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Monday, March 31, 2003

Blimey! Get Right Back On That Horse

I actually went and did it - I put paint brush to board last night, for the first time since the summer of '99. Only an undercoat an some basic work at the moment, but its a start - I will try and do a bit at a time - snatch it here and there!

Its a bit of a change in the way I'm painting. I've completely changed my editorial brief in a way. My old paintings would take an age to do - details and the like. This new painting is very much the opposite end of the spectrum for me. It comes down to the fact I haven't time to paint details so I won't. I want to use my sense of light and solidity but in an abstracted and simplified way - monumental and theatrical. I also want to bring back the experimental qualities of mixing media and stuff, like I used to before I was institutionalised.

I'm hoping it will be more in the free and playful spirit (though not execution) of this mixed media piece from my youth.

Rather than the lumpy and imperfect detail and narrative of the later pieces like this one.

Reading that back it sounds like I'm having a mid-life painting crisis - harking back to my youth and all. That's not the case though. I want to do something new that takes the best (to me) from both styles. I will post some pictures when I've done one. If I ever get as far as finishing it that is...

Of course - there will still be a darkly surreal slant to the whole affair. Goes without saying...

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Oh Dear

It appears the images of war protestors with Bush signs here have upset some one. According to [DEAD LINK]Ron these 'rude' images have cheapened our marvellous forces over there, fighting so hard for 'us'. This is something I've been seeing increasingly in the media - the attitude of "it's started - now you must support the troops or you are somehow un-patriotic / democratic."

It appals me. It seems as though in bringing democrazy to Iraq, its being eroded over here - and even worse in the states. Whilst the soldiers get my sympathy - it doesn't negate the fact that they are there for the wrong reasons - the fact they are there doesn't make the whole moral mess of this right. It doesn't mean we should stand behind them. It's like standing behind the bully in the playground, as he beats the crap out of a smaller child to take his lunch money and mobile phone. How can this be right?

Wake up and smell the beans - this war in the future will be manipulated to seem like it was totally right and with full support. 60%+ people in the UK didn't want it. It's not to keep us safe. Its to make sure your leaders can still make money off your backs and maintain theirs, and yours, standard of living.

My photos may be rude - but put it in fucking perspective. Read the story below and tell me how RUDE the anti-war protestor photos here truly are?

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If You Don't Look - You Will Never See

I don't like looking at this shit - it rocks me and unsettles me to the core. This kind of imagery needs to be seen though. This sickness needs to be shown on the TV. People must see this bloody mess. Until they do - they can't even imagine what it's like out there or why its bad. Our mainstream media keeps this stuff from us though. They should be ramming it down our throats. This is for us, this is being done in our name , so we can pollute the planet with our cars, this is so we can get to the supermarket cheaply. Gah. I've made my feelings clear before. We are all in need of smart bombing.

[Dead Link] Press censorship - keep the truth of war from the masses.

(this link is upsetting - be warned)

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On The Plus Side

Lydia Lunch - HysterieFinally got my hands on this old favourite of mine which I have been without since 1991 when Georgina the Goth did a runner with it and a couple of other choice records. I got a copy on Ebay, it arrived from the US of A this morning. I've been itching to get it on all day.

Lydia Lunch - Hysterie - A sort of compilation of her early works. I have particularly missed the Teenage Jesus and the Jerks section - Raw and stabbing. It still sounds really fresh. Is it really 12 years since I heard this? Wow. Echoes of it since in Babes in Toyland and Silverfish, but this is still the daddy. Bit pissed off though, the US release doesn't have Death Valley '69 on it - the superb duet she did with Sonic Youth. Tidy all the same. Roll on Der Karibische Western - searing melancholy and rage.

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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Shit Day

I've had a real shit day today - not the kind of shit happening on a global scale, just personally depressing and irritating. Firstly I got diddled out of a cheese and tomato omelette in the cafe at Tesco, followed by having a mild marital row in same said Tesco cafe.

Then went to my parents to pick up some furniture, only to get a parking ticket after being away from the car for about 5 mins (we parked in the residents zone so we didn't have to carry the furniture far.) I lost my rag with the Traffic Warden, and got all upset. I'm normally a placid person, patient and considerate. When ever I have an episode of explosive rage at another person I spend ages feeling stupid and let down after, mulling it over and over. By expressive rage, I mean, almost blubbing like a baby and trembling like a coward when in a confrontational manner.

