrong... LOL!

dirty arse fucking sluts
dirty death photos
128mb nurse mpeg
dirty fuckers

And my poor spelling continues to win me visitors...

poisionous spiders
St Fagans
Alchol Withdrawl

One day I will collate the three separate files of searches I have so you can admire the long list (for a second before you fail to give a shit...)

BLOG WAR ALERT: [DEAD LINK] Baddly Dubbed Boy has drawn his line in the sand. This should be fun.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Know How She Feels...

Ohhh, chanced across this, know how she feels. Mine weren't that big though. BBC NEWS | Scotland | Woman's horror at moth in ear

I am a bit concerned that this site isn't performing. I need to rebuild a new and less cluttered template one day soon. Hopefully that will kill the page loading problems. I suspect that its the Java of the comments board and the ads - I need to sort it all out.

chance would be a fine thing.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm just gutted I didn't see it for real! APOD: 2003 October 1 - A Daytime Fireball Over South Wales

I saw a massive streaking meteor many years ago whilst on holiday in St. Davids', but it was no where as spectacular as this one. What a great photo!

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All Your Virtual Possessions Belong To Us

I think the day you need to report the theft of your virtual game possessions to the police is the day you need to switch off the computer and get out of the house... BBC NEWS | Technology | Does virtual crime need real justice?

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