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Friday, May 30, 2003

Baghdad Blogger Booked

To work for the Guardian - nice going... [MediaGuardian.co.uk | New media | Salam's story]

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I'm so ashamed of myself, I have exploited my cat Piri in a cheap attempt to make one of my auctions more appealing. [DEAD LINK] eBay item 2535033914 Qwik Tune Guitar + Bass Tuner.

Ha ha! (Picture featured Guitar Tuner being modelled by my cat.)

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More like stole it. The sooner we stop having all those flaming footie fans in Cardiff the better, roll on Wembley being built. I hate not being able to go into my own city centre when these idiots are running rampage. [BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Jubilant football fans adopt dog]

There is just such a bad atmosphere every football match day, not like the drunken buffoonery of the big Rugby games we are used to here in Cardiff. With the football you get Police on horses, cordons and hordes of screaming chanting idiots - I've been caught up in it in the past and it can be terrifying. I'm a big bloke, and I find it unnerving so god knows how local families caught up in it feel.

It's no wonder the football fans all get so pent up. Football is such a boring game, you spend hours waiting for something to happen, so no wonder they all get so worked up when it does. Duw, Its just so dull.

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Time For A Whip Round?

How many 0's in a trillion? [DEAD LINK] Yahoo! News Full Coverage - U.S. - White House Shelved Report of $44 Trillion in Future Deficits

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Dead Clown

These Red Meat strips just work on so many levels - both Nursey and I love the Dead Clown - we want more... [Dead Clown 1] & [Dead Clown 2]

Dark, melancholy, poignant and funny. Brings a tear to my eye...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Sewn Up

But this takes some bollocks. Good luck to the guy - he has sewn his eyes, mouth and ears up, to protest at the UK's treatment of immigrants. He is effectively on hunger strike and likely to die very shortly. Unfortunately I think things are going to get a lot worse for immigrants in this country with the continuing demonisation and hatred being peddled in tabloids and shit-rags like The Sun and Daily Mail.

[BBC NEWS | England | Nottinghamshire | Asylum protester sews up eyes

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Monday, May 26, 2003

Site Updates

Phew - My Meltwater site is almost finished (after many months of late nights and alcohol) - I have added some new images to the weird skies galleries, sorted out the links and music pages and added more art and photos to the image galleries. Hopefully, minus a few tweaks and the like, that is the bulk of the work finished, other than rolling updates.

Anyway - this is my favourite of the new images in the Weird Skies Galleries

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I don't like to knock fellow artists and painters, but look at the last painting of the little girl - Flaming Nora! Scary stuff - utterly well done but surprisingly freakish.[DEAD LINK] eBay item 3521756133 - Museum Quality 24x36" Oil Painting YOUR PHOTO

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Pinhead Returns

Took the Eurovison last night (we sucked, Belgium should have won) as a good opportunity to put some work in to one of my new paintings. I even managed to finish the bugger. Result! I really pleased with it. It's very me but its very different also.

It went through so many different versions, I was happy to finally nail it. There are some lovely subtle colours in it, unusual for me. It's a relief to get it finished so I can instantly get it up for sale on Ebay. What a tart I am!

Its called "Pinhead The Shadowman 03 (Night Shadows 01)" - I'm sure looking at Mrs Dio Bach's bump has inspired this somewhere down the line!

Oh aye, top marks for Cardiff and their big win today. The first division awaits.

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Lucky Break

As I mentioned earlier my big camera had broken - I was waiting on a new battery hoping that was the problem (it had jammed mid bulb time shot.) The battery came this morning so I eagerly plopped it in the camera - clicked - nothing. The bugger was still locked up.

Numbers started flying through my head, pinch a bit from here, loan a bit from there, buy a new camera. Then something else popped in, a memory of something I read, a last ditch attempt to get a busted hard drive working.

Resigned, I adapted the method to work with a camera. I removed the lens, held it about 20 CMs of the floor and dropped it.

Guess what - it worked. Its purring like its old self again. Typical in it! Mrs Dio was surprised and remarked how typical a bloke thing it was - design all that technology then the only way you can fix it is by dropping it.

On a broken theme, the comment board has been knackered, don't know why, as well as this page having loading issues... I'm hoping it resolves itself.

I'm enjoying a pint or two of cider this evening. My first drink in 3 weeks. Boy does it taste good!

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Stinky Weather And Stinky Cats

This weather stinks. I always loved wet, grey weather, but it is getting to be depressing. It's always wet here in Wales, but this recent spell is ridiculous. I don't think we've had a dry day since April. Its not just the rain though, its the wind, it feels like its been howlin' non stop. I suspect that is also partly why I am down at the moment.

Anyway, I have a couple of nice shots of my guys chillin' out, if I've turned you all blue with my weather blues, these should cheer you up again...

