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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Year

Just don't mess it up for everyone.

You know who you are. You know exactly what you are doing too. Ask yourself though. Is it really neccessary? What makes you so right? Is tolerance an impossible concept for you to grasp? Are you just an ignorant moralistic fucker? Yes. Well stop it. Now.

2003 Is The Year...

Now Eminem has made a film, he can safely disappear into the realm of forgotten, talentless and meaningless white rappers, a la Vanilla Ice. You know your time is up - Let's have some tidy Hip Hop this year please...

A strain of fast and fatal AIDS like virus is invented and unleashed on the world. It only affects inconsiderate and downright idiotic people. This means 98% of the world population is wiped out by the end of the year and the remainder create a utopia.

I win the lottery, twice in one week.

The young Dio Bach Jnr enters the world, takes one good look and demands to be sent back.

Music historians finally confirm what some of us (not blinded by a suicidal demi-mumbler) already knew - Nirvana were second-rate grunge copyists.

Tony Blair comes clean and develops a conscience.

George W. Bush accidently slashes his own throat and bleeds to death whilst shaving with a Wilkinson Protector razor.

New Age hippies spontaneously combust in a flaming cloud of their own Anal gasses. This is then bottled and used to power a large glowing ship that transports those who survived off into space where they accidently crash with a UFO on its way to Earth to spread a message of Love and Peace in Cornfields in Wiltshire.

People lose interest in sport and see it for the meaningless waste of time and energy that it is. Consequently people like David Beckham are forced to turn their ill gotten gains over to people who provide better roll models and something other of worth other than a daft hair cut.

I stop thinking so wishfully.
Posted by Dio Bach at 22:16
Monday, December 30, 2002

Dirty Baby Bach...

Staying on the baby theme, here are a couple more of me little 'un still in the warm lands of Mrs. Dio Bach!

"My it looks like a cold old world out there... Wake me up when its worth coming out..."

"Hurrah! My first rude gesture!"
Posted by Dio Bach at 01:49

Enough Of the Babies Already...

Ok, the year draws to an end - we've managed to go another 365 days without blowing ourselves up, just about. This is a big splurge in blogging land for me after the previous quiet months. Time off for Christmas, time to kick back and catch up - enjoy it before the little makes their presence felt.

Anyway, the Meltwater site is coming on in fits and starts. I've even managed to upload the site as it stands about a month ago. Take a look around and see what you think. Loads of the gallaries are missing - but there are some nice weird skies and the like. Meltwater a-go-go, click here...

Got my hands on a digital camera from Ebay recently, a cheap 1.5MP Fuji. Its about 4 years old and very slow, but not to bad, not for £55 anyway!

Here are some of the recent ones I've taken with it.

Sunrise over Cardiff, December 18th 2002

Sunrise over Cardiff, December 19th 2002

Dried flower heads, St Fagons

Georgia the Christmas fairy at my folks house Xmas Day

Derelict greenhouses, St Fagons

Luca looking peed

Me and Luca

Now... that was worth waitnig for, wasn't it? Check back often for more...

Shit! BTW! Did I mention, on a photographic tip, I developed my first black and white film for many years, at home a few months back. Once my brother sets me up a power supply out the shed, I should be able to get developing again. I am looking forward to that...
Posted by Dio Bach at 01:06
Sunday, December 01, 2002

Call This Site Dirty Dio Bach's Baby Site

Fuck me it all comes along at once like Cardiff Buses all of a sudden like. This is suddenly all about babies. I don't post often recently, and now all I'm posting about is babies.

Anyway - a big shout out to Nursey's sister (and indeed Uncle Nursey) Kathy and her lovely new baby Ellie, born Saturday 30th Nov. Here she is, all say arrr....

Posted by Dio Bach at 02:44

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