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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Where The Fuck Is Dirty Dai?

OK - Neglectful? - yes. Not Updating? - yes. Avoiding frivolous web activity? - yes. Those people (who in my imagination) are wondering where I am - I will return.

I'm flat out trying to get my Meltwater site cranked out. Its going well, but taking time. I want to get it done. Its overdue. It needs doing. Also been off work sick all week after fucking my back up. More time away from the PC.

Once Meltwater site is finished, this will be an important part of it - acting as the latest news / blog page. Bare with us. :)

Oh Aye - some momentous, fucking astounding news to follow...
Posted by Dio Bach at 03:01
Thursday, October 03, 2002

Get Your Slice Of The Pie

The Office is back on the tele and flaming good! Just as the 1st series is due out on DVD... Click here to order your copy...

The new series is looking pretty darn good, you can see the new areas of cringe and embarrassment being lined up. The black guy, the wheelchair girl and the Welsh girl. This should be a good series, and I''m waiting for each episode after getting hooked on the first series. Superb
Posted by Dio Bach at 11:55
Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I Is Sorry...

For being so neglectful... I don't mean to be, things come up and I want to rant and rave, but look what happens, other places steal my thunder.

I'm busy making a duplicate mp3.com page of DJ Dio Bach [Now Dead] as the original is messed up because it won't put me in any region, which is where I want to be. I should be in the Cardiff chart but ain't and it don't seem to want to fix itself... Gah.
Posted by Dio Bach at 22:21

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