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Saturday, August 30, 2003

3D Jiggle

Saw these icky 3D jiggler images from a link on the b3ta newsletter earlier, and whilst catching up with my web galleries from the last few months, I happened by acident across two images which had a very similar 3D effect when jiggled. Its interesting for a few seconds then it gets annoying... Sorry if it takes a while to download.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Pre-Emptive Strike

No doubt something to do with his ability to deploy sexed up spin in less than 45 minutes. BBC NEWS | Politics | Alastair Campbell quits

An admission of guilt or by throwing the towel in early, taking the heat off any future admissions of guilt?

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Season Of Spiders

I love this time of year, the dying summer and approaching autumn. This morning has already given a little taste of the autumn. The plant life is dying back, but ripe with seed, the ground muddy and brown, a smell of mossy rot on the air. The birds are also getting vocal, the skies bigger and sunsets more golden. There had been a nice bit of rain last night - first for what feels like months.

All this was tempered with a nice chill on the air and the slight melancholy of knowing the summer days are shortening and the kids return to school on Monday. That means the roads will be mental again and I will be taking my life in my hands every time I try to cross the road.

And then there are the spiders.

Big colourful spiders, fat on flies and cobweb construction. I love garden spiders, but with the slight uneasy distance of a grown-up. I used to handle them quite happily as a kid, but nowadays I enjoy looking at them, but the thought of handling them whilst not terrifying, does take a concerted effort on my part.

Where do they go over the winter though? That is the big question.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hoorah For Cardiffians

Obviously there are more of them with an ounce of self-worth than anywhere else in the country, given that only 10 turned up at the Cardiff flash mob over the weekend. Sorry, did I say flash mob? More like a flash minibus outing. Cardiff Flash Mob

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Friday, August 22, 2003

Superb Insight Into Photoshopping

Taken from B3ta Newsletter, this gives a superb insight into how photos in magazines are tricked to make them look so good. Roll over the image to see the before and after: This woman is scary!...

Also, this is really good as well, roll over the virtual Photoshop layers to see how the overall image was montaged together from different images.

[DEAD SITE & IMAGE] I did a few for a friend's site - nowhere near the quality of the ones on the above website. It was actually quite strange and tricky. I felt like a dentist, cleaning the gunk from between the teeth and the nicotine stains and lipstick of them! I have to agree with a colleague who just commented this kind of imagery is very unfair on us normal people.

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Allen Carr Is The Daddy

I got an email from Hollyto say she has been without nicotine happily for 2 weeks after reading "Allan Carr's Easyway To Give Up Smoking". It's fitting to mention it as it's now a year since I gave up, or rather stopped, (there was nothing to actually give-up.) I know I gave a big spiel at the time, but a year down the line how am I doing? How easy has it been? Was it really painless?

The one time I went this length of time as a "non-smoker" before Easyway it was miserable. I was constantly thinking of smoking and looking for excuses to start again (trip to the pub, visit home to smoking family and friends.) Although supposedly a non-smoker (which I was to a certain extent) it was miserable for me. And every time after I'd had an exceptional fag, I would be even more miserable and have to go through the whole cold turkey thing again.

Easyway has been exactly that, the easy way. I have occasionally slipped into the odd reminiscence of times with fags, but it passes. Days go by without me even thinking about cigarettes, which is remarkable in itself (it used to be a constant thought almost) as I was a professional smoker. When I do think about them now (rare, at times like this) I am quickly able to put it out of my mind and get on with my day.

What's more I know I will never smoke again. That's the best thing. That's something I never had before. I can go to the pub with my smoking friends and family and it absolutely doesn't bother me. The compulsion to put one in my gob and spark up just doesn't occur any more. My health has improved, I haven't had a cold since I gave up (that's down to eating a bit healthier as well) and I won't wake up every morning wondering how my throat didn't implode and kill me in the night.

