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Friday, September 26, 2003

And The Doctor Says...

All clear. Phew. I can live again, and no longer in my mind's eye does my ear look like this poor guy's (health warning! Icky Image)

Apparently the skins a bit inflamed and I have to take antibiotic drops for the next week to avoid infection.


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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Holiday Snaps

We spent a few days last week away on a short break to a chalet at Caswell Bay, near Swansea. I'd never really been to The Gower much in living memory as I always thought it was a bit too close to Swansea to be that wild and enjoyable (in the Pembrokeshire style.) I was pleasently surprised as to how nice it actually was, and suspect I will be going back there shortly.

I have a grudging respect for Swansea, Dylan Thomas' description of it as a 'beautiful ugly city" is still apt today. The shopping centre is a bit grotty, but the outskirts, seafront and marina, is nice in an eclectic seaside city kind of way. The area is wrapped in ironworks, docks and chemical plants.

The beach is ruined by having a dual carriageway run parallel to it, much like the NW Wales coastline. It’s a long sweeping bay which ends at the surprisingly nice seaside town of Mumbles, named after the old French word for breasts - because of the two boob-like rocks at the end of the headland.

This was Elis' first holiday so I will start by boring you of some snaps of the not-quite-so-little-man-now.

The sun shone for the first afternoon, this is the beach we were staying by.

We went to a place called the Gower Heritage Centre which was a nice way to spend an afternoon. There were lots of weird little corners and hidey holes, which I love. Not very big, but full of fun...

And I took a few birdy photos, as there were loads of them there. I got to know them quite well, it got to the point they were queuing to feed out of my hand!

I certainly fancy going back for a bit longer and really exploring. We didn't go to any of the famous old and wild big beaches so I want to explore them. A perfect mix you have the shops and pubs of Mumbles and Swansea and the beauty of The Gower. Superb considering it is only a 45 minute drive away!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I got a shed load of pictures to post. I had a nice run out during my lunchbreak today, strong Autumn sun and nice long shadows. I'll post them from today now, then I'm off to bed. Then i have a load of photos from our mini break to the Gower last week. I'll save them for tomorrow though!

Look! Photographic proof of God! Heavenly light - its a sign I tell you! *Cough*

Some nice details on the sunny side of the Cathedral.

And some nice light and shadows on the stones in the shaven yard.

So far so good - my ear hasn't exploded yet - but I'm still anxious for Friday to come. I will post the rest of this photographic bonanza tomorrow. Now I must sleep - them bugs need their beauty sleep...

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Missed Out

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Stuffed animals up for sale Bugger, I bet that was impressive all assembled together. We drove past Jamaica Inn loads of times but never stopped to look in (which I always wanted to do.) Seems a shame to have it all broken up.

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Bug Update

I'm currently feeling like a walking Urban Legend. I took the cotton wool plug out on Saturday and now I'm worried I may be host to a swarm of baby insect eggs which have survived and thrived in my moist dank ear-ole.

I can't get it checked out till Friday which is the earliest I can get an appointment. It looked like a couple of small larvae on the wool, which is why I'm concerned - theoretically the eggs could have survived all the probing, washing and gunk. Its abdomen was crushed which meant it could have been ripe full of the little buggers.

Is it liquid sloshing about, the healing process or knowing larvae causing the discomfort? No idea, won't know till Friday. Here is a selection of the scenarios playing through my mind in descending order of unpleasantness.

1. All clear, nothing could have survived the blitz, the pain is healing ear trauma and anti-bac gloop.

2. Dead eggs, lodged in hidden places are being moved up the ear.

3. They live. Minute larvae are currently feeding on the dead and damaged tissue in my ear and helping keep the wounds raw.

4. They live II - The Burrowers. Eating my flesh from the inside, tunnelling to breed.

5. Ear Drums are tasty.

6. A growing abscess full of little critters which eventually expands to the size of a tennis ball and erupts out showering everyone in 5 yards with blood, puss and baby flying things. I keel over from the shock and never again blog.

Friday seems such a long way away. I can hear the stories already. A friend of a friends mate once had an insect fly in his ear.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

My Ears! My Ears!

I know know how our Piri feels suffering from ear mites. Been in hospital all morning. They spent over an hour trying to get the bastard out. I can honestly say it was the most painful experience of my life. Worse than the botched wisdom tooth farce (whole other story) and worse than breaking both wrists at the same time.

