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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

More Bizarre Search Engine Results...

Getting that page tracker at the bottom of this page has certainly been an eye opener. It's returning bizarre result after bizarre result...

Annoyingly it only recognizes google.com as a search, but not the sub sites like google.co.uk or .at which is a real shame as I'm getting some good ones from them!

Here's the latest:

St Fagons #2 (google.co.uk) - Ooops, that's a typo. Its supposed to be St Fagans.

Splott Car Boot #9 (google.com)

Derelict Factories For Sale #5 (google.com)

Dirty Fun #41 (google.at) - Had to go well through the search result to find my site...

Dirty Female Arses #God knows what? He must have been searching hard to come up with mine, I have me google preferences set at 50 per page - I haven't found me in the first 10 results pages. Man he wants that dirty arse bad... (google.co.uk)

It appears the marvellous spider at google likes my page, new content seems to get indexed very often. Which is a real git becasue it just doesn't want to spider my Meltwater New Site - after putting tons of work into the flaming Meta Data of each page...

Also interesting is the referrals from photoblog.org where I come up in their search under Sex and Humour.

God, people must be feeling short changed when they hit this page...

Serves you all right - STOP searching for Filth... Hahahaha!

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Monday, January 27, 2003

And The Big News Is...

It's a baby...

OK, Its a baby boy...


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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Rip-Off Britain

Spent most of the day in town with Mrs. Dio Bach. Soon come to the conclusion that people are happy to continue being ripped off. DVDs and CDs - Those important little bits of plastic by which we like to define a lot about ourselves - often like 60% up on their online prices. Gah. I can't speak. I'm a bit knackered. Had meant to have a rant on the worst Burger King in Wales and Rock Chicks as a fashion statement but suddenly I find me eyes getting heavy. May go have a quick lay down me thinks...

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Friday, January 24, 2003

Grave Matters

Didn't get time yesterday to tell you about my lunchtime stroll. I ended up going for a wander around Llandaff Cathedral. It was fairly late afternoon, so there wasn't to much nice light and shadow. Even though it was bright, it remains incredibly eerie.

It's very hard to take a camera into a graveyard, you just feel like it is such a cliché and don't bother taking much. The Cathedral is in a hollow as well, so there's not much light or opportunity to get great shots. Not much to shout about really, pretty standard stuff. I would like to get down there about 9.00 am when the sun is fairly high, and I believe it would be at a sufficient angle to illuminate the whole area with some amazing long shadows (this time of year.) Maybe one day soon…

But as for its' eeriness, it is quite strange, the graves seem to get into a worse state of repair, the further away from the Church you go. They are quite derelict, uneven and overgrown in parts. You semi-expect to trip over a corpse which has been raised up out of the ground due to what ever forces move the stones about. Anyway. Nature is winning. It is claiming it back and long may it do so.

I think it's hard to do much exciting (to my way of usually working) with the digital. I miss having a zoom and a wide angle. It's great in some ways though, I like the immediacy and the lack of preciousness over what you do with it. I still need to get my Darkroom setup - hopefully I can develop another film over the weekend. It looks like a while though before I am able to do any prints…

Tasty monument, almost completely overgrown with Ivy.

Big Shadows, late afternoon light…

Afternoon Sounds

I really would like to get that Winamp thing that publishes what you are listening too to the Blog. I hate Winamp though, and stick with my beloved Music Match…

This afternoon has been a musical peach so far. The sepulchral and soaring sound of His Name Is Alive's 'Livonia' has followed on from the amazing sound-stabs and sketches of Guided By Voices - 'Alien Lanes.' GBV tend to hit more right notes in 1 sub 30 second song than a number of other bands could ever dream off. Of the two albums I have by them, this one is the lesser. Still amazing though!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

More Google Madness

Doing a search for "Allen Carr's Easyway" returns this site as the no 1 search. How incredible is that! If you come here looking for anything about the book, and are a smoker, it is the one book that if yu read it and do as it says will make you the happiest non-smoker. It almost 5 months since I gave up - I don't regret a thing. Get it from Amazon and live again... You won't look back.

Read more about my experiences with it here, and read the customer review's at Amazon if I don't convince you...

Absolutely life changing...

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Thwarted By The Sun

Took a nice stroll at lunchtime - down around the back of the cathedral today. Went down there a few times with Nursey. Its an eerie place, even in the middle of the day. Nursey has loads of great tales about his adventures down there - and ghosts and dead bishops and fierce battles - but he can tell you about them...

Anyway, sun was in. Took very little of interest. I found the trees more interesting than anything today - deleted most of the safe photos of the graveyard and cathedral.

Evil Tim Burton style graveyard tree...

Shaped like limbs, or a grasping hand tree...

Then sod's law, I get back to the office and the sun comes out... So I did this to illustrate my small little world (as well as the fact to show you that the sun does shine in Wales occasionaly!)

