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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I Wanted To Be XP

You are GNU/HURD.  You feel like your life is incomplete.  If you answer all of the questions you might get better results.
Which OS are You?

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Monday, July 28, 2003

The Little 'un

Is coming on fine, been a while since I showed him off, so here are a couple of recent (this weekend) photos of the little guy.

A moments peace - capturing an image of this extremely rare occurrence has been the pinnacle of my photographic career...

Chilling out with dad, chatting and laughing about the latest (c)Rapcore band on MTV2.

No mummy, I will sleep, please stop throttling me!!! (Don't panic - he is being winded.)

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Prank Review

Make sure you read the full review - genius - from the NTK Newsletter, I'm tempted to buy one. [DEAD LINK] Sony DCR TRV 33 Review - "I enjoyed using it...Most of the time"

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Friday, July 25, 2003

Say Goodbye Too

The next few hours and your eyesight, this site will have you hooked [QDB: Latest 50 Quotes] and laughing your head off - if you like chat room humour. I love this stuff - here are a couple of my favourites:

[Naudiz] my IQ is high enough that I can do anything I want [Naudiz] college means nothing
[netbsd_] What is this almighty IQ you have and what self-scoring IQ test gave you the idea you have it?
[Naudiz] I'm a Mensa member .. I allready mentioned this.
[netbsd_] So you're in the top two percent of the population?
[netbsd_] This is me being impressed.
[Naudiz] no actually ... only 1 in 50 people qualify to be in Mensa

[Bungie] You know porn has become an addiction when you are standing at the gas pump filling your bike and just before you top it off, you pull the hose out and spray it all over the tank.

[exo] why are redneck murders so hard to solve
[exo] cuz theres no dental records and all their DNA is the same
[fearz] HAHAHA

[Eurakarte] RETORT

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Out Of Order

The comments board seems to have gone tits up again. I've taken the code out of the page because it was stopping the page loading. Bugger.

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Monday, July 21, 2003

I Love The Web

Because it's a place you can just happen across stuff like this which will make you smile for the rest of the day...

How sweet the sound, indeed...
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Friday, July 18, 2003

I'm Saying Nothing

I think its been flying around a bit, but this just made me smile and feel really healthy... BBC NEWS | Health | Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk'

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Glory Be

Cardiff was the hottest place in the UK on Monday, a sweltering 33°C, Yesterday it got up to 32°C, today it's below 30 and we are likely to have some pyrotechnics in the sky. Its close and sticky and I feel sorry for little Elis who is getting all hot and flustered about it. Personally I'm not a hot fan, I like cold weather and mild sun, not the blistering baking inferno that we have here every summer for a couple of weeks. I'm sure I have some Scandinavian genes in me somewhere.

I took my life in my own hands, and on Nursey's advice went for a stroll inside Llandaff Cathedral. Why risking my life? Well after all the blasphemous atheism I have practised over the years, I fear that moment of high irony when the statue of an angel in the rafters comes loose and crushes the heathen with the camera in the aisle below. A bit like the priest in the first Omen film.

The Cathedral itself has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries - most recently it was blown up in WW2 - the inside is a mixture of styles and ages - there are some beautiful old tombs and bits.

Unsurprisingly, on the 2nd hottest and sunniest day of the year, the whole inside was gloomy and difficult to photograph in - most of it came out blurry. I will go back and take some more photos with a tripod at sometime. - you have to pay a pound to by a photography permit for the day from the old ladies looking after the place - which made me smile..

Here are some off the digitals I took.

Grizzled marble faces

And strange creatures

Weird remnants of a rotten corpse scultpure

A blurry tomb of St Teilo that I liked so much I made my desktop wallpaper

And some of the interesting internal architecture - check out the striped roof.

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Tidy Art

Now this is a nice site - I've not seen it before and I'm quite impressed with the breadth of work they have in it. It’s the art collection of the National Museums and Galleries of Wales, here in Cardiff. It has been my main source for in-the-flesh art for the last 30 years. Its not on all viewable on line, but there is some good stuff to see - Here are a couple of my favourites from the years - strange how much like old pals they seem - I see elements of my work in them too.

