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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Sunday Blues

Man I hate Sundays, it always gets to like 9.00 in the night and I realise I haven't done any ironing and have no tidy clothes for the week at work. Sunday is typically my day for sobering up, staying in bed and doing the housework (not whilst staying in bed though, obviously.)

So to cheer me up on a Sunday I turned to my old friend Google, and asked it to 'cheer me up on a sunday' and clicked on the image tab. I love google image search, but what does it give me to cheer me up? This stinking piece of crap on the left... [DEAD IMAGE]

Thanks for that google. Then Dirty Dio thinks. Ah ha, safe search is on. What joyous picture will I get if I turn it off? Naked nymphs, pounding porn, scrumptious scrotty? No. This. [DEAD IMAGE]

Man I hate Sundays. Off to to the ironing then...
Posted by Dio Bach at 19:55
Saturday, June 29, 2002

Bleedin' Typical

Lovely little Louie, silly cat, lost his key today. The little magnet thing that opens the cat flap and stops next doors cat from coming in and pissing everywhere as its want to do.

£8! Eight Bloody pound! 8 sqandoonies... For two new ones! Luca failed to accidently locate the missing magnet this time also. Needless to say a new super - strength collar was bought for Louie.

Not much else to bore you with tonight. Sick of watching bleedin' non stop Glastonbury all night on BBC Choice. It just depresses me because 85% of the line up is pants, and it also reminds me I'm getting older and will one day be a sad old(er) tosser. Why was I watching in that case? Mrs. Dio hid the remote...
Posted by Dio Bach at 23:25

Look Out NY!

Watch out any NYers reading. My esteemed colleague Jos has just touched down in your fair city. If it's blond, carrying a large shopping sack and barreling through the crowds in the direction of the nearest Banana Republic, then that's Jos. Please do not approach if in a shopping frenzy... You will be bought...
Posted by Dio Bach at 01:56
Friday, June 28, 2002


Well, Mrs Dio stayed in tonight, but that hasn't stopped the whiskey flowing... She be drinking some strawberry cocktail thingie which is like a strawberry baileys, bit too rich for my liking, but if it floats her boat!

Suicide - The First LPJust listening to a fucked up electric piece by my American mucker Big R, called mercy. [DEAD LINK]Its quite distorted, got the sound of an old messed up Suicide track with the messed up timing of Tortoise. Fuzzy logic math rock. Its a lot different to Big R's other tracks which she has sent me, but really stands out as my favourite. Check it out anyway...

Down to business. I see G.W. Bush is having his Colon examined tomorrow. If I'm not mistaken, being a non medical type, don't they have to go via his arse? If that is the case, they are going to have to pay extra attention to not damaging his vocal chords when they stick that camera in.
Posted by Dio Bach at 23:02

New B3ta Challenge

The Friday fun fest known as the b3ta challenge has just begun, here is my entry...

The title of this weeks challenge is Design an Executive Toy

For those of you new to B3ta, check out the website for photoshop trickery, and irreverent shennanigans...
Posted by Dio Bach at 13:30

End of an Era

Ah well, fond memories. Today we pack up the office we are in and join together with colleagues who are spread around the building in different offices. We will be one holisitic New Media team.

Tech heads, producers, secretaries, managment and me, all slung together on one floor. One large open plan office. Well apart from people who are being moved to other offices, oh, and the ones over the road still in their office. But hey! The thought is there.

How soon will it before the fights start? Not long I suspect.

Oh. And we have intelligent lighting...
Posted by Dio Bach at 09:04
Thursday, June 27, 2002


Just finished customizing me swanky template, I hope you like. Please visit all mine (and my friends' websites.)

Well no, you don't have too.

Friday tomorrow, a feel a whiskey session a coming. Mrs. Dio is out for the evening, so lots of web work will be done.

Catch ya tomorrow Mr. Blog...
Posted by Dio Bach at 22:38

Mouse Massacre

An eventful morning. Before I'd even got to my cup of tea and smoke, found two dead mice in the house, one of which was stuck half way in the catflap, little legs dangling in its last desperate bid for freedom.

Then I find one of our four cats (Louie) has lost his collar with the special (as in expensive,) magnetic key to the catflap. *groans* At the thought of buying another. Looks at Luca, another of our cats, wonders, what the large attachment around his neck is, only too see...

The other cat's magnet stuck to his!
Posted by Dio Bach at 09:34
Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Night Night...

Eyes are dribbled out for good...

falling to the floor... I can see no more... OOOOOH.
Posted by Dio Bach at 22:56

Corporate IT: The Revenge

Just started playing with the Whizz bang machine with its new add ons. Only to find they've installed the wrong driver and rendered the sound useless in Adobe Premiere.
Posted by Dio Bach at 16:17


Iggy And The Stooges - Raw PowerApologies for the double posting below [FIXED]. Forgot to close a tag and it messed up the editing system so I can't delete it. Iggy did the trick though... He has banished Mr Irritating...

The Power of Iggy!
Posted by Dio Bach at 13:24

Another Day in Paradise...

Well for once the sun is shining here in Cardiff. Finally got to bed after doing about an hour's worth on the website. Kid's are out in the playground and I've been starring at this screen in an imitation of work for 4&1/2 hours.

Stooges - Raw Power on the headphones. Its great for drowning out the middle-class, pompous twit in the corner who's been spouting wank for the last hour...
Posted by Dio Bach at 13:01
Tuesday, June 25, 2002


Home... After 8 hours spent sat an inch away from the VDU, soaking up the rays, now what do I do? Spend another 3 hours sat in front of a monitor, trying to build more of my website. Dreamweaver is open, but still minimised. Maybe a quick game of Q2??? My eyes should dribble out me skull before long...

Just recieved one of my all time favourite films on DVD this morning, almost 7 months after I ordered it. 'Martin' by legendary horror director George Romero. A tale of a shy and twisted young man who may or may not be a vampire. Watched it over tea and have to say, it is still an amazing (and underated) piece of cinema. If you haven't seen it, do so now... It's sad, horrifying, funny and disturbing in equal measures, and has such an air of yearning to it, well, amazing.
Posted by Dio Bach at 21:12

Corporate IT

Don'tcha love it... Just sat and watched 3 highly paid IT supremos install a sound and graphics card to our top of the range, double scsi, loadsa gigs, big-bang-boom, video editing and capture machine.

I love this, it cost thousands to put together, state of the art, and to start with they neglected to put a sound and graphics card in.

Then I watched in amusment as they tried to install the free game E Racer, which came with the soundcard instead of the graphics driver.

Now I'm no PC expert, not by a long shot, but surely....
Posted by Dio Bach at 14:51

Five Year Plan, ish...

Ok... getting the hang now. Played with the template a bit, will keep it fairly simple.

So how am I feeling? Like shit at the moment, coughing and spluttering with a lovely summer cold. Bloody football on the box again, and Wimbeldon is off at a pace. Sport Stinks!

The plan... Finish me website, it's a big old project. 100's of pages, a comprehensive temple to my past creative tendencies. Have a look at the old site. It may be there a while as the update is such a massive undertaking, but one I feel the need to do.

Then maybe I can do some other creative stuff...
Posted by Dio Bach at 11:48

Hello Planet Blog!

Day 1. Blog. A new day, numero uno, my thoughts, me, on the web, getting me arse in gear. Testing testing one, two, three, calling the world... Man I'm bored... Never tried this before, giving it a go now... Stay around for rambles and interesting links.

This is me.

Looking cool, smoking a fag. Click it to see my homepage...
Posted by Dio Bach at 09:34

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