Pathetic. I'm useless at confrontation, despite the fact that a lot of people are intimidated by me due to my thuggish build and looks. (If they only knew what a blouse I am!) The last time I lost it like this was maybe about 2 years ago, on the phone with an NTL rep. Man I hate myself when I get like that.

Anyway. That's taken the shine off today. Then I get back to do a bit of garden re-landscaping as Mrs Dio Bach has been asking me to do, against my better judgement. I spent ages laying and relaying a slab trying to get it level. Then after I've succeeded I stood up an found the bloody thing had snapped. So I've been peachy all flaming day.

I'm just starting to relax now, and realise its time for the clocks to leap forward - there goes an hour of my day for nothing, just as I'm starting to relax and the wine I've been looking forward to all day tastes like sickly sherry (that's a long story about my worst drinking disaster.)

Then I feel silly because, really, compared to some people in the world at the moment, its not really that bad. So I just hate myself that little bit more for being so selfish.

If all goes well - I may, just may start doing some paintings tomorrow - for the first time in 4 years... Good old spring, season of good intentions. Let's see how long that lasts.

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Friday, March 28, 2003

Oh Dear

Some weird posting duplication going on due to Mozilla update - I will have to reinstall the blog feature... Please bear with us, normal service will be resumed (possibly.)

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And Its Not Even April 1st


The sobering truth is - If time travel ever becomes possible, people from the future are probably already here... This should make for some interesting 'Tharg's Time Twister' like scenarios. ROFL. :D

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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Bush's Favourite Sweet

Star Spangled Ice Cream - Mail Order Ice Cream with a Conservative Flavor

How about some more flavours for them. Caramel Carpet Bomb, Oil-Be-Blackberry, Fruity Bush...

If this is truly for real as it claims, well, what-ever next?

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Whoa Camouflage

"Things are never quite the way they seem, Whoa Camouflage, I was awfully glad to see this big marine"

Any one remember that tune - Stan Ridgeway was it? Yes it was truly dreadful, probably why it got to number 1 here. Anyway. I'm watching with sheer amazement. The Americans in the green and grassy North of Iraq are wearing... Go on, see if you can guess? Desert camouflage. Oh dear. The quartermaster messed up the uniform order somewhere down the line.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Buy, Buy, Buy!

Help fund Dio Bach's new PC - Buy some original Dio Bach art! Ok - You don't have to but if you know anyone who may be interested then please send them in the right direction... I've put 6 Paintings up at the moment - [DEAD LINKS] Lets see how well they sell then.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Insole Court

After an exceedingly dull morning of meetings and training I managed to get out for lunch today and take some shots around Insole Court, the other side to work to the cathedral. As chance has it, I went there once for the first time last month, impressed with the grounds and what not. Last week I found out it was where me and Mrs. Dio Bach go for Ante-Natal classes.

Its as ornate and grand inside as it is outside. I will have to try and get some photos of the room we are having the classes in as it is amazing. High wooden roof and painted border depicting medieval winter scenes. It is distracting from the ongoing barrage of births we are made to watch on the video. Truly splendid.

The sun was out and it was more like mid June than late March. Shadow, shapes caught the eye today. Here are some of my favourite photos - there are more at the [DEAD GALLERY] web gallery of today's shoot.

Ornate garden carvings - man he looks mean

Human shapes - I should try photoshopping human bits into this image - it looks like a person reaching up - check the belly button!

Gargoyles and climbing wysteria...

More twisty bits.

Another day without the B&W - I don't know where I would find the time to develop them anyway.

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Romantic Duet

It's pretty old hat, but if you haven't seen this romantic duet of Endless Love by Bush and Blair then [DEAD LINK] take a look...

George looks so into his piece.

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Monday, March 24, 2003

Itchy Fingers

Not planning on robbing something, but suffering from Eczema. Anyone got any tidy herbal/natural remedies? I'm fed up of using that nasty steroid stuff they have given me - it does no good. Please leave a comment if you know of anything to try...

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Sunday, March 23, 2003

I'm No Expert

In matters military, but - Is it just me or have we sent our soldiers into battle with big 'metaphorical' bullseyes painted on their heads?

What am I blathering on about? Well take a look at these two pictures and tell me if you see the problem.

From what I've seen on the TV, Iraq is a barren desert kind of environment - sand, rocks and more sand... When do these walking targets get to use their camouflage?

If you see a relieved looking 'Co-oil-ition' troop, it is because he has found a bush to hide behind. On the other hand, if you see an Iraqi soldier shooting at a bush. Well. You know why.

