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Monday, June 30, 2003

And Yet Still...

The people who make their living out of this barbaric sport bleat about the loss of their livelihoods. Yes - we remember how much you country folk fought for the miners / steelworkers when they lost their ways of life and how sympathetic towards other industries in decline you are - you want my sympathy? Tough shit.

Times change, people adapt. You will just have to find some new ways to entertain your small minds. Get over it you sick fucks.

You wouldn't put your pet dog to sleep by sending it out into a field to be mauled by a pack of vicious dogs, so don't try and tell me it ain't cruel to do it to foxes.

BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs back hunting ban

Hooray. Look on the bright side - you will all have to find new and crasser ways to show your wealth and ignorance (hopefully without harming other creatures) - it's about time you privileged dickweeds had to do something challenging isn't it?

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Still Snapping

Despite all the baby stuff, I have still managed to shoot off a few pictures. We've taken Elis out a couple of time and I've had the trusty digital with me - here are a couple from today - we went to Fontygary Park in the Vale. I've not been there before I don't think, although I might have done in a previous guise (primary school.) Its a big Caravan park with a sleazy bar and pool overlooking a sad and dirty small bit of a beach (but we like to call it home...) I can't see us returning there soon, I wasn't that impressed.

The sister in-law was down with her daughter - who was excited to meet her first cousin and steal some stones from the beach...

And the other day we went down the bay - Elis slept through all of it, most of the stuff I shot was from where I was sitting when we had a cup of tea at Cadwaladers Ice Cream Bar.

And Mrs Dio was in charge of pushing the top notch Elis buggy...

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Out Of Order

The comments board looks like it may be soon gone. A pity given the calibre of comments on there. That's the problem with free stuff on the web, it has a tendency to go belly up - I remember all my free counters went once - as well as my mp3.com page guest book with loads of postings - no warning on that one. We'll have to see how it goes.

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Friday, June 27, 2003


There are few things on this planet which send shivers of primordial dis-ease down my spine, but crabs is one of them - spider crabs especially so, and they have arrived in Wales thanks to global warming...

I can never enter the sea again...

BBC NEWS | Wales | Mid Wales | Crab invasion under the spotlight

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Settling In

There has been much upheaval since the little one got home. We are starting to get into a routine here now and things are looking up. Until this weekend we'd been having a nightmare - it has been a struggle from the start with his breast feeding. We have been worried he had not been feeding enough and indeed, he had lost a lot of weight.

We made the decision to switch from the breast (after much soul-searching and heartbreak) and give him the formula feeds. It has completely transformed us and him. He sleeps more regular, he doesn't scream for food and get frustrated that he can't get it and we are all a lot happier.

We've even managed to get out of the house a couple of times - Saturday a stroll around St Fagans, Sunday the in-laws and Tuesday the bay. I'm sure it wouldn't have happened if we had still been trying to get him to breast feed. It is easier for me and Mrs Dio as we can take it in turns to feed him (which now takes an hour rather than two) and we can both get some decent sleep.

Fatherhood is great - but I can't imagine how this will work when I return to work after next weekend.

Here are some more stills - he is a different baby as these photos progress - he looks completely different to how he did in the beginning.

"Yes - the torment has begun - look what my 'parents' made me wear..."

"Then to make matters worse they changed me trews and sent me to colourful psychedelia land..."

"It makes me wanna hurl..."

"But at least I can hold my own now..."

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If you caught the news story reports 'comedy terrorist at Windsor' then you no doubt heard the worrying cries of 'What if he had been a suicide bomber?' Personally I say 'shame he wasn't a suicide bomber'...

Like we don't waste enough money protecting these parasitic scum in their position of unearnt privilege and power, now it looks like we are going to have to pay more - the masses of money going into their protection obviously isn't enough Blunkett 'concerned' by Windsor stunt

Money well spent? I think not...

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Too long have these cultural types misled us with their over exciting posters... [Fan's dismay over 'not naked' dancers]

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Getting The Hang Of...

Not sleeping, eating junk food, worrying the night away, constantly checking, changing nappies, propping up eyeballs, keeping odd hours...

This baby lark is great fun, challenging and demanding, but Elis is coming on in leaps and bounds - his breast feeding is getting stronger and he is settling into a nice routine.

All is well wid da little man - here are a couple more snaps for your delicatation...

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Not On Fox?

I wonder if this will be shown on any of the American networks - could be interesting, I will tune in if Elis allows me... BBC - What The World Thinks Of America.

It should at least be fair, honest and rounded. A brave programme if you ask me - if Broadcasting House is Nuked tomorrow - GB must have tuned in.

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St Bullshit

Metal bores Metallica have a new album out called St Anger. I just saw the video on MTV2 - it struck me as ironically funny (and incredibly cheesy.) They filmed it in San Quentin Prison in The USA. They surrounded themselves with some of the most violent people on the face of the planet. The video ended with a dedication to the inmates - it said something about a piece of the spirit of the inmates was a piece of the spirit of Metallica.

OK - let me get this straight. Lars Von Whining Bastard moaning about illegal downloads of his music, yet he *is* the spirit of rapists and murders in San Quentin Prison. Go figure.