Which is basically my view from the office... Doesn't look like much, but I can see for miles. Towards Caerphilly on the left, and right across north Cardiff on the right. I've never had a decent view before - I like it... :)

This was from Sunday, a weird plummy light which heralded a rainstorm. Glorious. When the sky looks like this it makes you want to cuddle up to a nice warm duvet...

I think I will try to go wander more of a lunchtime - its a pleasure to stretch the legs and get from out in front of the PC.

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Monday, January 20, 2003


Just do a search in google for arsenips (go to the bottom of this 'ere blog) and see why there's an exclamation mark in the heading...

What's more frightening is someone actually searched for it, according to my extreme tracking!

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Sunday, January 19, 2003


Been fiddling with loads of fun new blogging tools. If you see weird stuff appearing, then that is why. Mozilla has a nice plugin which allows you to blog from the browser and auto publish - when it doesn't crash the browser. Look up me lovely sidebars to see all kinds of links and things...

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Friday, January 17, 2003

Darkness Falls Backwards

Woo, an amazing morning already - Looked like it was going to be really bright, lovely sunrise (no photos today sorry) and now its 10:30 and its been getting darker since 8:00

It's now really dusky, like the end of the day. A real shit as its making my brain think there's not much more left to endure, when really it is just starting. Must be a storm coming in... (dinga, dinga, The Terminator music starts rolling...)

Over Nursey's tonight, beer, music, talk - expect no prisoners (or further postings...)

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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Today I Found God...

I didn't really, but I did use my lunch break to take a few nice photos of his house and its' gardens (He wasn't home mind...) I visited Llandaff Cathedral as I had to post some stuff sold on Ebay (its by Llandaff Post Office...) A lot of the usual crap, lots of perspective shots, leaning back looking up. I tried pushing them a bit by putting the camera directly against the wall.

There were some nice shots there and around, but on the whole the sun was in (till the very moment I began walking back to work...) So here are a couple of the better ones.

This one of the reflections on the car is my favourite of the day though...

And finally - this is a nice little study of some of the 'creative' crap I have on my desk...

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Mad Dash

In an attempt to make some money back after Xmas and buy a new PC (one bit at a time...) I have been rushing to get the Meltwater site updated. It's getting there, take a look...

Its a rush as I want my paintings up for sale at ebay. I've sold some there in the past. I've got a couple up now on both ebay co.uk and com. It will be interesting to see how they fair. They tend to drive plenty of traffic to ones site. I've been wanting to get them out and sold off for a while (what's the point of hiding them in cupboards?) but have held off due to the poor state of the site. It has finally reached a stage where it is better than the [Dead Link] Meltwater V.2 site, so now its live... And I don't mind people visiting from the ebay auction pages now.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Sunday Night's Alright For Blogging

Oh yeah - very long winded yesterday, keeping it short today... Some nice sunset pictures from yesterday (top) and today (the rest.) God sunday stinks... I'm glad I ain't a Christian - I'd get no rest.

Have a good one...

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Saturday, January 11, 2003

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Had a lovely day today. Rather than do the usual, as in piss-up Friday night, late start Saturday, I did an earlyish (and sober) night last night and got up early this morning.

I had this crazy idea I would go to Splott Market Car Boot Sale and find loads of bargains that I could put up for sale on Ebay and make my fortune with... Well, that was the plan. I was secretly very excited as I hadn't been over that neck of the woods for the best part of a decade, and it was my childhood stomping ground.

Of course I took my camera... Got into town at about 8.30 and it was still fairly dead. The smell of disinfected urine hang heavy on the streets, as it usually does after one of the weekend nights. Lovely sunrise. Knew it was going to be cold, so I had the thermals on. Everything was bathed in a lovely crisp pink light (none of which I managed to capture with the camera.) So waiting for the bus, I took the shelters. I like the contrast and electricity red signs more than anything.

Got the bus, got off in Splott Road. Wandered down the back of Splott Road, over East Tyndall St, in a nostalgic haze. They've moved the Market. It used to be under some lovely old black metal shelters, off Sanquahar St. They were all flaky, old and falling. Quite a good height to them too, and a good ground coverage. I never got any decent photos of them, unfortunately, as they have all been demolished now. They were a well known nesting home for all the local bats!

Anyway. Now its up off Lewis Road, about a half a mile away. That's the thing about Cardiff, it all changes so fast. Where me and my old mate used to go to the playing field behind Littlewoods to practice being Jackie Chan, is all built over with houses now. Yucky, new, faceless houses. What a horrible place to live. There is nothing there! We used to be the only people in the park, there was no one around there. The whole area was and stil is, all industrial estates, units and derelict factories.

This building I had never taken any notice of before, but it made me smile today. It just says a lot about what Cardiff is like these days. The building was pretty bog-standard. It was obviously in tatters for a long time. But then some genius decided to start a new building in the one that's there - the frame work on top is all pretty new, but look at the state of the bottom. I dare say they then run out of money. It has happened so many times here in Cardiff. It looks so sad.