Am I the only one who finds this ludicrous? Look at the photos with squinty eyes. Check the difference in tones. THEY STAND OUT!!!

Shock and awe, but not for the right reasons. Does shock and awe not sound to dissimilar from the now laughable 'duck and cover' of the 50s?

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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Bad Timing

Ah well, took these last week, ain't had a chance to show them - never been one to care about tact. The one chance I had last week to get out of work and take some photos, it was a lovely day, couldn't stop meself.

The basic them of a few of them were 'Humans Make Great Fertilizer' - this is about the best of them.

And now I've realised I don't have much interesting to show you and its late and I'm sober and as the photo in the left margin attests - I need my beauty sleep.

One more then - went down the Bay two weekends ago, weather was shit but I like old boats so here is the Bark Endeavour - which seems to be the subject of a BBC doc or something...Been down Cardiff Bay A while now.

I need bed.

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Friday, March 21, 2003

Extreme Blogging

Blogging from the heart of Baghdad [Where is Raed ?] - Expect heavy www watching and page problems.

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Anti War Protesting 'Can' Be Fun

Got these in the mail this morning. Made me smile. I can make a point and have some humour back here (debatable I know.)

I point out I don't know where they come from (it looks like London to me), who took them or even if they are off another website. They 'ad no markin's when they got 'ere...

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Dark Days Ahoy

As Ice T sang, "Freedom of speech, that's some mother-fucking bullshit..." Another heads-up from Hollyism on the sheer dictatorial arrogance of Bush and his bully boys. This story of how they have threatened to kill independent reporters just beggers belief. [link]

I've worked in news sorting out live satellites and stuff - and know people who will be looking after reporters and camera crews out there now - my sympathies are with them. This kind of stupidity should help all the commercial networks (CNN, SKY, etc.) cloud the facts and make sure their master's diseased viewpoints are bombarded on the masses. Wake-up people.

Thoughts are with the innocent people of Iraqi right now.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Obscure Link

Right enough politics and doom and gloom. I'm sick to the gut of it all right now. The war starts at 01.00gmt. I will be sleeping. If I wake I wake, if I don't I won't.

I was checking my site tracking to see some one had found my site by searching for bACH'S aUTO AUCTION - for some reason a memory from one of my favourite films popped into my head. The scene was in the mall of "Dawn of the Dead."

I suddenly remembered one of the zombie's had a t-shirt for a garage called Bach's Arco Pitcarn. Wondering if Dio Bach might show up in the search I had a go. I didn't, but now I've mentioned it, hopefully I will. Even found the Zombie, unfortunately his T-Shirt isn't visible [DEAD LINK]. Maybe I'll do a screen grab later and have some fun with it.

Looks like a grand site all about "Dawn of the Dead" [DEAD LINK] - I haven't had a chance to search it yet - it's a bit moist for work.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


I see BBCi has gone into full battle dress with its sombre IRAQ banner (none of that frivolous web stuff, no.) Interesting colour scheme, very khaki desert battle dress.

It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. My head hurts thinking about it. I want to cry. I want to hide. I want it all to go away. What's the point? Everything feels apocalyptic at the moment. The news feels different. A lot more different than 12 years ago. Add in this mystery bug that's traversing the world killing people. It looks gloomy. Maybe its time to start again anyway. We don't deserve it.

Fuck it, I ain't got anywhere to go. More drivel and photos to follow. Just let them get on with it. When my turn comes just make it fast and painless. You will be doing me a favour. Where's my St. John's Wort tea?

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Like A...

Flaming Slave... This week is going to be mental, and it won't be helped by the fact its me birthday on Thursday (I'd rather forget about that.) I won't have time to fart between now and the weekend, and the week after don't look like it will improve matters either. Took some nice photos over the weekend, will share when I get a chance. Got to scoot.

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Friday, March 14, 2003

Poor Bloke

A colleague had this e mail sent out to the whole building (1000+) this morning - he claims someone done it in his name - its been making us all laugh out load. It reads:

"I have inadvertently forgot my sandwiches today. I was wondering if anybody was having a free lunch or ordered hospitality. I am more than willing to mingle with the speakers and other guest and pretend I am interested in the chosen subject.

Cheers XXXX"

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Thursday, March 13, 2003


[DEAD LINK] eBay item 2917068419 (Ends Mar-14-03 18:07:02 PST ) - I WANT BREAST IMPLANTS/you get pictures

I've seen it all now...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Times They Are A Changed

The top story in Wales at the moment - Conservative candidate resigns over 'homophobic' remarks [link]

Its astonishing to see the party which bought in such draconian legislation as the infamous 'Clause 28' and rampantly rallied against homosexuality at every given opportunity; suddenly becoming so Pro - Gay.