The actual giving up was 98% painless, but there was some weirdness with dizziness, mainly due to the fact my Brain was suddenly getting more oxygen than it had been used to - and I enjoyed the whole thing.

Thanks Mr. Carr for your amazing book - it has truly changed my life for the better. If you are continuing to delude yourself that you enjoy smoking (as I deluded myself) then this is the book for you.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Translations Please

This is the most bizarre/coolest thing I have found ever (well for today at least.) Don't ask me why but I found 3 of my animations on a Japanese website. Scroll down to no 9, 10 and 11 - [DEAD LINK]

That's just so cool, but also unsettling as I have no idea why they are there and the context of the writing. I could be a list of evil things or a totally complimentary.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

The Dark Side Of Flash Mobs

This has made me smile loads, my favourite quote is "It’s simple, just turn up at the arranged meeting point, and hand out a load of fake instructions, these suckers are so hyped-up on their own coolness, that they’d believe anything. The key is to make the instructions totally gay" Flashmugging.com - flash mobs are fun, but beware of flashmuggers

Pinched from B3ta.

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Power Resumed

After the previous posting Blog Black-Out... D'oh, groan, piss-poor Dio. [BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Blackouts cause North America chaos]

Wouldn't it be great if this actually made people realise how precious our power is and how we should be aiming to stop this overload. You just know it won't though. We get more and more power hungry and less careful about preserving it.

I remember the black-outs we suffered in the 70s, I was 6 or 7 I think, and I used to look forward to them with glee. If we didn't get a black-out I was disappointed. They were great, the candles would come out, toast would be cooked on the open fire and we communed as a family.

Fond memories.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Double Congratulations

Nursey's birthday today, and the bugger went and proposed to his long time girlfriend on Tuesday night. What's more, the mad fool accepted his romantic advances. I'm already collecting material for the best man's speech ;)

Taking Elis over there tonight to see Nursey's sister and her daughter Ellie. Ellie and Elis.

Smiling already, but not as much as Nursey's wife to be, who after the wedding will hence be known as Nancy Nurse, unless she does a Mrs Dio and rejects her husband's surname in favour of her own. :)

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Monday, August 11, 2003

Flash Mob

Have you seen these gimps? BBC NEWS | England | Cities on 'flash mob' hitlist

Have people's lives become so vacuous that they feel this is a worthwhile and fun activity? Surrealist public art my arse, some people need to get a life. Its not new idea, it can certainly be traced back to the Situationists in the 60s and the Dadaists of the 20s.

What possible point can a pointless gathering of affluent, middle class idiots have, other than to point out how bereft of ideas, originality and self awareness they truly are?

Maybe I can organise one of these flash mobs - top of the Cliffs of Dover, take several steps forward...

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

P2P Is Killing Home Taping...

Well balanced article which looks at the truth behind falling record sales and the RIAA propeganda. BBC NEWS | Technology | Stopping the pop-swappers

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Monday, August 04, 2003

Turbo Charged

Phew, did it, I built my very first PC! That's why no posts since last week. It's all working swimmingly, although it does seem a tad noisy (cheap case and fan.) I would like to say it's been a painless process but it ain't. My fingers are sore and covered in cuts from trying to dislodge the PCI cards from my old PC (P3, 500mhz, 256mb, 16mb AGP - for us specification geeks) where they had practically become welded in from the heat.

Still, the sense of achievement when it all started working was superb, not to mention the excitement in seeing how fast it loaded up Photoshop and encoded from DivX to Mpeg. I've bought it piece by piece over the last two months, and for those of us who like to quote hard drive sizes and GHz, this is its spec:

Athlon 2000+ (266fsb,) 512MB PC2700, 40gb + 30Gb (which unfortunately has failed and needs to be replaced,) 4x DVD -R, 128mb 8x AGP (FX 5200) not bad for around £350, including the newer bits I had already in my old PC. Thank god for Ebay and my old paintings!

Now I just need to spend the next week pacifying Mrs Dio, given the amount of time this weekend I spent doing it.

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