They are dead sweet, we have had to turf them out of the bedroom due to the baby coming (get them used to it) so they have gradually grown to take over the living room. Louie and Luca love this corner of the sofa, as is apparent!

And Madam Piri says "Prove It..."

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

More B & W

Firstly, there seems to have been a lot of problems with the site over the last day or two - hopefully they will resolve themselves - I think its stuff what's beyond my control. In the meantime, if its taking ages to load up then sorry, use the time to reflect on life and the state of the universe (or if you are a bloke like me, pick some hairy parts and scratch.)

Here are the rest of the images I developed at the weekend, the originals are very grey, so I have played with the high quality scans in PhotoShop again.

Old blokes sitting - again, one of those recurring themes in my work

Focused and improved from the earlier version

I caught the sun in a rockpool...

Slanty composition.

I will start on a new film at the weekend, touch wood, bank holiday, extra night of development!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003


>Great interview with Lou Reed - I haven't bothered with his newer albums for a few years, he is still a genius in my mind though. The charm is there for all to see. Lou Reed Interview.

I wonder if maybe the interviewer was a bit awestruck? I know how he feels, I was also once barked at by a member of the Velvet Underground. It was in one ear and out the other though, as I was truly awestruck (a first for me.)

It was at a book signing - I'd queued for an hour to get John Cale's autograph on his autobiography (the excellent What's Welsh For Zen?) along with Mr. Chicky. We are both big fans. Coincidentally, and just to further make the book highly desirable to me, it had been illustrated by another of my heroes, Dave Mckean.

We were going to see him play live at St David's Hall that evening also - we were well excited. To my mind he is even more of a genius than Lou Reed, if less appreciated. His solo albums are experimental and very undervalued, not to mention the work he did with people like Jonathan Richmond, Patti Smith and Nick Drake.

Anyway, my turn to approach the legend came, I turned up to the desk to be greeted with a gruff stare and a question. "Name?"

Honestly, I froze. I always thought I wouldn't be awed by another person, but shag me, I just stood there looking at the man with an inane grin on my chops, thinking, 'My hero...' I couldn't speak, and the grin got wider. I don't know how long had passed as I didn't hear the first question. He stared at me intently then barked "NAME?!" Suddenly I snapped into place, realising how much of a sop I was being.

"David," I whispered, "WHAT?!" he barked! "David," I managed to say fairly normally and handed him the book. He scrawled his signature and the message "Croeso" in big red marker and handed the book back to me, still looking gruff (Croeso is Welsh for welcome.) I walked away still grinning and clutching my book... I have a scan of it on my living room wall to this day.

I was reminded of how I felt by the way the interviewer in the Lou Reed interviewer felt. I didn't get upset though, I just turned incredibly silly, like a starstruck school gal.

As I left the desk, I dared to go back and call his name and try to get a photo. The camera failed to flash - he looked up irritated. I tried again, calling his name again, he looked at me like I was an idiot and the flash went, the photo was taken, I was even more giggly and happy. Unfortunately, the bloody thing didn't come out. Sod's law in it?!

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I Can See The Looks On Their Little Faces

Being stuck in one of these. Thanks to Holly for this 'un, I've been laughing all morning at the look on the cat's face. It's a small image, but you can plainly see the look in that cat's eyes...[Jeffers Pet - Product Information]

He is plainly saying, "You may have me in your clutches now, you may be safe, you may *think* you've won... Then you have to let me loose... You will have to sleep eventually... Oh yes... You flim-flaming scratch post, your... arse... is... MINE!"

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Get Spiteful

Join the world's longest and most hurtful insult with a put down of your own. Started this thread at [DEAD LINK] Dark Dreams. Could be fun in a day or two whenst everyone hast let rip.

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I feel like I've been on one recently. I spent most of the weekend feeling a strange mixture of, tired, relaxed, busy and slightly depressed?! Don't know why, I suspect I am fed up of the daily grind and wish I had more time to do my creative shit. It's so hard to find the time to do it all, and as much as the imminent birth of little Elis fills me with joy and excitement, I know I will have to sacrifice 99% of the stuff that I want to do with my time.

As for my constant tiredness, I think it is due to burning the candle at both ends. I constantly have only 5-6 hours sleep a night and I'm sure my body just doesn't know how to handle proper relaxing and sleep. It's gone on all my life. I have always been a night person. I work best between 12 + 4 in the morning. That plays havoc with sleeping patterns though. I try to revert to that at weekend and it fucks me up for the rest of the week. I never learn. I'm sure that's partly why I feel so down recently.

Anyway, I will stop moaning at you. Over the weekend I spent a bit of time back in the darkroom - several prints later and the quality of the original prints is still disappointing. I have scanned them all in to my PC and will be working on them over the week - improving levels, contrast and removing dust. Here are the first couple I have done. One day I will have to show you a before and after, the difference is surprising!