George Clausen - In The Fields In June

Kevin Sinnott - Running Away With the Hairdersser

Jean-François Millet - The Shooting Stars

Jean-François Millet - The Gust Of Wind

Thomas Jones - The Bard

François-Marius Granet - The Choir of the Capuchin Church, Rome

These Carrières are nice too -I've overlooked them in the past but they look very tasty now.

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One For Elis

How old should he be before I take him along? Baby Ink Tattoo - Just as long as he doesn't have a winnie-the-poo one.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Wash Your Mouth Out!

With your filthy web searches - you disgrace me! I try to bring a bit of light, culture and happiness to my little corner of the web, and you come here looking for:

gay online game fun
favourite fucking activities and photos
where can i download porn films
The Bonking Bus
Dirty sex photo
blackbox" +"steal a car
rapists for fun
dirty picture
dirty old man video
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Massive female arses
the dirty old man galleries

You dirty, icky, mucky, sex obsessed, filth pups - and I share my family photos with you - you should all be ashamed! Dirty buggers.

Yes I realise by posting these phrases my instances of them turning up in search engines will increase, but hey - I take my traffic where I can gets it.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Monster Manhood

Hahahahaha - sorry The Sun - Monster Manhood this has tickled me - its even funnier to me because last week I sold this old painting which featured my crude seaside Teddy Bears with Bits and Tits©.

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At One With Nature

Took another nice walk to the graveyard for lunch. I feel guilty as hell being able to gad off like that and chill - Mrs Dio is stuck home unable to do the same. Still - I need the exercise and I need to get away from this desk.

I was playing with the macro on the digital camera - trying to capture some of the nice flowers, insects and grasses down in the 'yard. It doesn’t really cut it close up at 1.5 mega pixels - but there are a couple of nice shots. Its really close today, hot, heavy and grey - not much light to get excited about. Anyway - a couple of the pics I took..

Grass heads and wispy grass - it doesn't come out in this but this wispy grass is nice in big drifts - it looks like floating fine candy floss.

I was sneaking up on insects also...

And I found a burnt out fire - loads of interesting stuff and textures in the seat of it - I like the contrast between the people and the mess - I find it pleasing, and its given me some ideas for other things - one day.

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Monday, July 07, 2003


Back to work today, after a four week leave. This is my lovely Email inbox this morning. This means I've spent most of the morning deleting spam and filing away troublesome email until the problems hinted at in them solve themselves.

Missing Elis like crazy, went out for lunch and the scene was a lot different. Lots of the big wild flowers have taken over and the grass is heavy with seed. It looks fab - I should have snapped but didn't feel the urge today.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Yellow Murder

Excellent - from a link at posted at Dark Dreams The D-I-Y Gaillo Generator (Gaillo is a particularly sordid but stylish Italian genre of murder, mayhem and imaginative titles) The Do-It-Yourself Giallo Generator]

My favourite so far is:

Death is a Dark Figure with a Woman's Hands

Directed by Ruggero Ruggeri

An American woman is butchered while wearing a mysterious amulet. A blind girl is attacked by a shadowy figure, because she is presumed to know something about the the crime. After discovering an old painting, she unravels the complicated plot and leads the police to the criminal. Unfortunately, she is mistaken, and soon the real maniac is on her trail.

Priceless - I'm sure I've seen that one.

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Too True

Checking through my Email from last month found this and though it good enough to share... :)

For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on.

At a recent computer expo, Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon".

In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics:

1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.

2. Every time they repainted the lines in the road, you would have to buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You would have to pull over to the side of the road, close all of the windows, shut off the car, restart it, and reopen the windows before you could continue. For some reason you would simply accept this.

4. Occasionally, executing a manoeuvre such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would have to reinstall the engine.

5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast and twice as easy to drive - but would run on only five percent of the roads.

6. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all be replaced by a single "This Car Has Performed An Illegal Operation" warning light.

7. The airbag system would ask, "Are you sure?" before deploying.

8. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out and refuse to let you in until you simultaneously lifted the door handle, turned the key and grabbed hold of the radio antenna.

9. Every time a new car was introduced car buyers would have to learn how to drive all over again because none of the controls would operate in the same manner as the old car.

10.You'd have to press the "Start" button to turn the engine off.

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