I should download a copy of the new album just out of principle, but I don't want to waste the HD space. Any artist who doesn't think that people sharing his music is a good thing - whether bought or copied - doesn't deserve our attention. That's my opinion anyway. If the music is good people will buy - even those who listen to initially pirated copies. If its not up to scratch, they won't - you should be proud that people *want* to listen to your music rather than fuelling your bank account.

Dear me...

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Friday, June 13, 2003

Oh Dear...

Space scientist, one of the world's top experts on solar-terrestrial physics, leading Plaid Cymru ex-AM and former Welsh politician of the year. What a shame Phil William's death will forever outshine his career - heart attack in massage parlour (that's Welsh for Knocking Shop) - sordid or what? It speaks volumes about Wales as well, this one is right next door to the Police Social club. [BBC NEWS | Wales | Woman quizzed on ex-AM's death]

A Touch of Class indeed...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Quick Update

Well, been a marvellous couple of days, but unfortunately Mrs Dio and Elis are still in the hospital - they won't release them until they are sure Elis is feeding properly on the breast and up until now he has been a bit too laid back, just like his old man.

The pair of them are fine otherwise - but we are both anxious to get him home and start our lives together. Hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks to all the well wishes from everyone - it's appreciated. If I am difficult to get hold of its because I'm spending 10 hours a day at the hospital and the rest trying to keep house and cats together. I will be a baby bore and post you some more shots of the little man as he looks totally different to the way he did in the first shots - it looks like he is going to be a ging-er! Haha - he will never forgive us...

Day 2... Wake me up later...

Day 3... Peek-a-boo!

It's all too much... yawn.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

The Obvious Question

Is, what the horse will spend the money on? Hay? BBC NEWS | Wales | Horse defeats men in £24,000 race

Off to the hospital shortly - can't wait!

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Saturday 7th June, 6.35pm

Was the time that little Elis final made his entry into the world. 2 weeks early - but hell - all worth it. Expect infrequent posts for the near foreseeable future... God bless his cotton socks.

Oh aye - 7.8lbs. Birth to Blog in under 6 hours... Class!

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Friday, June 06, 2003


More pants mayhem from South Wales... [BBC NEWS | Wales | Police hunt failed pants thief]

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

And More...

I'm catching up for not posting over the weekend - here are some shots from Penarth I took Saturday night. As you can see the weather was pretty dull. I'm extra proud as I drove us there myself (despite having two or three hiccups along the way...) It was an unusually high tide also - but apparently it will be a metre and a half bigger next month - right up the wall!

Nice view down the prom - I love electric lights in grey skies.

Corner of The Chandlers pub.

Penarth is such a strange place - basically it’s a mile out of Cardiff - you drive through the town centre and end up on the old Victorian prom with the lovely old pier. The waters filthy and you can see factories on either side - but is has a surreal seaside charm all of its own.

I managed to get to the Cathedral yesterday lunchtime , where I did some messing about with a shaky camera, see if I could get some nice effects - the light wasn't up to proper shooting...

I kind of like them - but finding a use is another matter!

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Snazzy - I can see the look on Piri's face now, trying to get her to wear one of these... "New fashion of this Spring! It's gonna hit big! She's kind of froggy..." [CATPRIN - Tailor for Cats]

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New Gallery

Shots from May around Llandaff Cathedral now up to admire - please remember these are the raw images, uncropped and fiddled with. Hop over to diobach.com for the Llandaff Cathedral Web Gallery [DEAD GALLERY]. As usual, a couple I haven't posted here yet.

Nice skies...

Sunlight on stones! Huzzah, I remember sunlight...


Spooky tree - how much like a face is it?


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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Pinhead's World

It has occurred to me over the last couple of days that one of the new paintings I'm working on owes a lot to this painting called 'Christina's World' by American Realist Andrew Wyeth.

I'm really excited by my new work, even though its only at its undercoat stage. It dawned on me after I had done it that the composition is like Christina's world seen through a fish-eye lens. I hadn't looked at the painting for many years so I just tracked it down as I was in need of some new wallpaper. It still remains a strikingly beautiful image to me, full of mystery and narrative.

This is one of the earliest artworks I remember, along with some Hockney's, a Bridget Riley and an Arcimboldo. They were in a Rolf Harris picture book I would continually borrow from the library around the age of 6 or 7, fascinated by the strange pictures and not really knowing anything about art.

This picture cast an uneasy spell on me at an early age, but it was only after art college I read the story behind the picture - and it changed my perception of it for ever.

It is a very popular painting, people feel the girl in it looks carefree, frolicking in the grass - they don't realise she is actually disabled and crawling home. About the only clue is in the twists in her arms.

Andrew Wyeth web site

I will show you the new painting (I'm sure I will have to pay homage in its title) when its finished - I think I will have to crack on with it as its playing heavily on my mind to complete it.

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Godspeed You...

Godspeed You Black Emperor's F#A# InfinitySurfed across this - [dead metheny - monologues - the dead flag blues (intro)] which is a transcript of a monologue from one of my all time favourite albums, F#A# 0o by Canada's Godspeed You Black Emperor - brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it. Absolutely haunting and unforgettable. First time I heard this the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

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