The pain and pressure of both and insect and metal tweezers in your inner ear is indescribable. The noise of the metal tool on the metal ear canal expander is also terrifying, so close to your ear drum. I was in tears and screaming it was that bad. The doctor mentioned it was a tricky one to remove. If they ever have to do it to me again I will ask them to put me to sleep while they do it.

It wasn't a moth in the end, we don't know what it is (comment if you know.) In true Dirty Dio style I have a photo for to show you. It may not look big, but the fact it has a hard shell and was quite chunky made it difficult to extract. It was up against my ear drum by all accounts.

Whilst we moved from one broken down clinic room to a working one I took the opportunity to ask the doctor what the most unusual thing he had ever had to remove from an ear was. He said it was a four year old boy who had a cornflake stuck in one ear and a Rice Crispy stuck in the other.

I asked if he kept the milk in his nose.

Anyway. Ear full of anti-biological cream for 3 days, and a dull aching throb to contend with like someone had spent an hour scraping the inside of my head.
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Monday, September 15, 2003


Leave me alone more like. You can tell I am on a week's leave from work. I spent last week rushing to tie up several projects which needed finishing and kept me away from here. The weekend before was spent looking for a new car - I forgot to mention I wrote off our car a couple of months back, after driving for less than 2 months.

A Quick Saturday morning trip to the post office not long after Elis arrived. Mr. Chicky did the same shortly after both his girls arrived, as we share the same birthday I like to think the same shit befalls us both. Anyway, we got a nice 5 Door Corsa (R Reg) which is smashing.

So yes, back to the story, my leave. Lets see. Finished at 5.30 Friday, ill with my first cold in a year by 5.30 Saturday, even iller yesterday. Feeling fine today. Decide to help Mrs Dio do some much needed gardening - Freak out - something crawls in to my ear.


You read that correct.

Something crawled into my ear.

The reaction was swift. Upstairs, cotton wool bud, water, kill the bloody thing. All the time I could feel it in my head, moving and scratching. Panic, garden spiders are poisonous this time of year. More water, tweezers. Nothing. funny colour water comes out. More panic.

Emergency Doctors appointment, bemused doctor prods. Nope. He reckons it's a moth. Can't get it out. Nurse fails after painful syringing my ear. Sends me to A+E at the local hospital.

People are staring. Nurse in A+E can do nowt, sends me upstairs to Ear Nose and Throat. After much comedy about broken and missing equipment and the state of the NHS, the girl can't get it out either. Get home tonight, have to go back tomorrow morning for more painful probing and prodding.

I feel like a freakshow. Everyone knows not how to deal with the problem and looks at me in a bemused manner. Man am I fucked off.

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Friday, September 05, 2003

Gotta Go

Woo! Spotted yesterday that cult American basement rockers Guided By Voices are playing at the [Clwb Ifor Bach] in a couple of weeks time. I really got to go and see this - Wonder if Mrs Dio and Elis could do without me for a night (and following hung-over morning...)

Bee Thousand remains one of my all time favourite albums ever - 20 songs recorded in a tin can, each with its own unique charm, stream of conscious lyrics and more spirit and soul than a thousand rapcore crap artists... I've only been listening to them a couple of years and I have only heard a fraction of their massive discography. The odds of them playing anything I knew would be slim but I really think I should give it a go.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Short Back And Sides

Thought I had stumbled onto a scene from George Romero's underated but highly enjoyable 'Night of the Viral Dead' alike, 'The Crazies'. But no - amazingly after almost disappearing under the undergrowth this summer, the graveyard got a trim today. Very surreal to say the least. My solitary and silent haven was throbbing with the buzz of men in white bio-chem suits with whirring strimmers...

Took a couple of other nice pictures too whilst I was at it. Went around the other side of the Cathedral which had been closed off because of building work. There's not much there really, but there was a couple of nice photo opportunities.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Real Life Reflecting Movies

Didn't they do this in Speed or something Hollywood like that? Poor bloke - I bet it was quick mind. Did he or didn't he is the big question? If it was just him then hopefully no one else will get one of these stuck on them. If it was him, hopefully it won't have given anyone any ideas. BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US pizza man's death riddle

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