The car boot was packed, it was the first time I'd been to one in many years. I live in this constant state of waiting for the big break. I live in this netherworld of Antiques Roadshow hope that one day the item I pick up is actually worth a fortune. The whole plan was to find some nice stuff to put up for auction at Ebay. I keep meaning to do it, but never bother. Just as well, there was twat all there. I picked up some pre cert VHS tapes and an Ian Brown Single... I've not signed my resignation letter yet...

I think most people are wise. You don't find Rembrandt's going for £1 these days, you find Jim Reeves LPs and tat bough in seaside boutiques. I tried to employ a rule which went - 'If it looks like something you would buy in Hypavalue, then it probably is...' Still, its nice to rummage through junk like that. I used to love jumble sales and still have the bug now. I should do it more often!

Got fed up took a very long and round about walk back, taking photos all the time. more factual than anything, nothing arty, I like capturing the buildings I grew up with and loved before they disappear... Here are a couple of them for you.

Nursey will spot this one straight off, I'm sure he photographed it years ago. Its grafitti on a derelict lane door, right behind my old house. Its been there as long as I can remember (20+ years,) there is just something real primitive and beautifully timeless about it.

Then I was getting tired and in need of some rest and loving company, so I headed back home to Mrs Dio Bach, who is looking lovely and starting to show a nice bump.

I could go on for hours. But I'm sure no one is listening, and I got other stuff to do. If I don't do it now then I just find everything changes around me, and things I love seeing and doing, I don't see or do for a decade...

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Thursday, January 09, 2003


Anothing long day stuck in front of the PC...

Pet hates for the day (most days in fact...)

People who walk along the pavement in groups or pairs, who then expect you to walk into the road rather than drop down to single file to pass on the pavement.

Rock bands who think they are "alternative" and then have multi million dollar CGI videos whilst signed to labels like Warners. You know who you are.

The office gimp.

Motor cars and dumb asses.

Just thought I'd get that off me chest. Come back soon. :)

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Flying High

Visit my Meltwater music site and play Slowburn! It's suddenly up to top 3 in its respective genre chart!

[Dead Link] MP3.com: Meltwater

It will be a big help and I will love you forever...

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Thank You Secret Santa!

For sending me my lovely Christmas gift of this wonderful Silver Mt Zion CD.

This is the first time I'd done this, and it was great wondering what I was going to get for my pressie. You signed up at Think Blank Dot Com [Dead Link] and gave them your Amazon wish list. Just before Xmas they send you somebody else's list and you buy them an item on it. I bought some Dance compilation for my blokie, and this guy - Kevin - got me this album. Thanks M8! Appreciated. Here’s his blog so check him out [Dead Link].

As for the CD, it has to be one of my favourite record titles ever "He has left us alone but shafts of light sometimes grace the corner of our rooms…" Phew! The album is pretty good as well. Darkly melancholic and minimal. Similar but pared down sounds to Godspeed You Black Emperor. Slow, empty, haunting, and featuring one of the best sung post-rock tracks ever (after CODY by Mogwai) in the World is SickSICK; (So kiss me Quick)… Heart-aching stuff. Not quite there, but not far off.

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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Robbin' Bastids

Me and Mrs Dio Bach went out for a nice jaunt to the barrage at Cardiff Bay this afternoon. It was very cold, and a wind chill of minus 80, but all the same, it was nice to get out.

The barrage has been open a year or so now. We first went down there last year. There's loads of parking. Last time it was free. This time its a pound an hour. CARDIFF FUCKIN' COUNCIL YOU MONEY GRUBBIN' BASTARDS...

Like WTF? It could be a major tourist attraction. It could be a great place to visit and take a nice stroll. But no. One Pound an hour to park. They don't even give you a discount - it reads 1 Hour = £1 / 2 Hour = £2 / 3 Hour = £3 (Maximum 3 Hours) - Like why? Most Pay and displays have a sliding scale - 1 Hour = £1 / 2 Hour = £1.60 / 3 Hours + = £2.50 (Maximum 3 Hours) - Would that not be reasonable?

Why the 3 hour limit? What if I want to spend the day there sitting on the sunny bank? I don't want to think how much of our money has been syphoned off to pay for it and the related studies and industries... Looks like they are trying to get it all back on the pay and display... Boners.

Anyway, shot some B&W and some Digital - Here are some nice digitals for you...

Bouys in the mud!

Snazzy building

More mud

Mrs. Dio Bach walks the line

Looking towards Penarth Pier.

Yellow stripes

Should be some nice Black and White ones should I ever get me Darkroom set up!

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Friday, January 03, 2003


In 2003 I resolve too:

Work hard, get stressed more, sleep less, spend more money, damage my health, get pissed off at the drop of a hat and wish my time away...

I never keep my New Year's resolutions though, so I'm hoping its a case of reverse psychology going on here... I suspect these will bite me in the arse though - usually the way.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

First Of 2003

Happy New Year... Bah.

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