These two photos are both from the shots I took at Ogmore ages ago... I will post the rest as I finish them.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Down Wid It

From this week's popbitch. Now you can be down wid da yoof and dat... [TEEN LINGO: The Source for Youth Ministry]

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Some Nice Skies

Been interesting weather over the last week, everything from sun to showers to hail. Took a few snaps of nice clouds and nice light, thought I'd share.

On the downside my big camera appears to have died today. I'm hoping its just the battery - I won't know for a few days yet though.

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Fed Up Of It Already

Is it just me that thought The Matrix was a mediocre and highly derivative piece of Hollywood pap? The level of hype the sequel is obtaining is just getting on my nerves already. If I hear one more person say the first film was one of the best ever made I will bullet-time their arses off the roof of the office. This made me smile though [The Onion | Matrix Reloaded Infographic]

Cheers Graham.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Legal Extortion

Real Player Clip - BBC Wales I watched this report on Wales Today this evening. It has really pissed me off and angered me, and is symptomatic of the rot at the heart of Wales and the world as a whole. It is a typical story of big rich people taking from the poor people then pissing all over them.

I hadn't heard of this till tonight, and the more I think about it, the more I realise it affects me. It has been affecting me to a certain extent anyway, for years. This is just one more nail in the coffin of what was a remarkable place. I'm likely to ramble a bit here so stick with me.

Cardiff Bay (Tiger Bay) was a few years back open sea and a run down seaside slum. It boasted one of the UK's oldest multi-ethnic communities and some impressive old maritime architecture. It was where I spent a lot of time growing up, and it has provided the inspiration and subject matter for a large portion of my art, photography and writing. Then they decided to yuppify it and regenerate it.

All well and good, but they have managed to do no end of damage to the community and people living there in the process. Many of them have lived there for generations. My grandparents are from that area, and I know a vast amount of the locals are good honest working class folks (as well as a few hardcased nutters).

They now find themselves priced out of the area they live in, swamped by snobby and down right cold rich types and now they are being made to pay to keep their boats on a stretch of river that has always been free, for generations.

My gramp and great gramp kept boats there too, but now it looks like these characterful old boats will be moved on.

What's worse is that the people who have just swanned into the big, new, luxury apartments and flats all around, the marina scum, they get an 80% discount on their boat mooring fees, whilst the poor locals are being forced and threatened to pay the full whack or lose their boats. It is just so not on.

Can you imagine someone walking into your back garden and telling you that you now have to pay to keep your trailer on the back lawn?

The only info I can find on the web is the minutes from some of the [DEAD LINK] Cardiff Harbour Authority meetings. Surprise, surprise, Russell "Greedy Bastard" Goodway is the chair man - I bet he has a bit more involvement than that too.

Russell has been renowned over the years for awarding himself massive pay-hikes and loads of good perks. It sickens me. At the end of the day, it's the honest working folks who end up losing out on something which was theirs anyway.

As for me, the good places are fast disappearing, its getting to be hard to find anything interesting down there to photograph or inspire me. It's all so clean and sterile now. When those old tramp boats go, well, there is little else left there for me.

I wrote this very short story well before the barrage had been built, it kind of was very prophetic in a small way, seeing this tonight has reminded me off it. It's called 'Barraged.' Worth a read for some of my old opinions on the area.

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Home Truths

It's rare to hear a top level politician speak so badly of their leader. Not before time too - hats off to Clare Short and her principled resignation in the face of such overwhelming arrogance. [BBC NEWS | Politics | Short launches broadside on Blair].

To my mind its too late though - Blair has finally become the real-life Thatcher puppet from 'Spitting Image,' right down to the monstrous and real life caricature of typical right wing conservative facial expressions. Look - tell me if I'm wrong about this?

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Hooray For Me

Big News of the day, I passed my driving test! God knows how, but I did! So now I can be mobile. Once we get the insurance sorted out. :(

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Out Of The Darkroom

Finally my extremely basic darkroom set-up is ready to go! Its taking me ages to get it all working tidy, but I have managed to sort out a couple of prints already. Its a battle, I'm working in a cramped and dirty shed, no running water or cabled in electric - but that doesn't dampen the joy of being able to do this for myself.

Its amazing for me though, a 13 year old dream. Its only because I for the first time have a little bit of money and have sold a few paintings that I have been able to afford to do it.

So far the results are far from impressive - the first print was done with out focus aids or a timer (I had to count!) and I will redo it. The second print came out really grey, covered in dust and showing signs that the negative was damaged. That would have been the end years ago. Now though, I have Photoshop - so even if I can't get the results in my darkroom, I can do them here.

Big skies over the Severn - my first home-made print. Out of focus and badly exposed. I will remake it though.