Reading this guy's comments, have you ever heard someone so strongly in denial - I mean look at him - he's a prime uphill gardener if ever I saw one. Lock him in a room with William Hague and Michael Portillo for an hour or two, and we will soon see a sham marriage and Ron Davies like antics ahoy.

These messed up fuckers want to run the country and tell us how to live? They can't be honest with themselves, let alone us. Dear me.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

BBC Wales A Go Go

The brand new BBC Wales Homepage [link] is live. It's been taking up a lot of my work time recently (I edit content for it.) Looks mighty fine if you ask me, but then again I'm biased!

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Sunday, March 09, 2003


Fuck me I'm pissed. < !-- SNIP! -- >

Now its the morning after. The night after in fact - I look at what I wrote and decide there are some things I don't want to share. I've censored myself.

Couldn't get out of bed till 4pm and only now am I able to move. I am quitting drinking for good - Allen Carr style. I think it pisses me off how It controls me. No more!

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Friday, March 07, 2003

Come Back Yesterday!

Spring had sprung, now its sprung back into a grey hole. Grey and overcast and cold. Melville would approve.

I'm unlikely to get any good shots today, so as promised, here are a couple of my favourites from yesterday. You can see the full compliment of images at the [DEAD GALLERY] web gallery of Llandaff & Fairwater Scenes.

These are my absolute favourites. Several self portrait shadow pictures, with a weirdly shrunken head, done by placing myself at the top of a steep bank. I would like to do some more with these, now the idea has formed. Maybe abstract them, play with the contrast and create some animations. Great fun…

The light was good, I found myself interested in composition and bold shadows. Once more I have thought about maybe abstracting some of these images in another medium. I think they would work well. One day - when everything else if over and done with.

And I was enjoying puddles and vapour trails. I like the simple composition and angles in the first one. Its very minimalist. I think it could make a lovely painting, done simplely and on a grand scale. It just seems well balanced.

And some nice lighting on the cathedral.

And now Mr. Nursey has said he would like to go out tomorrow to take some photographs, so I think I will take the B&W out. Yippee. Now if my brother would just come and help me install the darkroom, I can start developing some of the B&W photographs I have already taken. Fun and Games!

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Wanna Fight?

I got these from Graham PV's Blog [It Could Be Worse] - I don't believe the answer for one second...

[Dead Memes]

Had a nice walk lunchtime, spring is busy sprunging out there, Took some nice photos, May get some up tonight or tomorrow...

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Grrrrr To Missing Posts!

Buggery flip. Posted last night using the (beta) blog thing for Mozilla, and the little darling has lost the post. Grrrr. And once more. Grrrrrrrr.

I was asking you to take a look at [DEAD LINK] Mrs Dio Bach's new site that she has been working her socks of on. She learnt DreamWeaver real quick and put together all this work to showcase her designs. This is just a temporary home for Dazzlefire. Until I get a new modem to be able to upload to the old [DEAD LINK] webspace. It seems the install of XP has rendered the current modem obsolete. Got one on order so it should be here next week.

Also in the News - keep an eye out for www.diobach.com. More to follow. You will get an error for the next week or so.

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Monday, March 03, 2003

Fighting Fit

I wish I was but I ain't, but I do feel a shed load better than I did this time 3 months ago when I decided it was time to start getting fit.

I'm off to get thrashed at badminton tonight with Mr. Chicky. We've been playing for about 3 months now, every Monday night. I'm yet to win.

Still, its better to travel in hope than it is to arrive.

I've been forcing myself to doing a lot of walking recently. I suffered a bad back in October, which scared the life out of me to the shape I was in. So I've been making as much as an effort as possible to walk (or jog) back and fore to work, as well as going out for a walk most lunchtimes.

It's paying off - It originally took me longer than 40 minutes to walk home - now I can do it in 25. As for running, I can do the distance in about 15 mins. Impressive - to me if no one else. By my unfit and unhealthy standards.

I was a heavy smoker and I'm still paying for it. I think I will for the rest of my life. 13 years of the crap. Gah. Ah well. At least I'm addicted to walking now, hell of a lot better than fags.

Tonight is the downside of all this walking though - The sky is already black and it looks like I will be soaked. Happy, but soaked.

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Saturday, March 01, 2003


I passed my theory...!

So hopefully I can take my driving test soon. I will still walk to work though.

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