Sand trails on Ogmore beach, the original was a lot more grey and suffered from many blemishes.

This is really time consuming work, so I can't honestly see me doing to much of it. But still, at least I know I can.

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Saturday, May 10, 2003


Made this up for the latest B3ta image challenge from a photo I took last summer to one day use on B3ta. I suspect the joke may have been a bit obscure for many, but if you are wondering, do a google image search for Andy Goldsworthy and scroll down, it should give you an idea... [ B3TA : CHALLENGE : REAL WORLD PHOTOSHOPPING]


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Friday, May 09, 2003


Georgie boy, you silly man. Moralising again. I particularly love your line about how you've "come to the defence of the innocent child." Is that to make up for the hundreds maimed and mutilated in Iraq and the millions more whose live and health you risk with your reckless environmental policies? BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Critics challenge US abortion ban. I'm speechless (well almost.)

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Oh My Word!

This has to be seen to be believed - A PC in the shape of a woman. I wish I could think of a really good Woman/PC pun but its Friday afternoon and my mind is going... [DEAD LINK]

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Missing Images?

My image server appears to be down - hopefully normal service will be returned shortly.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

And Stones...

Got out both today and yesterday lunch to go for my graveyard wander. What a difference a month makes, nature is bursting forth everywhere. The grass is up over my knees in large areas of the cemetery, and big flowering blades raise up above waist height in others.

It was grey yesterday, but today the sun was out with some nice big skies. I will take my B&W camera out tomorrow for the first time, if the skies and light are as good I will be happy.

Their are loads of beautiful plants all over the place, big clumps of bluebells and some primrose still going strong. It is so peacful to sit there in the middle of the city, and feel a million miles away from it all. You can usually hear the faint cry of the school kids on the air across the Taff, bird calls and traffic down on Western Avenue - but it is never intrusive, more distant and lyrical.

I ate lunch down there today, for the first time. I sat underneath the spooky tree, happy and content. Despite the sun and brightness it is still an eerie place to be, but I love it. Took a load of photos again, here are a couple.

Grey and flat yesterday.

Big skies and sun today

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Long Time Overdue

A pathetic but exciting piece of news for me! Childhood memories and rip roaring adventure! [DEAD LINK] Yahoo! News - Indiana Jones Finally Comes to DVD I've been worrying that they were going to do a Star Wars and tart them up with CGI and crap (ruining them) but it doesn't look like they have. The most exciting news I've heard all day. Ish.

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The Saviour Of Welsh Rugby?

Got this in the mail this morning. Made me smile. Don't know who made it or where it come from originaly. Worth repeating. Now where's our wooden spoon?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

New Galleries

Looks like the happy pills arrived a bit early. The work mounts up, and I've just realised I haven't sorted out my latest galleries. Done now though.

Looking at the quantity it is a worry. April was a quiet month for the old digital camera. Loads of trips to the graveyard, but no time to stop and take the photos. Add in a week off and more missed lunch breaks due to workload and its a wonder I did anything.

Some nice photos IMO. The first lot from around Llandaff, the second lot a mixture from St Fagans and Fairwater. The Fairwater ones are being used as inspiration and the basis of my newest paintings, when I can snatch an hour or two to work on them.

As usual, they are in a raw and uncropped state. The Llandaff ones can be seen in [DEAD GALLERY] this gallery the rest in {DEAD GALLERY} this gallery where I continue to miss spell St Fagans and can't be arsed to correct it. As usual, here are a copy of me favourites. [DEAD IMAGES} Just taking a few minutes to do that has made me feel a whole lot better, but I'm still off to bed asap...

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How Arsed Am I?

Not very. Sick of the PC, sick of looking at screen, sick of work, sick of surfing. 2 hours sleep last night, busy weekend, busy week ahead, more sleepless nights. Little Elis should be a break.

Really, today has been dreadful. It started bad and went down hill. I'm off to bed. If you don't hear from me again then its because something even more dreadful has happened. On today's form - nothing less the 4 horsemen riding into town and kicking my sorry arse. Sorry to be a bore - happy pills arrive tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Big Announcement Time

Ok Folks, you heard it here first. Little Dirty Dio is going to be called Elis. What's more, he will have his mothers name - Elis Kane. My wife kept her surname when we married (good for her) and I would rather my son had her name as it's a lot less common than mine. Also, more importantly, I hate double-barrelled names with a passion. No son of mine should have one!

There are plenty of Lloyds on the planet, not many Kanes, so he can have the more unusual name. He can have my surname as his middle name. If in later years he decides to be Elis Lloyd-Kane that is his choice... Dad will be pissed of though. Still, it is absolutely a total Welsh media ponce name which ever way you cut it. He's made for life.

Now - I just need to tell my parents about this. Oh feck! Then we got the christening thing to discuss. This should be interesting.

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